Witch Trainer Silver

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a game by Silver Studio Games
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 9.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 6 votes
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Witch Trainer Silver
Witch Trainer Silver
Witch Trainer Silver

Think of Witch Trainer Silver as a better version of the original or even just as a mod pack that is going to take that original Witch Trainer and make it even better. A lewd game set in the Harry Potter universe is my idea of a good time and I love how this game does not take itself too seriously and it is a lot of fun due to the witty writing and hilarious take on the different characters.

The Magic Of Hogwarts

The story of Witch Trainer Silver is very similar to what the original game offered, but they have added in a bunch of stuff. You are still the headmaster who is looking to corrupt these young witches to get them to do what he wants. While this is “sexy” what I loved about the story being told here was the humor, I have not laughed this much at a lewd game in a very long time.

The Silver version of the game does add in quite a bit of story. Most notably new characters being brought into the mix. It was great messing around with Hermione in the original, but new characters such as Cho and Luna make this feel like a much larger experience overall.

Waving The HD Wand

The visuals have been noticeably improved in Witch Trainer Silver. The backgrounds, characters, and the CGs have been given a bit more attention and I think they look far better than the original game. However, I did notice a bit of stuttering here and there and longer load times. To be fair, as I write this the game is still being worked on so I am sure that is some kind of technical hitch.

The whole game has the Harry Potter vibe that the presentation of the games has is just so very well done. The people behind this game have to be massive fans of Harry Potter as they really do nail all the little things that fans of the series will pick up on.

A Mixture Of Styles

I am happy to say that Witch Trainer Silver is not a game that is all style over substance. This may appear to be just another lewd visual novel, but it is far more than that. This is also a game that has RPG elements and point-and-click adventure style elements too. It all adds up for an interesting experience that has more than enough variety to keep you interested in what is happening.

The game has more content this time around with extra quests, missions, and story paths for you to get into. Oh, the whole bromance thing you have with Snape is still here and it is just awesome and so entertaining.


I have to say that Witch Trainer Silver pretty much makes the original game irrelevant. This has better graphics; it features more story paths and the gameplay feels better. If you like lewd games that have a great sense of humor and if you have any interest or experience with the Harry Potter franchise, this game is a must-play for you.


  • It has many improvements over the original
  • I liked how it added new witches such as Cho into the game
  • The whole thing with Snape is hilarious
  • This is a lot of fun to actually play


  • It did stutter a bit on my computer
  • The loading times are too long

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

To say I had a blast with Witch Trainer Silver is the understanding of this and any year! I always get a kick out of a humorous lewd parody game and this one right here has to be classed as one of the best. This is not a 100 percent new game, instead, they took an already existing game and made it better. It is kind of like when we had a good game for the PlayStation 3 and then they made a “remaster” for the PlayStation 4 and made it look better, play better and add in some extra content, that is essentially what we have going on here.

The Wizarding World

As you have probably already figured out, Witch Trainer Silver is set in the magical world of Harry Potter, or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter if you want to be official about it. In this version of Hogwarts, we play as the very horny headmaster of this place and he wants to train these young witches not just so that they can keep evil at bay, but also so that he can have his way with them and that they know what they are doing in the sack!

Fun Not Ho Hum!

The best thing that Witch Trainer Silver has going on is certainly the humor. I love how they went the funny route here and as a fan of the Harry Potter universe, I got such a huge kick out of the way the characters were represented here. The original release of this game actually only let us fool around with Hermione, but with this version, Luna and Cho are here and as a big Cho guy, that was a very welcomed addition. The best thing though has to be Snape, the way you and Snape are like buddies is freaking hilarious and probably my favorite part of the game.

Even A Headmaster Has To Work Hard

While the humor is great, the story is fun and the presentation is epic. Witch Trainer Silver also delivers on the gameplay front too! This is just such a fun game to play and anyone that tries to just pass this off as a lewd visual novel is doing the game a massive disservice. You have RPG style elements here and you have many quests to go on, puzzles to solve, and young sexy witches to chat to. There is a lot to do in this game and it never feels too overwhelming or like you are unsure of what you need to do next.

Who Got Bioshock In My Harry Potter???

Let me start by saying that Witch Trainer Silver is a fantastic looking game. It has a kind of comic book art style to it and it just matches the witty and funny dialogue perfectly. The young witches are all very easy on the eyes, but the thing that blew me away was the costumes, you can dress them up in costumes and there is an Elizabeth from BioShock costume that makes this game worth 20/10 alone. The sex CGs are great (even if I wish it was fully animated) and in general, they did quite the upgrade from the original game with this.


You know my mind is made up and I am convinced that Witch Trainer Silver is the best lewd parody we have that is based on Harry Potter. This “silver” version takes what was already a fun game and just improves on it in every way (well except the load times) the thing is, this is so much fun and so funny that you do not even have to be a big Harry Potter fan to appreciate this.


  • The writing in this game is fantastic and made me laugh many times
  • There are different young witches that you can have fun with
  • Being able to dress them up as Elizabeth from Bioshock is so hot!
  • The gameplay here is fun and never feels like a chore


  • The loading times are a tad too long
  • Fully animated sex scenes would have made this a 10/10 game for me

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