Back Alley Tales

Download Back Alley Tales and control a security camera and watch people have sex! This is a very mature point and click adventure game that has tons of pixel sexual situations that you can spy on! For you voyeur fans, this is a lewd game you will have a lot of fun with.
a game by URAP
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.4/10 - 10 votes
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Back Alley Tales
Back Alley Tales
Back Alley Tales

Back Alley Tales is a lewd game that if I had to put into a genre, I feel it would have to be point and click. This is one of those games that at first, I was not super into as I had a really hard time finding my groove with the game. I will say that this game is very, very short so that is something to know going in. However, after a while, I got to grips with it and I think that they have some very interesting ideas here with this game.

Hello John

The plot of the game is actually quite intriguing and what drew me to Back Alley Tales in the first place. We play the role of a security guard whose job is to monitor the security camera. It is the kind of job that would usually be pretty boring, but the security camera we operate is looking over this seedy back alley where ladies bang their clients! It is fun stuff and you get drawn into this voyeuristic role where you watch it all go down!

Pixel Prostitution!

The game uses a pixel art style which is something I have noticed more and more lewd games using. Back Alley Tales does it better than most. The female characters are decent looking enough and there is also a little “internal” camera as well if that is your kind of thing. The whole game has a kind of 90s PC vibe to the way it looks. There are not all that many sex scenes though, but that does tie into the game being short. Also, all of the “johns” in the game are done in this strange silhouette style which is something I am not sure if I like or if I do not, it is certainly quite an interesting choice that is for sure.

Clicking Around In The Dark

Remember before how I said it took me a while to get into Back Alley Tales? The reason for that is the game just pretty much throws you into it. You control the camera and you have to click around hoping to stumble onto the right thing in order to make one of the few sex scenes happen. It has a very confusing UI that is not intuitive at all and I can see many people turning this off after five minutes or so feeling frustrated in the process.

However, once you do get the hang of what you are doing, it is kind of fun. The only thing is, once you do know what you are doing, the game is over before you know it!


In many ways, Back Alley Tales is a game that feels more like a demo than it does an actual full game. From what I understand though this game is “complete” so I do not think there will be any more updates to it. I think that they have a pretty interesting premise here and the art style is certainly done very well. If you can get past the confusing UI and lack of direction in what to do at the start of the game, this can be a fun and naughty experience.


  • I think that the pixel art is done very well
  • The few sex scenes that are here are good
  • It has an internal camera if you like that kind of thing
  • The whole voyeuristic nature of the game is kind of neat


  • The game is very confusing to figure out
  • There is not actually a whole lot to this game

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I have to say that Back Alley Tales is a good game, but I feel with just a bit more fine tuning it could actually be great. The first time I played this I had a hard time getting into it and just thought that it was ok. However, I went back to it a week or so later and for some reason, it just clicked with me and I ended up having a much better time with it. It is a game that can be hard to get into, but once you do, it really is something that is very interesting and well worth sticking with.

It's A Dirty Job, But Someone’s Gotta Do It!

The premise of Back Alley Tales is pretty neat and has a rather “voyeuristic” kind of thing about it which I kind of got a kick out of. The idea of the story here is that we have just taken on the role of a security guard for this rather crappy place. It is a very boring job, but we soon realize that the cameras we have to monitor overlook this back alley that is a haven for prostitutes and their clients. We decide that spending our time watching people bang is the best way to make this job tolerable!

Up To The Imagination

I am usually someone that is all for story in a game, but there are some games where less is more and that is the case with Back Alley Tales. You see, there is not a ton of story going on here. We just watch these sexy transactions take place and have to pretty much come up in our own minds what the story is here. I know this is not going to be something everyone likes, but I must admit, not knowing the full details of these hookups did add to the whole voyeur nature of things.

Point And Click, But Do Not Be Seen!

The gameplay is the real stumbling block of Back Alley Tales. As I said, it took me until my second attempt at playing the game to appreciate what is going on here. It is best described as a point and click style game. You man the security camera and you have to get to the right place and click on the right things to make the scene happen. There is actually not a lot to the gameplay, but the confusing AI and now knowing what you have to do can lead to a bit of frustration. To be honest, the game is very short and chances are you will see all it has to offer in one sitting. However, I would bet that some people may become frustrated before then.

The Pixel Ladies Of The Night

While lewd pixel art is nothing new, Back Alley Tales does it very well. I like how nice and large the characters are and the game is animated very well too. There are a decent number of sex scenes here, with sex of all types and it is pretty hot, well as hot as pixel art can be. However, there is one thing that is not something I care for and that is the internal camera. Why do so many lewd games do this? To be honest, it is done so much that I am thinking, I must be in the minority here and most people love it! Apart from this, what we have here is some grade-A XXX pixel art!


If someone told me that they loved Back Alley Tales I could completely see why. However, if someone also told me that they did not like Back Alley Tales I could also see why. This is a game that is good, but it is hard to love. I think with a better UI and a bit more guidance on what the heck you are supposed to do, it probably would have scored a whole point higher from me. I will say if you did try the game once and it did not click with you, give it another try, that is what I did and I liked it much more the second time around.


  • This game has a very interesting concept
  • The whole voyeuristic nature of the story is kind of cool
  • It has some of the best pixel art I have seen in a long time
  • Once you get the hang of it, it is a fun game


  • The game has a very awkward UI
  • They could give you a bit more guidance in regard to how to play it

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