Mystery Of Magic

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a game by Forest Fairy
Platform: PC (2021)
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Mystery Of Magic
Mystery Of Magic
Mystery Of Magic

Mystery Of Magic is a porn novel with interactive elements by Forest Fairy, where the player enters an alternate universe based on Harry Potter. All the students and teachers have become insanely sex-crazed (or were, but were hiding it).


Remember the story of the little boy who got into the school of magic? Hogwarts has long been the place where able-bodied young people learn magic. They come there as children and leave as professionals who control reality. They know how to make potions, enchant people, fight with energy, control objects at a distance. Children are divided into several faculties and fight against each other. Just like normal kids at school, they have a schedule. Classes are rarely distinguished by anything theoretical, they are practical for the most part. Imagine, Hogwarts students even fly on broomsticks, just like witches from scary and old fairy tales.


Remember the great old man Albus Dumbledore? The Mystery Of Magic visual novel begins with Albus being killed by the Dark Lord (that-whose-name-isn't-name, i.e. Voldemort). The whole of Hogwarts is saddened by this event. Every student and every student who saw this old man was dazzled with kindness and thoroughness. Everyone sympathized with him, and now Dumbledore is dead at the hands of the main villain. All control of the educational process passes into the hands of Severus Snape. All minors are forbidden to attend classes. A new era has begun.

Girl, what shall we do?

Corruption has permeated all areas of learning. The reason for it is unclear, but sexual instinct and hot lust have come to the surface. Female students began to molest attractive students without regard to morals. They began to literally sleep in the boys' rooms. A new week - a new room for a girl. The boys didn't lag behind either, and even the opposite, they became enthusiastic and all the anti-social guys started making out with the little girls. Teachers took advantage of their status and blackmailed pretty girls with grades to get laid. The new head of Hogwarts found out the latest news about the affairs and invited to his office only after first examining the body of the little girl and finding out whether there was a demand for her or not. If the figure turned out to be attractive and the coolest young men asked her out, then Severus' desire increased. The tactic is this:

  • Give the girl a chance to throw herself at him.
  • If that doesn't happen, then gently seduce
  • If she refuses, threaten to expel her
  • Use a secret spell to cloud the girl's mind


Mystery Of Magic is a typical visual story with choices. Gameplay is watching pictures drawn by artists and reading text written by screenwriters. Make decisions for the characters: what to do, what to answer a rebuke, and how to have sex.


Mystery Of Magic is a super sexy, wet, crazy and arousing game with the juiciest girls that will make you breathe deeper. Recommended for fans of Love & Vice and Isabella - Dark Paths.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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