Our Apartment

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a game by Momoirosoft
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 5 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.6/10 - 7 votes
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Our Apartment
Our Apartment
Our Apartment

I do have to warn you guys that Our Apartment, as of me writing this is still in early access, and the version of the game, I am talking about here is not yet fully complete. With that in mind, you may find that more features have been added by the time you read this and come to play it. Even though there is not a great deal of content here at the moment, I think that this is a lewd game that is showing a great deal of promise. Also, I was pretty surprised to see that this is actually getting a release on Steam!

Hanging With My New Roomie!

The plot of the game is pretty basic, but I would assume that Our Apartment will add more story as it moves along with its development. The premise of the story is that we play as a regular dude who meets this cute girl called Naomi at a café. Something goes down and Naomi ends up having to live with you. Of course, building a relationship with her is the way that the story is going to go. However, as of me writing this, there is no actual dialogue that moves any kind of relationship along. You come home and she is just there.

Hey, There Big Eyes!

I actually really like the visual presentation of Our Apartment. Naomi is such a cute character and she has these lovely big eyes that I am always drawn to… before her other assets of course. There is a fair bit of customization that you can do with Naomi to get her looking just the way that you want. You can also customize the protagonist and I will admit I spent way more time picking his junk than I should have. There are a few different sex positions that you can do with her and the animation here is pretty good.

Through The Door And In The Bed!

Gameplay wise, Our Apartment does not have a great deal of gameplay going on as of right now. The basic loop is that you come home and Naomi will be doing something, it could be having a nap on the sofa or doing the dishes, but it does not matter. There is nothing to move the story along or build the relationship, you just get straight to the sex and that is all there really is for the gameplay here. Do not get me wrong, if you want a lewd game that gets straight to the point and it features a chick that is cute, you cannot go wrong here. However, you see all the game has to offer after about 30 minutes.


Even though there is not exactly a great amount of content to Our Apartment I do think that as an early access title, it is showing a great deal of promise. I think that they might have been better off releasing this in the state it is in now as a demo as I am sure they would have gotten many people to buy the full version of the game with this as a demo. Still, Naomi was fun to play with and I am very excited to see what the first big update for this game brings.


  • I really do like Naomi as a character
  • I think that there is a lot of potential to have a good story here
  • It is fun the way you can customize her and the guy
  • Visually, this is a very good-looking game


  • There is not much to the gameplay at all
  • There is pretty much zero story as of me writing this

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

One meeting can change a life forever, and that's what the protagonist of the erotic simulator Our Apartment felt. A meeting with a girl changed the hero's daily routine, but only for the better. Enjoy the shy nymphomaniac Naomi in this cohabitation simulator.

Life Together

Nothing warms up the fall weather like the warm atmosphere of your favorite cafe. The main character walked into his favorite establishment as usual, but this time everything was different. No, it was still the same family establishment, the same chairs and tables, but at one of them she was sitting. Naomi and the main character quickly found common ground, and after a couple of months the girl offered to live together. Since then, your life has turned into a daily practice of every bed scene you could ever see in an adult movie.

Life Modes

The whole game is a bed scene editor. However, even in such a game of obvious purpose, there can be a story. The entire game is divided into three modes:

  • Editor Mode. Dress up Naomi in the most lewd outfits and bravely go to the editor of poses for the best photos. Besides Naomi the editor can be used by the main character as well, customize the type and size of the hero's penis or make it transparent at all
  • Plot Mode. How will your relationship with Naomi develop further? Cook together, watch movies, or go on dates. A good and strong relationship opens up new possibilities in bed.
  • Naomi's regime. Do household chores while playing Naomi. Maybe the girl will want to have fun without a partner. There's plenty to see either way.

Small choice, but a big difference

In story mode, sleeping with Naomi the first time you meet her will be difficult. However, dating and watching movies together will melt her heart. If you're not a fan of wooing women, then feel free to turn on the editor mode and do whatever you want with Naomi.


Our Apartment is a full-fledged simulation of life with a girl. Cook, clean the common room, and spend evenings and hot nights. Use all the modes to the max and enjoy life with the most attractive girl in town.

I would look at Our Apartment as more of a concept than an actual game. To be fair, it is being listed as more of a sex sim than an actual game, but there is not a ton of content here as I write this. The game has been in early access for a while and from what I have seen and heard; it has not had an update in quite some time. What is here though is very well done and serves as a very solid proof of concept if the developer can get this thing over the finishing line.

That Special Someone

There is a very, very little story in Our Apartment. There is a basic premise though and that does serve as a reason for what is happening. We play as a regular guy who one day comes across this very cute girl called Naomi in a coffee shop. Well, something happens and Naomi ends up having to come and live with us. We end up having a relationship with her and basically using her as our own little sexual plaything. Sometimes when you come home she will be asleep, cleaning, or whatever, but there is never any kind of progression as far as the story goes.

Making Her Yours

The way that you can customize Naomi in Our Apartment is very impressive. You can play around with all manner of things and there are many different sexy clothing options that you can go for here. I had a lot of fun with this aspect of the game. You can also customize the male character too, including his penis size and color! I have always liked messing around with character customization and what is here is a very good one.

Hey There Big Eyes

As this is a sex sim, your enjoyment is basically going to come down to what you think of Naomi. I found her to be cute, she has these big eyes and a smoking hot body. In general, Our Apartment is a very good-looking game. There are many different sex positions that you can partake in and there is a lot of control over the camera which I found to be pretty fun. The animation here is top quality too and you feel like some kind of amateur pornographer as you play around with the different sex positions. The thing is, that is all there really is to the gameplay. No scoring system, no real progression, or anything like that. What is here is good, but I ended up having my fill with it pretty early on.


If you want a sex simulation that has a lot of polish then Our Apartment could be for you. I did have a fun time with this and there is no doubt that what is here is very well done. Naomi is a great looking character and there are plenty of fun and sexy situations you can play around with her in. I enjoyed the character customization aspect to and think it is one of the better ones that I have seen in a game like this. I just wish that there was more content here as you can see all that it has pretty quickly.


  • I liked Naomi as a character
  • The game has a fantastic look to it
  • There are many different sex positions you can play around with
  • I liked the character customization aspect of the game


  • There is not a great deal of content here at all
  • If you played the game for a couple of hours, you will have pretty much seen all that it has to offer

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