Sex Simulator

Download Sex Simulator and you can have all kinds of kinky sexy mature fun with your own dream babe. This is the ultimate way to have virtual sex! If you want to play a lewd game that is just all about having sex with a sexy girl, this is the game for you.
a game by Slippy Floor
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 46 votes
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Sex Simulator
Sex Simulator
Sex Simulator
Sex Simulator

When it comes to pleasurable pastimes, there are few things that can rival having sex. There’s something special about finding that someone you want to mash uglies with and when you do, it can feel amazing. Though for some of us, we can’t have enough of sex for whatever reason and we need to supplement with a healthy dose of virtual fun. Sex Simulator is one of a long line of games that aims to offer that exact service.

This game plays similar to incremental games such as Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes or A Dark Room with the player tasked with clicking various areas of the woman’s body to perform certain acts, control orgasm levels and generally fulfil any fantasies and desires while you do so.

Rough Around The Edges

This game is a budget title and you can really tell when you jump into the action. You’ll have access to just one big breasted blonde woman to perform all your unspeakable acts upon and quite frankly, there aren’t many attractive things about the character model. Yes, she has big boobs and a round butt. Though it seems like a caricature or a parody of an actual attractive woman. So immediately, the game loses us on the sex appeal front.

Then moving onto the gameplay. Seeing as this is an incremental and simple game, we can’t be too hard on the title. If you click certain areas of the screen, different sexual moves happen like a spank or a bite and so on. Plus, you need to control all your status bars so you don’t blow your load too early and make sure that your grotesquely disproportionate sexual partner gets her end away too.

It’s fine as a concept and does exactly what its meant to do but after you cycle through all the positions and moves you can perform, that’s kind of it. There’s nothing more of value to see, no replay value and to tell the truth, there is no real appeal to return even for the X-rated content as it’s drawn in such an amateurish way.

There is the ability to play around with the environments and costumes the girl wears. However, these are just as poorly presented so its hardly a reason to keep subjecting yourself to this bargain bin game.

Amateur Hour

If you are going to produce a game with the main mechanic being clicking on a screen almost at random, you need to make the response to these clicks appealing and the visuals look good. This game does neither, leading to a game that has basically no discernible qualities to speak of. Its no fun to play, it looks dreadful and the fact that this game costs anything at all is criminal.


The best thing we can say about this game is that it functions as it should but aside from that, we have no awards or accolades to give for this trash heap.


  • Variety of costumes and environments


  • The artwork is as amateur as your likely to ever see in a video game
  • The gameplay is dull and lifeless
  • The animations are dated

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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