My Breast Friend Sally

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a game by Lewd Mewd
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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My Breast Friend Sally
My Breast Friend Sally
My Breast Friend Sally

Ok, so you have to admit My Breast Friend Sally is a game where you read the title and then you read it right away again to make sure that you read it right. This is a lewd visual novel game that is mostly played for laughs. It is a very, very short visual novel and I think if you know that going in you are going to have a much better time with it. So let's roll up your sleeves, put on our overalls, and head down the farm to do some milking!

Life On The Farm

I have played lewd games set on a farm before so the fact that My Breast Friend Sally has a farmyard setting did not shock me. Our main character is a young man called Jimmy who is working on his uncle Ed’s farm. The prized “inhabitant” of Ed’s farm is a super-hot cowgirl called Sally who has giant boobs that need to be milked on the regular. Jimmy has a thing for Sally and she wants him too!

The story is played mostly for laughs and it has some interesting characters such as Fiona who has massive boobs and loves to tend to the horses. We also have Dash who is a super buff stallion. There is also a chicken called Milton that is weird, but he is kind of like the narrator of this tale. The only thing I did not like in the story was this weird incest scene with Jimmy and a photo of his dead mother.

Slack Sally

The gameplay on offer here is described as a point-and-click adventure game with visual novel elements. In a way, I do have to say that is probably the best way to describe what My Breast Friend Sally is offering, but there is not exactly a great deal of gameplay on offer here. You will get to play a little matching puzzle game, click on areas you want to go, choose dialogue, and so on, but as far as the gameplay goes, this is quite a shallow experience.

I read a few reviews before I played this and I noticed people going mad over the length of the game. You are looking at 90 minutes to beat this game, 2 hours to fully see all that it has. Knowing that going in, made me come into the game with lower expectations and I feel that the length of the game is not a major problem. Now the asking price of the game considering how little game is here may be a problem!

My Kind Of Farm

My Breast Friend Sally is an amazing-looking game. The whole thing looks like a perverted Saturday morning cartoon and I like that. Sally is a fantastic-looking character; I was hooked on her the moment I started the game. The whole cast looks great actually and the XXX scenes are very well done and there is a little bit of animation here and there that I really did like.

The game also has voice acting which I liked and I do feel that it helped me find Sally even hotter if I am being honest with you. In terms of the presentation, I really do not have any complaints about the game… apart from what Jimmy does to that picture of his mother!


I will not say that My Breast Friend Sally is the best (or breast) game I have ever played. However, it had a charm and I liked my time with it. I can see why some people who watched a trailer for this and then put down 15 bucks were made as you can see all this has to offer in one sitting. I though had fun with this and think if you know going in you are looking at 2 hours max, you will have a fun time with this.


  • I loved Sally!
  • The whole cast of characters is great
  • The game looks fantastic
  • It has voice acting which is very well done


  • This game is very short
  • The scene with Jimmy and his mom should not be in the game

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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