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a game by SexGameDevil
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 5 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 20 votes
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3dxchat is what happens when you mix the Sims with an MMO sex-filled game! This is what many people have been waiting for when it comes to lewd games online. This is a free game so you really have nothing to lose and if you want a sex game where you get to actually interact with real people this could be just the thing you have been waiting for!

Creating Your Sex God

The first thing you do once you start playing the game is to create your character. You can select from a male or female and you have a few different options of things to mess around with. While it may not be as in-depth as a WWE or an NBA game from 2K, you can still probably make a decent version of yourself or what you wished you looked like in 3dxchat.

Finding The Special One

The idea of the game is to have virtual sex. Well, that is what I think the goal is, but I do feel that some people may try and use this game to find someone that they can connect with. You can walk up to people and chat with them, try and kiss them and so on, but I will warn you most of the people you come across in this game will not just give it up to you on a plate, you may have to do a little wining and dining before you get to 69ing!

Banging All Over The World

You can try and meet up with people all over the world or people who are in your country. I just went for people from all over the world as I found that was better. You go into a “world” and there are many different places that you can go in 3dxchat. These range from a club to a boat and stuff like that where you can party and of course have lots of sex. From what I understand you can create your own world here if you want, but I just jumped into things that were already there.

The game for the most part works pretty well, but it does have a couple of things that did annoy me. First of all, this game is supported by ads and there are a lot of them! I would much rather pay a few bucks and get rid of all the ads, but from what I saw this was not an option. The other thing that bugged me was that the game did crash on me a few times!

What About The Action?

Ok, so “chatting” to people is great and all, but what about the sex that 3dxchat is offering? Any kind of sex you can imagine is on offer here. When you find someone, you like you can hit them up with a position. This can be anything such as facesitting, good old’ missionary, anal, and a ton of other various sex positions. You tell them what you want to do and they can either accept or not.

You can speed up the section, pull off the money shot, and so on and it is pretty fun. There is something more fun about a sex game when you know the person you are playing with is not an AI, but an actual person.


I was pretty impressed with what I experienced with 3dxchat. The game has a lot going on and while I have played games like this in the past, this I think is the first one where I got to actually interact with other real people. Now to be fair, I am not 100 percent sure the people I was interacting with were all women, but I like to think they were. If you want a sex game where you get to play with other people, give this one a try.


  • You can create your own dream self
  • There are lots of “worlds” that you can go to
  • Plenty of activities to do to try and woo a partner
  • Interacting with people is pretty fun
  • There are tons of sex positions here in the game


  • The ads can get in the way which is annoying
  • You are never sure if the person you are banging is the sex, they claim to be

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

One of the more ambitious lewd games to be released over the last few years is 3dxchat. We have all been chatting to people online for years now, ever since the days of getting an AOL dial up disc that gave you 30 days of free internet and you would do the whole “pic for pic” thing with people you met online. What we pretty much have going on here is a sex simulator MMO for people that want to meet, connect and have virtual sex with people online.

Making Your Best Virtual You!

As you would expect in a game like 3dxchat, it is a game that requires the player to make their own character avatar. The creation suite that is on offer here was something I had no trouble getting to grips with. It was very straightforward and while it may not be the deepest character creation thing I have experienced. It still offered me more than enough ways to come up with an avatar that kind of looked like me…. all be it about a foot taller and with much better abs! Overall, the game looks good, it does look like a video game, so you are not getting hyper realistic Ready Player One style stuff here, but the sex is pretty hot thanks to the impressive animations.

Making A Special Connection!

I will admit that many people you come across in 3dxchat will hit you right up to get into some virtual sex right off the bat and I will be honest with you fine folks and let you know, I certainly dabbled in that. However, there is also a “chat” option as you would expect where you can try and get to know people, build a connection, and even make friends online, well, I guess it would be online friends with benefits, but I did end up randomly chatting to this dude about old school wrestling for a bit and had some fun doing so. So, there can be more than just virtual sex here if you want it.

Consensual Fun!

You do not have to worry about people forcing you to do something that you do not want to do in 3dxchat. It usually works that you walk up to someone or they walk up to you (in the third person) and you can open up a dialogue with them. There are many different sex options here and no matter what your favorite position is, I would wager it is on offer in this game. It is fun knowing that the sex your virtual avatar is having is being controlled by another actual human, chances are it is a man pretending to be a woman, but it is still fun. You can experience a bit of what the game has for free, but you will have to subscribe to the game to get all of the content that it has to offer.


I will admit that I got way more into 3dxchat than I thought I would. I ended up signing up for a couple of months and I did play the game way more than I thought I would. I just found it to be a mixture of being relaxing and hot at the same time. While the XXX stuff was fun, I did actually chat with some like-minded people who were into the same games, movies, and so on as I was and that was fun.


  • It was easy to create my virtual avatar
  • You can have some great virtual sex with people!
  • You can explore many different virtual worlds
  • I did end up meeting some pretty interesting people in the game


  • You will have to pay if you want to see what the game really has to offer
  • Of course, no matter how cool someone seems, make sure you do not give them any personal details!

3dxchat is a realistic rich life simulator where you can create a dream character and live a full sexual and casual life. Juicy and explicit scenes, full control of the action, customization of the character from scratch, high-quality NPC models, and live people in multiplayer are powerful advantages of the game.

Build Your Body

The game begins by creating your own character. The player chooses a gender - male or female. In the character builder you can customize the appearance:

  • Height - high or low
  • Legs long and trim or fat *Nose cute or stately and aristocratic with a crooked nose
  • Big European eyes or Asian eyes
  • Any eye color, choose from the RGB palette.
  • Elf ears or small and inconspicuous
  • Hairstyle - just above the shoulders, waist-length hair, torn bangs
  • Hair color. Any color, anything at all.
  • Breast size: from zero to huge cans
  • Nipple shape and color
  • Sex organs. Various combinations are available.
  • Fullness. Make a plump girl or a skinny model girl

Dress the body

When the player sees the result of his work, he will be pleased. Dress your character in the latest fashion:

  • Pretty jeans
  • Comfortable pants
  • Crazy skirts
  • Sexy tights
  • Warm leggings
  • Exciting underwear
  • Attractive sweaters
  • Fresh blouses
  • Tidy shirts
  • Enigmatic jackets
  • Tight T-shirts
  • Interesting shorts
  • Fun breeches
  • Luscious leggings
  • Business jumpsuits

Act with your body

The choice is vast - the main thing is the user's taste. After total customization, you can go out. People from all over the world are waiting for the player in their arms. The player decides how to behave: come to get acquainted, hug, kiss, dance, run away, get into bed, undress, and dress. Everything is like in real life, a spark of agreement flickers between virtual lovers.


3dxchat - three-dimensional dating and sex simulator with a huge selection of locations where you can have a good time with real people. We recommend it to fans of SexWorld3D, 3D Sex Villa 2, and Red Light Center.

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