Poke Abby

Download Poke Abby and poke the witch in training in a fun lewd XXX adventure. You play as a sex crazed ghost that wants to help train this very cute little witch, but at the same time, you also want to fondle her and have sex with her as well.
a game by Oxo potion
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 8.2/10, based on 5 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 76 votes
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Poke Abby
Poke Abby
Poke Abby

I had a great time playing Poke Abby. I know that the first thing people will tell you about this game is how short it is, but I think that is ok as it does not outstay its welcome and will leave you happy and satisfied…. Like all XXX games should! From what I understand this is the first in a planned series of games and I am very excited to see how the developer builds upon the concept that they have come up with here as I think that they have something pretty damn awesome on their hands.

Ghosting Ain’t Easy

I will admit that the story of Poke Abby was not something that I was completely familiar with. We play as a ghost that is called Autumnhearth and we are in a school for witches. It is our job to ensure that these witches are paying attention to their studies and not getting into too much trouble. Turns out we are a very wise spirit and we decide that the best way to ensure that these witches like Abby do not get into trouble and stay focused on their studies is to ensure that they are “satisfied.” While there is not much in the way of story, I did find that it has a bit of whimsy and charm about it.

Abby In Your Own Image

I must say that I do love the design of Abby, but before we can jump in and actually play Poke Abby, we have to create her. Ok, so we do not get to actually change her physical appearance as much as I would have liked, but we do get to decide how she is dressed and this was something I thought was a lot of fun. You can make her as sexy or as cute as you want and while I do wish that there were more options to play around with, I think that for the most part, there is enough to let you put your own personal stamp on Abby.

Happy Abby

There is not exactly a great deal to the gameplay of Poke Abby, but what is here is a great deal of fun. Abby is in the potions room, just wandering around and it is up to us to touch and fondle her in the right places so that she gets turned on. When she gets turned on enough (which you will know by the hearts that flow out of her) you can actually have sex with her and get both her and your ghostly self off. It is a little bit like a point and click game as you just move the camera around and click on the different parts of her body. It is simple, shallow, and short, but I still found it very entertaining.

All About That Bass!

The most impressive aspect of Poke Abby has to be the visuals, I love the whole style of this game. It takes place in a potions class so I got a kick out of the fantasy setting. However, it is Abby herself that is so amazing in this game. The animations here are fantastic, the way she walks and moves around is very well done. I was so glad that I dressed her in just a bra as she bumped into the table, jumped, and turned around and showed off those epic boob jiggling physics! The whole style of the game was something that not only made me laugh, it was also very sexy as well.


I can see why Poke Abby may not be for everyone, but as far as these sex simulator style games go, this is one of the more charming ones that I have played. What is here is basically all that the game has to offer and you can see it all in just one play through. However, it is fun while it lasts and if the developer does decide to continue on with this series as they plan, I am very interested to see how they expand the gameplay of what is on offer here.


  • Abby is cute and sexy
  • This game has amazing animation, especially the boob physics!
  • While the game is shallow, it is also a lot of fun
  • It was cool how you could customize Abby in a few different ways


  • You can see all the content the game has to offer in one playthrough
  • A few more customization options would have been nice

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I have to say that Poke Abby feels more like a tech demo than a full game, but it is a fantastic tech demo! Seriously I am very interested to see how this develops as a full game made in this kind of style and with this kind of quality could be something very special. This as you have probably figured out by the title alone is a lewd game so make sure you are not playing this while you are at work!

Watching Over Abby

Ok, so full disclosure here folks, I get the impression that I am supposed to already know Abby and the character we play as, Autumnhearth who is a ghost as there is not really an explanation for who these characters are. You are in a magic school and as the ghost, you are tasked with keeping these witches in training out of trouble.

You head to the potion room where Abby is and find her alluring appearance a bit too much so you decide that the best way to keep her safe is to make sure she is happy if you know what I am saying. There is not much story here at all, you get a little bit of text setting up the situation and then a tad more once it is over.

Mocap Hotness

I know that there is no way that Poke Abby was actually made with motion capture, but the point I am trying to make here is that the animation in this game is amazing. At the start, before any lewdness happens, Abby walks into this potion room and the way she moves is very realistic looking. The fact she has big bouncy boobs does not do her any harm either.

The game is very well made. Abby looks great and while I find her style very appealing, I am sure that some may not, it is not bad, just a personal preference thing. The potion room you are in is very well detailed too with lots of nice little touches that help make it feel more like a real place.

Doing The Deed

When the game starts you are tasked with customizing Abby. Poke Abby for a game that is more of a tech demo actually gives you a lot of options when it comes to customizing Abby. You can pick her hair color, skin color, what she wears, a neck chain, horns, and so on. I was impressed with the amount on offer here. Once you have created your version of Abby, you head to the potion room.

Here you have to fondle and grope her until she gets excited enough to let you “poke” her. That is all there really is to the game, but it is still a fun experience. Most of the replay value comes from making different versions of Abby and seeing how they look in action.


While there might not be a great deal to Poke Abby. I do feel that what is here is very well done. I have played many lewd games that turn out to be tech demos and I have to say that this is one of the best. Even if you only play it once, I still think this is a game that is well worth checking out.


  • This game looks great
  • You can customize Abby in many different ways
  • The animation is fantastic
  • It is the kind of game that is way more addictive than you would think


  • There is not exactly a great deal of content here
  • Some people may not like the design of Abby

Ever since the Harry Potter series of books made their way into mainstream culture, there has been a real fascination with magic, mythical creatures, potions and all other imaginative and creative things that come with the territory. It seems that this craze has seeped into adult gaming culture as Poke Abby, a game that takes place within Autumnheath college for magically gifted beings, aims to bring a new magical world to the surface with a little more X-rated content than you are perhaps used to.

This game plays rather like games like Slaves of Rome, DIDNapper or Honey Select 2: Libido due to your ability to interact with your student and dress your student to your liking. However, artistically this game has more in common with cute animated styles found in Persona: Shadow of the Labyrinth or Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect.

Extra Credit in Potions Class

The gameplay for this title is fairly simple but will still require some experimentation to master. The aim of the game is to poke, rub, spook and undress your student with the overarching goal of winning their favour and having them invite you over the desk for something a little more intense. The mechanics all work well and allow the player to experiment with different costumes, find what parts of the body are most sensitive and ultimately, find what Abby likes in order to get your end away.

This game is also available in VR and we have to say that it’s probably a better experience with a VR system. You can touch all the different body parts in real-time as if you were there in the room yourself. Plus, it’s a much more immersive experience that just can’t be matched by the standard version. So if you have a VR system, be sure to try this game out.

As Cute as they Come

The art style is commendable within this title and one that is rarely seen within gaming. The characters are almost like caricatures of school students but instead of being alienating and off-putting, it’s actually a very pleasant style to look at. Admittedly, when you undress your student, it can be a little strange that they have doll like segments to their body rather than real working parts. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means but it will certainly take some getting used to for some.

We also appreciated the customization options within the character creation system. You’ll be able to adjust body types, hair and eye colours and many other features to make sure that your Abby is one that you enjoy seducing.

Top of the Class

Poke Abby is an interesting game that takes an established and popular theme in modern culture, then tweaks it to make it unique. The art style is a lesser-used style but one that works very well in this title, adding to the unique feel. The gameplay is simple and accessible, yet has enough intrigue to keep the player interested throughout. Plus, the custom options are fantastic as well.


The doll-like bodies can be a turn off for some and after you’ve played all the way to the conclusion once, you’ll have seen all this game has to offer but regardless, this is worth a try if you love spells, magic and students looking to up their grade by any means necessary.


  • Works excellently in VR
  • Great customization options
  • Intriguing art style


  • Doll bodies can be a turn-off
  • Limited replay value

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