Quidget The Wonderwiener

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a game by TeamTailnut
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
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Quidget The Wonderwiener
Quidget The Wonderwiener
Quidget The Wonderwiener
Quidget The Wonderwiener

Just try saying the name, Quidget The Wonderwiener out loud without snickering like a five-year-old! You can’t it is impossible. This is a super charming game that is made as a kind of “promo” for another game called, Peninja. This is a spin-off kind of game and while short, it is the kind of game that will make you smile and laugh the whole time you are playing it.

That’s A Good Boy

Even though what we have here is a very, very short game the story that they tell has more charm than many games that are 10 times the length of what Quidget The Wonderwiener is offering. You play as Quidget The Wonderwiener and you want to build a present for your good friend Peninja. You have a large workshop and a ton of stuff so you are sure you will be able to build your friend something cool.

A huge part of the fun of the game is the writing and especially the banter between Quidget and his assistant, Beatrize. This is a game that is just bursting at the seams with sexual innuendo and it is hilarious stuff without being too graphic like many other lewd games make the mistake of doing.

Hiding The Bone!

The gameplay on offer here is that of a point and click style adventure. You control Quidget The Wonderwiener as you go around the workshop looking for items, talking to Beatrize, and trying to build this awesome present for your friend. In all seriousness, it is the kind of game that you can blow through in five minutes, but it is a fantastic five minutes while it lasts and it does set up Peninja very well. One thing that completely blew my mind was that this game is made with RPG Maker! I had to actually go and do some digging myself as I did not believe this was an RPG Maker game. The effort put in here is just staggering and I applaud the person behind it.

Bouncy Beatrize!

This is a tremendous looking game. Much like the way the gameplay is very different from other RPG Maker games, so are the graphics. Sure, it is just a set location, but this game looks like a million bucks. I love how hot Beatriz is and seeing her “assets” bounce is always a good time.

The workshop just has a ton of personality to it all and the whole game has a really clever use of color that makes it look like some kind of Lucas Arts game from the 90s.


Even though Quidget The Wonderwiener is a short game and a preview for another game, I had a blast playing this. It is the perfect game to play if you want something that has a bit of cheeky humor and is different from the majority of other lewd games that are out there. As it is short, you really do not have an excuse not to play through this one. Be sure to check out the extended version of this if you like it and also have a look at the follow-up Peninja as that is a fun game too.


  • Just saying the name Quidget The Wonderwiener is awesome!
  • It is a game you can get through very quickly
  • I love the art and the music in this game!
  • I wish I had an assistant like Beatrize!
  • The many sexual innuendos are hilarious


  • You can beat the game in minutes!
  • There is a better and extended version of the game now

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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