Sakura Sadist

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a game by Winged Cloud
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Sakura Sadist
Sakura Sadist
Sakura Sadist
Sakura Sadist

I was blown away when I found out that Sakura Sadist is the 17th game in the Sakura series of games. This is a lewd visual novel and the game did get a full release on STEAM, but if you want the more “adult” content in the game, you will have to buy it somewhere else or look for a patch to add to the STEAM version of the game. While it is not super long, I did find myself having a good time with this and think it is a very solid entry to the Sakura series.

The Object Of My Affection

The story that is being told in Sakura Sadist is very well done. It has a real romantic comedy vibe going on and it 100 percent does not take itself seriously at all and that is something I liked and had fun with. The main character is a cute girl called Azusa and she is a student at a prestigious music school and she is the daughter of a very famous musician. The thing is, she cares more about other stuff such as her crush, Mamiko!

Mamiko is the ultimate girl at this school, she is super talented, she is beautiful and Azusa wants her! She may be in luck as a mysterious figure called Venus is willing to help Azusa get her girl if she takes a picture of her panties for her! Azusa also has her friend Mari who tries to keep her on the straight and narrow to make sure her studies are her priority.

Short, But Sweet Like Candy

One of the things I have read that people do not like about Sakura Sadist is the fact that you can see all the game has to offer in around ten hours. I think that is the perfect length for the story that they wanted to tell here. It is not meant to be taken too seriously and I think any more added to the story would have been padding or the sake of padding and it would probably make the game less fun.

This is a visual novel game so most of what you will be doing is reading, you do get to make various choices and these will lead you to one of the three endings. There are plenty of CGs to check out too and the game is a lot of fun. I get that at full price it may seem the game is lacking in content, but what is here is a very good time.

Hey, My Eyes Are Up Here!

The visuals are fantastic and a huge reason why I got so invested in the story that Sakura Sadist was telling. Each of the main characters has their own style and I love how “thick” these girls are too in their design. The story sections of the game have some great expressive faces which made me feel kind of bad for checking out their legs so much. The game is topped off with a great soundtrack that fits the story very well.

The CG work here is great and you will 100 percent want to see them all. The talent on display here is amazing and it is some of the best CG that the Sakura series has to offer in my opinion.


This is a series that I have a lot of time for and I was very happy with how Sakura Sadist turned out. The story is the real star here, well the story and the characters that make up the story. I actually found myself laughing and smiling most of the time I was playing the game and even though some people say it is too short, but I think the length is just right.


  • I loved all of the main characters
  • The story has a lot of charm to it
  • There are a lot of laughs in the game
  • You have three endings to check out
  • The game looks amazing


  • Some may not like the fact you can 100 percent beat it in 10 hours
  • Voice acting, English voice acting, please!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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