Rogue-like: Evolution

Download Rogue-like: Evolution and you can try and corrupt the sexy Rogue from X-Men Evolution. Those who love corruption style lewd games will love getting Rogue to get naked and get down with them!
a game by Oni
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.2/10 - 5 votes
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Rogue-like: Evolution
Rogue-like: Evolution
Rogue-like: Evolution

I like X-Men, I like lewd games so it goes without saying that Rogue-like: Evolution is a game that appealed to me before I even fired it up for the first time. This game is based on the X-Men Evolution animated series and that right there gets two big thumbs up from me. This is not the deepest game in the world, but it has some pretty interesting ideas and is great if you are a fan of the world of Marvel.

Touched By One Who Cannot Touch

The thing that is often overlooked about Rogue-like: Evolution is that there is no big story at play here. It is more like a trainer game than anything else and that is a bit disappointing. You are a mutant at the Xavier School who has the ability to not be affected by other mutants. So, Rouge who cannot normally touch someone else is fair game to you!

She along with X-23 are here to be your plaything and that is all there really is to the story. Professor X appears, you can go to Beast’s lab, and so on, but I do wish the game had a deeper and more fleshed out story as the setting is great and the dialogue that is here is fun.

Show Me Your Powers

Rogue-like: Evolution is a lewd visual novel style game. You have various things you need to keep an eye on such as a time meter, stamina, relationship, and so on. The way you interact with Rouge and others dictates how things progress. What I liked about what they did here was that you always feel like you are moving forward. Even when you make a mistake the game does not harshly punish you for it with a straight game over or putting you really far back. The ultimate goal of course is to have sex with Rouge and this is done by you talking to her, getting to know her better, and ultimately knowing what is going to get you into her pants. X-23 also features in this game so that is someone else for you to interact with.

Saturday Morning Lewdness

I loved the art style that the original X-Men Evolution TV series had and I feel that it has been captured very well here. Seeing Rogue engage in different kinds of lewd behavior is great stuff indeed! Some of the backgrounds capture the look and feel of the school very well, but there are more than a few scenes where the background is just plain black which is rather off-putting.

There is not dramatic score here which is a shame. As a matter of fact, most of the time you are playing the game, there is no sound at all which I think was a mistake. They should have just lifted a ton of stuff from the show and used it here.


I do feel that in order to enjoy what Rogue-like: Evolution is offering at the very least you have to be interested in the world of Marvel. However, if you watched X-Men Evolution back in the day, you can probably add an extra half-point onto this score as you will get more out of the game.


  • Rogue is awesome
  • I liked the way the game looked similar to the show it was based on
  • X-23 also features in this game
  • The sex scenes in the game are pretty hot
  • I liked the way the game dealt with progression as it felt fair


  • The game would have benefited greatly by having a proper story
  • It needed more music and sound effects!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

When girls have the strength to stand up to a whole army, they're likely to have problems on the personal front, but not with the protagonist of the dating simulator, Rogue-like: Evolution. Enjoy your special gift and charisma that makes girls hit on you.

Place for the Lost

The hero enrolls in Charles Xavier's school, X Mansion. The school is a salvation for all the people who have gained superpowers but never learned how to use them. Charles Xavier brings all the lost and confused under one roof to teach and train future heroes.

Ability to Reflect abilities

The protagonist has the amazing ability of being completely immune to the talents of other X-mutants. This special power attracts young ladies to him who have previously been unable to romance because of his dangerous powers. Learn heroics by day and build strong relationships with the many girls who populate the mansion.

Rogue and her friends

The first person the hero meets is Anne-Marie Raven, or Rogue. The girl has long suffered from her gift, for by touching people she absorbs their life energy, abilities and memories. However, the hero proved immune to Rogue's power and for the first time, she can safely touch another person. Will this bond develop into something more, or will it remain at the friendship stage? Besides Rogue, there are many other girls at Xavier Manor who don't mind laying eyes on the newcomer:

  • Jean Grey
  • Ororo Munroe ( Storm )
  • Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee
  • Wanda Maximoff
  • Doreen Green ( Squirrel Girl )
  • Gwendolyn Poole

The right words lead to good consequences

The game is a dating simulator, where you not only need to be a charismatic handsome man, but also know how to talk to young ladies, each of whom has a unique character. The same moves will not work on all girls. The longer and harder the protagonist tries to pick up the words, the more appeal points he loses. The attractiveness scale is new for each girl and when it fills up, a bed scene can begin. Once the hero has opened up the possibility of sleeping with a girl, she stays, even if you're already sweetly cooing with someone else.


Mutants are people endowed with supernatural abilities that often interfere with life. It is because of their abilities that such people have become rejected by society and have been unable to experience the word love. However, the protagonist is the salvation for the poor mutant girls who have not had relationships because of their abilities. Develop a relationship with the outstanding female students of Xavier's school and be the happiest mutant on the planet.*

I will admit that I saw the title, Rogue-like: Evolution before I saw a single screenshot or video of the game and what this turned out to be was not what I was expecting! This is a lewd parody of one of my favorite superhero shoes so I was so excited when it clicked and I realized what this was. The thing is, the developer clearly knows their stuff as this is a fantastic lewd take as it still (apart from all the XXX stuff) has a rather natural feel to the source material.

The New Mutants!

In case you have not figured it out, Rogue-like: Evolution is a parody of the X-Men! Not just any X-Men, but specifically the X-Men Evolution series which was around in the early 00s and was a very interesting take on Marvel’s first team of mutant superheroes. It has a much more high school kind of setting with many of the characters we know and love being teenagers or school authority figures at old Charles Xavier’s school. If you have seen the show, you will certainly get a kick out of this.

A Special Kind Of Power!

The story in Rogue-like: Evolution is actually really well done. We play as a mutant that cannot be affected by other mutants’ powers! This means that we can have fun with Rogue who usually cannot be touched. What is neat about this game is that it has constantly been updated and more characters have been added that we can interact with such as X-23 and Kitty Pryde. The story is kind of open ended and just keeps on going which got me more addicted to the game if I am being honest.

Mutant Stats!

There is a decent amount of depth to the gameplay here. I guess some people may say that Rogue-like: Evolution is just a sandbox game and I can see why. However, this does also have RPG like elements and there is a lot of visual novel style stuff here too. You have to build up various stats with the different characters to get them to trust, like, and of course, have sex with you. There are different locations that you need to visit (based on places from the show) and there is a lot of dialogue which is very witty and interesting. I think that the game has just gotten better and better with each update.

Fox Kids!

Remember when Fox Kids (or whatever it was called in your region) showed all those awesome superheroes shows back in the day? Well, Rogue-like: Evolution being based on X-Men Evolution ensures that it has a very striking art style. I think that they did a great job here recreating the show, but in a lewd and sexy style. The lewd content in the game is great and seeing these characters in all their glory was certainly something I liked. If you are an X-Men fan, you will have a lot of fun with what the developer has done with the characters.


I came into Rogue-like: Evolution not knowing what to expect, but I was completely blown away. I watched X-Men Evolution back in the day so I got a massive kick out of the parody here. However, even someone with just a passing interest in the X-Men is going to like this as it is so well made. The story is interesting, the characters are well written and it is just a lot of fun to try and build up those stats to get the girls to like you.


  • This is a great parody of a show I liked a lot
  • There are many different sexy X-Men ladies in the game
  • I liked all of the nods to the show
  • The gameplay is easy to get to grips with and kind of addictive


  • A bit more sound would have been nice
  • I hope that they keep updating this and add even more mutants to bang!

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