Bad Manners Part 1

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a game by Skaz Games Studio
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Bad Manners Part 1
Bad Manners Part 1
Bad Manners Part 1
Bad Manners Part 1

Made as a parody of the popular Disney Frozen franchise, Bad Manners Part 1 is an adult video game in a visual novel style. It features lots of characters from Frozen 1 and follows Prince Hans as the protagonist of the game. The lore of the world is slightly changed to accommodate the fantasies of the game.


Playing as Prince Hans Westergaard, the game follows his failed attempt to usurp the throne of the kingdom. Now the disgraced prince has a chance at redemption as the principal of an elite school called the Imperial College of Proper Ladies. He is given the role by a mysterious benefactor who offers Hans their support and possibly the throne if he fulfills his role well. According to this benefactor, Hans will have to turn the proper ladies into sluts.

Upon receiving the offer from this mysterious figure, Hans hesitantly agrees to the offer. However, he learns that Elsa and Anna, the sister princesses who ruined his plan to usurp the throne will attend the college. However, he isn’t prepared for the perilous nature of the princesses and he will have to use every trick up his sleeves to discipline the princesses.

In Bad Manners Part 1, Hans will have to transform himself from an ordinary prince into the ultimate disciplinarian. After abandoning his progressive views for the throne, you’ll be the one in charge of his descent into a full disciplinarian maniac.

In his fight for recognition, Hans will use any chance he gets to make sure the girls receive his special brand of education. Bad Manners Part 1 has characters with many references to Disney franchises beyond just Frozen. As you interact with them, you might find some easter eggs. In comparison to Behind the Dune, Bad Manners Part 1 strays from the storyline of the original movies/series. Additionally, the game has some unique ideas with the princesses and Hans. The dynamic between them is compelling for an adult visual novel.

Version 1.04

In version 1.04, there is a new ending available, so players can explore an additional path to the game’s conclusion. If that’s not good enough, there are also new events in the game like the student voting chapter where the college students will have to choose their leader. They’ll pick between Hans and Lars as the leader of the school.

Hans will have to protect his own interests as Elsa learns a terrible secret about him and begins to plot her revenge for his disciplinary behavior. On the other hand, Anna is starting to adjust to Hans’ methods and begins to love the sexual life he has given her. Beware though, Elsa is starting to sprout her magic, and to avoid any drastic consequences, you’ll have to keep her under control with drastic measures!


The game follows the typical adult visual novel style. There is a decent range of interactions and options, however, the game would benefit from more. Elsa, Anna and the other students are also quite convincing as characters to interact with. Dealing with them and using disciplinary tactics offers a fair challenge and great rewards.


Bad Manners Part 1 is worth getting for fans of the adult visual novel genre. The game does not lack from interesting scenes or suffer from the tendency to be redundant.


  • Convincing interactions
  • Quality cast of characters


  • Not many interactive options
  • Bugs

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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