Battle Raper

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a game by Illusion
Platform: PC (2002)
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.6/10 - 5 votes
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Battle Raper
Battle Raper
Battle Raper

Released in 2002, Battle Raper was brought to us by Illusion Soft who is probably better known for their work on RapeLay. One of the most interesting things about this game is the huge uproar it caused in the world of gaming when it was released. This was a game that was targeted by many groups due to its graphic nature and the way rape played such a huge theme in the game.

Four For One

The story of Battle Raper is really hard for me to describe. I say that because the game is all in Japanese so while it is story-driven, I only know the very basics of what is going on. There are four badass girls who have to fight each other before they get to take on the villain of the game, Zeon.

Each girl from what I can tell does have her own story, so if you know Japanese, I would say that the game probably has more going for it in the story department than you would think.

2002 Called And Wants Their Models Back

I am sure that if you went back to 2002, people would be freaking out over how hot these girls in the game were. They have clearly played a ton of Dead or Alive as the characters look like more extreme versions of what you would find there. The problem is Battle Raper is a game that as I write this is nearly 20 years old and father time has not been all that kind to these nearly two-decade-old polygons.

The sexual content in the game is very brutal. At first, you think it is awesome, but the game goes a bit too far with the forced sex stuff in my opinion and as a result, I am sure that some people will find it uncomfortable. On the flip side of this and to play devil’s advocate. The age of the game and the way it looks does make it seem less real if that makes sense.

Dead Or Alive It Is Not

From what I have read back when this was released some people said that it was like Dead or Alive! I can assure you that Battle Raper is nothing like Dead or Alive in terms of its gameplay. It is a 3D fighting game and a very basic one at that. You only have four characters to choose from and the special moves are all done in the same way and you can pretty much just button mash your way to victory which can be frustrating as the health bars are freaking massive.

As you fight, you lose clothing, and then you get to a point where you can have forced sex with the other girl. It does give you a bit of control here, but just like the fighting. It mainly feels unresponsive, clunky, and just not very satisfying.


I think that Battle Raper is a very interesting game to look back on. For 2002, this was very, very shocking and even now it will pop up on lists about the most offensive video games. The sad thing is, as an actual video game it is just not very much fun to play. It feels very stiff, very basic and I would assume most people who play it will do so more out of curiosity than anything else.


  • It is an interesting piece of lewd gaming history
  • For its time, these character models were high-quality
  • Each girl has her own look and style
  • The way clothes come off during fights is neat
  • It is a good game to get a discussion going


  • The forced sex simulation is a bit much
  • It is just not a very good fighting game

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Battle Raper is a game where its history is actually more interesting than the game itself. You see, when this was originally released in 2002, it caused a lot of controversy with rape being a major theme in the game. To be fair, the lewd games that we have in 2023 are far more brutal and shocking than this was, but at the time this was released, many people had not seen anything like this and it got a ton of attention from the media, parents’ groups and many people who usually would not cover games!

Four Badass Babes!

As Battle Raper is a game that is all in Japanese I can only give you the basics of the story here. Basically, the villain of the game is a guy called Zenon and he is the only dude that is in the game. We have four female characters in Mai Kisaragi, Suzume Hachisuka, Fa Taolee, and Chihaya Kagami and for some reason, they have to fight each other before they can see who can fight Zenon. Each girl does have her own story and motivations for wanting to fight Zenon.

Dead On Arrival

I guess I would have to say that the four ladies in Battle Raper do look good, but for a game that was all about its visuals, even for 2002, they were not all that impressive if I am being brutally honest. You have to keep in mind that when this game was released we had Dead or Alive 3 on the original Xbox and that just blows this game away in terms of general visuals and even in sexiness if you ask me. Heck, I think it is debatable if this game looks better than Dead or Alive 2 if I am being really critical!

Punching The Clothes Off Her

Of course, the lewd and XXX content of Battle Raper is what caused all the controversy back in 2002 and will be what makes this appear on some “most offensive video games” videos that are all the rage these days. The sex here is forced, hence the title, and it is animated decent enough and for 2002, it would have been shocking. Not that I am saying the sexual assault here is not shocking, but I have certainly seen way, way worse. I guess it is kind of funny how the ladies lose clothing as the fights progress, that is probably what I like best about the game actually.

Dead On Arrival Part 2: The Gameplay Strikes Back

Remember how I compared Battle Raper to Dead or Alive? Well, that was not an accident as this game in my opinion was made to compete with that series. I feel that it lacked the visual polish Dead or Alive had and it comes nowhere near close to matching the gameplay. This is a four button fighting game and all of the ladies have special moves, but they are all done in the same way. This is a 3D fighting game, but there is next to no skill, you just pound on the opposing player by button mashing and 9/10 you will win, unless the AI is in super cheap mode then it becomes an exercise in frustration. To be fair, I have played worse, but this is still not a great 3D fighting game.


To be fair, I have to say that I have played worse 3D fighting games and I have also played far more offensive lewd games than Battle Raper. However, when you consider that this was released in 2002, it is easy to see why the game did cause such an uproar. It is kind of like how the original Mortal Kombat in 1992 was so offensive, but in comparison to Mortal Kombat 11 it is so tame. I do think the way the ladies lose clothes as you fight is fun, but after about 10 minutes (and I am being kind here) you have pretty much seen all that, this game has to offer.


  • The story of the game and its controversy is interesting
  • The character models are kind of hot in an old school way
  • Its combat system is very basic and easy to figure out
  • I liked how the characters became less clothed as the fights went on


  • The sexual assault in this game is pretty brutal to see
  • The fighting and the visuals are about as average as you can get

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