3D Sexvilla 2

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a game by Thrixxx
Platform: PC
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3D Sexvilla 2
3D Sexvilla 2
3D Sexvilla 2

When we think of adult games we often jump to the finished products without thinking about what work goes into making these titles. How do they make the character models so attractive? Why do they move so realistically? These are all questions that can be answered by 3D Sex Villa 2, a resource for adult game developers to create animations and form their own sex scenes using a set of complex animation tools that this game provides.

This game is rather unique in its approach, with ‘game’ perhaps being the wrong term. This is more like animation software like Adobe Character Animator, Moovly, Blender or Pivot. You’ll have access to a wealth of tool to make your character do just about anything you can imagine with your skill level being the only potential barrier to success.

For the Creators

This software has a wide variety of options available so that you can create whatever scene you desire. You’ll have access to a number of locations for your action to take place, you’ll have the choice of three character models and you’ll be able to edit a number of things about your model. You can dress and undress him/her, you can edit their pose, you can capture frame after frame to create animated scenes and then once you’re done, you can watch it all back in a movie-style playback system.

It’s a very nuanced and well-handled system that allows for flexible movement of your character model and its very accessible when you learn each function. It can be rather daunting, to begin with, but after a few minutes toying with the tools, you’ll soon come to grips with everything.

Down the Middle

The visuals for this software are not the most impressive that you will see in the adult game community. However, considering the sandbox nature of these visual models and the fact that you can do almost anything you desire with them, it’s rather commendable that they look this good. For a finished adult game, this would be an average set of visuals but for a building tool, this is very good indeed.

The only real issue we had with this software, and we concede that it may be a problem that comes with the territory of animating, is the time it takes to get things done. You’ll spend hours working on a scene that may only last a handful of seconds. So if you’re a player that expects immediate gratification, this is not for you.

Create Your Own Fantasy

We have an awful lot of time for this ‘game.’ It has a number of intricate features, infinite replay value that is only hindered by a lack of imagination, decent visuals and a variety of mechanics that allow you to make each scene in your own image like a true movie director. Granted it will take you a while to piece it all together and the tools to require some time to learn but this is a small price to pay for quality functionality.


It’s a field of adult gaming that is underrepresented and it’s really nice to see a dedicated animator providing such a good service. If this field interests you at all, be sure to try this out.


  • Decent visuals
  • Infinite replay value
  • Intricate and versatile animating tools


  • Can take an age before you have anything to show for your hard work
  • Takes a little while to learn the function of each tool

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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