Carnal Instinct

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a game by Team Carnal Instinct
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 13 votes
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Carnal Instinct
Carnal Instinct
Carnal Instinct

I was shocked to see that as of writing Carnal Instinct has a bit of a mixed reaction online. The reason that I say that is that most of the “negative” reaction seems to be from people complaining about the lack of content. Actually, the developers have made it quite clear that the game is still in the alpha stage. I think what is here is more of a proof of concept/demo than an actual game, but what is here is showing a ton of promise and I am very excited for it.

Gods, Kings, And Monsters

The game has a kind of ancient Egyptian vibe going on with the story. The story of Carnal Instinct is set in a land that was once ruled by the God-Queen called Kethra who has not been seen for a thousand years! In her absence, a group of eight demigods have risen to power and things are not exactly great.

The story sees you create a character and start off as a lowly slave, all the while trying to work your way up and fight for what is right. As of me writing this, you can pick between two races, Draconic and Feline, but many more will be added to the game.

A Triple-A Lewd Experience

This game is only made by a small team of people which makes the incredible visuals that Carnal Instinct offers even more impressive. I get some real Assassin’s Creed Origins vibes from the visuals and that is a good thing. There are many types of creatures that call this place home and even in this early stage, what is here has a high level of polish to it. It is my understanding that character models will become much more varied as the game moves along, but what is here so far is very impressive stuff. The game even has voice acting! The voice acting on offer here is a bit of a mixed bag, some is great and some is a bit on the cringy side if you know what I am saying. In general, though, the sound design is of just as high a caliber as the games visuals are.

Hardcore Action!

I am not talking about the gameplay, but the sex! I was kind of shocked at how hardcore the sex scenes on offer in this game were. They have animation and there are many different positions available. At the moment the game does not have all of the sexual content intact, but what is here is done rather well.

A Very Lewd Sandbox

What is on offer in terms of the gameplay in Carnal Instinct is a bit on the basic side as of right now. You are free to explore the area in the game that is on offer any way you want. There are various NPCs that you can interact with, missions to do, and loot that you can find all over the place.

The combat is a tad on the clunky side right now, but I am sure that will be polished. There is not exactly a lot to do, but at the end of the day, the game is a long way from being finished. It does, however, show what we can expect when the game is done.


I am still scratching my head as to why some people are so angry with what Carnal Instinct is offering right now! I think for a game that is in early access, this is showing a great deal of promise. I have played many lewd games that try and be as big and grand as a AAA game and they often fail. However, as a proof of concept, I find this game very exciting.


  • I love the setting and premise of the game
  • You can play as different classes
  • The presentation is just amazing!
  • The sex in the game is very hardcore


  • There is not much to do in the game in this early build
  • Some of the voice acting is not that great

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I do not see how you can watch a video or even just look at a screenshot of Carnal Instinct and not be impressed. This is arguably as close to a triple a style lewd game as we are ever going to get. I know that it has been in development for ages and is still a long way away from being complete. However, this is certainly one of the most ambitious and impressive lewd games that I have ever played and so far, I have come back each time something new has been added to the game.

A Slave Fighting For Freedom

I think that the whole setting of Carnal Instinct is really cool. We have a kind of Egyptian setting here so I got vibes of stuff like Assassins Creed Origins and the movie/TV show, Stargate. For over a thousand years, the God Queen Kethra has been missing. While she has gone this group of demigods has risen to power and are pretty brutal. We play as a slave that is trying to rise up and put things right, all the while trying to find their own place in this world.

Rubbing Your Eyes

We have to talk about the visuals in Carnal Instinct, even though the game is not complete, this has to be regarded as one of the best looking lewd games around. The level of polish and how smooth everything is, this could easily pass for a high end PlayStation game. The world has a lot of imagination to it and I think that considering this game is being developed by a relatively small team, what they have managed to achieve here is great. It is not just the visuals, they even have gone to the effort of having some of the game voice acted, which is just ok at this point, but I would rather have ok voice acting than none at all.

By The Blade And The Pole

I do want to take a second to specifically talk about the lewd content on offer in this game. Carnal Instinct has the perfect title as the sex here is very hardcore, there are different races of creatures and they are all just getting it on. They have done a decent job of adding more XXX content to the game with each update, but I know that some people still want more. Still, what is here is very well done and it makes this a game that once it is all done, lewd game fans are going to get hooked on based on the XXX content alone.

Fighting And Questing

The actual gameplay of Carnal Instinct does still need a lot of work in my opinion. This is best described as a 3rd persona action and adventure game. You will take on different quests, get new gear, find items, and engage in combat. It works decent enough, but things are a tad on the clunky side, especially the combat. Things just need to be tightened up a bit. Also, there are areas that are blocked off by invisible walls and a couple of quests that I have started have glitched and forced me to restart the whole game.


While I do think that there is still a lot of work to be done with this game. I think that they are well and truly on the right track with Carnal Instinct. Perhaps they would be better off just improving and tightening up what they have rather than adding in all new content. Even with the bugs and somewhat clunky gameplay, I have had a lot of fun with this and I have found that if you look at this as more of a demo or even an early access game, it is much more tolerable and easier to get excited about.


  • The Egyptian style of the game is really cool
  • The game has a very high quality look about it
  • It has some very hardcore XXX content
  • It is a 3rd person lewd action game and that is cool


  • The game is good and shows a great deal of promise, but it still needs work
  • I did come across some game breaking bugs that forced me to restart the whole game

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