Bad Bobby Saga

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a game by Rainces
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 7.7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 9 votes
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Bad Bobby Saga
Bad Bobby Saga
Bad Bobby Saga

With a name like Bad Bobby Saga (ex Bad Brother Saga), you do not have to be the smartest person in the world to figure out what this game is all about. This is a Ren’Py lewd visual novel and it is one that has been abandoned, but there is still a lot to check out here and have some fun with. As you have probably already guessed, this game is about incest so if that does nothing for you, you may not get into the game.

Bad To The Bone

One of the things that I wish many of these lewd visual novel game makers would do is realize that there is such a thing as too much dialogue and I feel that Bad Bobby Saga falls into that category. At its most basic this is a very simple story, the main character, The Brother is a randy dude.

He lives with a hot mom and three hot sisters and he wants to have sex with them all. That is all there really is to the story and the fact that the main character is not a likable dude in any way makes this a hard story to get into. I know that incest stories are always weird and the taboo aspect is what some people like, but the story that is attempting to be told here just feels kind of dumb and very exploitive.

Mom Has Got It Going On

One of the best things that Bad Bobby Saga offers you is that you get to see the mom naked very, very early on in the game. This showcases just how good the character models in the game are as the mom in my opinion is by far the hottest girl in this house. The rest of the cast is great looking too and of course, you get to see them in many “good” positions if you know what I am saying.

I was also quite impressed with the sound design in the game. The moaning and groaning are great and it is not too loud like some other games tend to be. I also quite liked the soundtrack and found it very fitting to the setting.

Ugh, Just Let Me Do What I Want To Do

As an actual game, Bad Bobby Saga is rather frustrating to play. You know the things that can be annoying about a Ren’Py visual novel? Well, most of them are here in this game. It has a very slow progression, once you see the mom naked it feels like an age until something awesome like this happens again.

You have to click around the house, chat with the girls and get to know what they want. The thing is, the main character is a moron, and the choices you get to make feel quite dumb and frustrating for most of the game. I will admit, getting the chance to see the hot mom nude again was what kept me going!


I have played a ton and I mean a ton of lewd visual novels over the years and I feel that I can tell a good or bad one pretty early on. Bad Bobby Saga despite having one of the hottest moms I have seen in a game is sadly not a very good one. It has a story that is just not very well written and a huge problem is the main character not being likable and a total moron. Yes, the mom is hot, but that is all this game really has going on for it.


  • The mom is super-hot
  • You get to see the mom naked pretty early on
  • Did I mention that the mom is hot?
  • The hot mom
  • The hot mom is pretty much the only great thing going on here!


  • The main character is just horrible in every regard
  • The whole game is very slow, boring, and frustrating to get through

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

It kind of bums me out how close Bad Bobby Saga comes to being a great lewd game! What is here is pretty fun, we have an entertaining story, interesting characters, some fantastic character renders, and decent gameplay too. However, the big issue with this game is that it just ends without bringing anything to a close. There is a lot to see and do here, but as the developer has moved on to other things, this game is pretty much abandoned.

Mom And The Sisters!

Before we dive super far into what Bad Bobby Saga is all about, I should probably warn you that this is an incest kind of story. We are basically trying to nail our mom and our sisters, but there are other women in the game who are not part of our family that we try and hook up with as well. Let me tell you, the lengths this dude is willing to go to in order to get laid are very impressive. The whole incest thing is not usually my cup of tea, but I honestly did not mind it as much here.

It Is All In The Name

One of the things that I thought was kind of funny about Bad Bobby Saga was the titular character. Make no mistake about it, Bobby is a bad dude and just wants to do what he wants to do, no matter what. I have played many lewd games before where this is a kind of morality system at play where we have to try and decide if we want to be a good buy or a degenerate weirdo that just does whatever to satisfy their own needs! There is no confusion at all here, Bobby is just a dick!

Lots To See And Do!

Bad Bobby Saga has some great looking character renders. One of the things that I think is very impressive about this game is that I actually like all of the characters. The female characters are designed very well in that they are hot and sexy, but not exaggerated to a crazy degree like other lewd games tend to do. Even Bobby is a perfectly fine looking guy who does not have a huge comically large penis! I just wish that the game had animation. They say that there is animation in the game, but I do not count just two still images moving as animation! It is a shame too as the game looks great.

The Dot Marks The Spot

For an incest story, Bad Bobby Saga is decent and I love the whole style of the game as far as the presentation goes. However, it was the gameplay that took me by surprise the most here. This is best described as a lewd sandbox game and I was very impressed by it. You do the typical stuff like clicking around, finding characters, interacting with them, picking the right things to say and do. However, it also has mini-games to keep things interesting too. However, what I liked the best was that this is not a “what the hell am I supposed to do?” kind of game. It has a very good system where a purple dot keeps you on track in regards to what you need to do next.


I will admit that it took me a while to get around to playing this. Not just because I had heard that the story ends rather abruptly, but because of the whole incest thing. I usually find that a real turn off, but I think with Bad Bobby Saga being about a guy who is a total jerk, it made it more fun and me not take it all that seriously. I also really enjoyed the lewd sandbox gameplay as I found it a very easy and enjoyable game to play.


  • There are some great character renders in this game
  • Incest in a lewd game usually does nothing for me, but it was done well here
  • It keeps you on track with what you are supposed to do
  • Even though it is unfinished, there is a lot to do here


  • As you would expect with a lewd sandbox game, you will be doing a lot of griding
  • It really does suck how this never got completed

It is a real pity that Bad Bobby Saga seems like it has been abandoned by the developer as I think the game was showing a lot of potential. Do not get me wrong, there is a lot here to sink your teeth into and I would guess that the game is probably 80 percent or so done. However, not getting an actual conclusion can be rather frustrating, especially if you are like me and end up getting quite invested in the story that the game was telling.

One Bad Dude

The title of the game is Bad Bobby Saga for a very good reason! The character we play as is a young man that is called Bobby and he is a total sleaze bag pervert kind of dude and the game really runs with this! There is no trying to make him a good guy, he is just all kinds of sleazy and the game embraces this. I actually had fun with this and did not take it too seriously. However, with the main character not being all that likable, I can see it being a turn off for some people.

Keeping It In The Family

The story that Bad Bobby Saga is telling is best described as an incest kind of story as he is basically trying to bang his hot mom and hot sisters, Ms. Anna was my favorite character by a mile and there are other non-family chicks that he will meet along the way as well. I am not usually into the whole incest thing in my lewd sandbox games, but as the guy we are playing as is not a good guy, I felt like it kind of made sense and seeing him try to corrupt and manipulate his way into people’s panties was kind of funny.

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

The gameplay here is not bad at all, it is a bit grindy, but show me a lewd sandbox game that is not! Bad Bobby Saga has you clicking on different areas as you chose where you want to go and who you interact with. The game has a rather interesting and kind of weird stealth mechanic where you can do this “stealth training” that sees Bobby strike Spider-Man like poses on his bedroom floor, I must say, this got a real chuckle out of me. The gameplay basically has you trying to pick the right responses and actions to build up the affection the various female characters have for you.

So Close!

I love the character renders in Bad Bobby Saga, as I said, Ms. Anna is my favorite, but there is not a character render that I do not like here. Even Bobby is not this ugly looking dude! I think they did a good job making all the characters easy on the eyes. The lewd content is a bit of a mixed bag. Yes, these characters are hot, but there is not as much nudity or lewd action as I would have liked, and the XXX scenes that you do get have a couple of interchanging stills that are used as “animation.” I would have really liked to have seen these fantastic character renders in full swing if you know what I am saying. Perhaps if it had not been abandoned, proper animation may have been added


As far as lewd sandbox games go, Bad Bobby Saga is not bad at all. I was entertained by the story, more so than many other incest based games and I thought that playing as a sleazebag like Bobby was a nice change of pace. Those awesome character renders helped keep me invested and had the game been completed, I am certain that I would have played it all the way until the very end.


  • I thought Ms. Anna was smoking hot!
  • The story was fun for an incest themed story
  • I liked the sandbox style gameplay, even if it was a bit grindy
  • The character renders are great


  • The game does not have an actual ending so it does leave you hanging
  • I got a kick out of Bobby not being a good dude, but some might find it off putting

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