Banned from Equestria

Download Banned from Equestria if you want to play the lewdest and most XXX porn parody game you have ever played! This is a lewd take on the classic, point and click adventure game, just with a lot more sex and craziness going on!
a game by Pokehidden
Platform: PC (2015)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.6/10 - 128 votes
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Banned from Equestria
Banned from Equestria
Banned from Equestria

So, over the weekend I played Banned from Equestria and I am pretty sure I am going to hell for it. This is a lewd game that is set in the universe of My Little Pony and I found myself laughing my ass off at some of the stuff that these ponies would say and then being kind of grossed out over what these ponies were getting up to. Still, it is such a weird and interesting game that you have to at the very least check this out to see what it is all about.

Is This A Dream Or A Nightmare?

The story of the game is freaking nuts and as I type this, I know that most of you guys reading this will probably have your jaw on the floor while you do. So, the main character (the person we play as) is visited one night by a Pony called Trixie and he is transported to the land of the My Little Ponies.

You may be thinking that this sounds cute, but the ultimate goal of Banned from Equestria is that you are trying to have sex with as many of the ponies as you possibly can. It goes without saying that if My Little Pony holds a special place in your heart, this game very well could ruin that for you.

Pony By Paint

The art style that was chosen for this is kind of nuts. The whole of Banned from Equestria looks like it was made with Microsoft Paint and I kind of mean that in a positive way. It has such a rough and fast look to the whole thing, but it also has a sense of style that makes it very different from many other games.

The animation is pretty good, but what I feel is going to be a deal-breaker for you guys is the lewd content. I am probably the least shockable guy around, but this game shocked me. If you ever wanted to see what a My Little Pony has going on downstairs this is the game for you. The sex scenes in this game do not hold back and I found myself saying what the hell over and over again.

Didn’t I Play This At School?

The art style along with the gameplay of Banned from Equestria makes it seem like the kind of games that we would play at school when we would get “computer time”. This is best described as a point and click style of game. You have various things that you can click on to interact with characters, the scenery, items, and so on. Some screens will also have arrows that will let you go to a new area.

As is the case with any game of this style, figuring out what you need to do is what it is all about. The gameplay is fairly strong I guess, but it all boils down to if you can get over the subject matter or not.


I know that Banned from Equestria is the kind of game that is quite shocking, but I would liken it to a car wreck where you simply cannot turn away, and even if you are kind of disgusted by seeing My Little Pony characters bang, you cannot stop playing. I am sure if you are a Brony or have an interest in the series, you may get more of a kick out of it as you know the characters. Of course, on the flip side of this, it could be what turns you off from it all.


  • The game as a unique art style
  • It does not hold back that is for sure
  • Plenty of things for you to do
  • I guess the game is pretty well made
  • It answers the question of how do MLP characters get it on


  • The art style may be a turn off for some
  • Do we really need to see MLP characters having graphic sex?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

What the hell and no were both things I yelled at my screen when playing Banned from Equestria! This is a lewd point and click adventure game that is a parody of a beloved children’s series and when I say it does not hold back, I mean it does not hold back. This is one of the most insane lewd games I have ever played! Despite being grossed out on many occasions, I just could not stop playing this as I had to see what was going to happen next.

Ponies Are Doing It For Themselves!

The series that Banned from Equestria is parodying is My Little Pony. I will admit that I know the modern series is very popular, but I have never seen a single episode, but I have heard nothing but good things. However, I did see the 80s series and movie when I was a kid so I do at least have a little bit of a “frame of reference” for some of the characters that are featured in this game. However, you do not need to be a “brony” or know anything about the series to play this.

Not Your Average Mission!

Turning into a pony, heading to their magical land, and playing with them sure does sound fun, doesn’t it? Well, that is not exactly what Banned from Equestria has in store for you! You see, a pony called Trixie is going to change you into a pony (you can actually be in one of three forms) and you are tasked with then having sex with as many of the characters as possible. Yes, you are playing a game where banging ponies is the aim of the game. As someone that had their mouth open in shock at the “donkey show scene” from Clerks II, this was pretty damn shocking! However, it is just so over the top and vulgar that I found it pretty damn funny.

Some Things Are Better Left Undiscovered

I will say that the way Banned from Equestria looks is very unique. It kind of reminds me of the pictures I would make in Mario Paint back when I was a kid. It has a very crazy kind of art style that works for the story they are telling here. Now, we have to talk about the lewd content here as it is very, very graphic. Have you ever wondered what your favorite My Little Pony character has going on downstairs? Well, wonder no more as this game will show you in extreme close up graphic detail. This is one of the most jaw dropping lewd games I have played. It may not have gotten me off, but I could not look away!

Pointing And Clicking

As I said in the intro, Banned from Equestria is best described as a point and click adventure game. You can only do certain things at a certain point of the day and you may have to get Trixie to change your form as well. It has puzzles for you to solve, none of which I found all that difficult to figure out. They are mostly clicking on one item and using it on something else, getting something for a character, and so on. Some puzzles may stump you for a minute or two, but that is about as challenging as this will get.


While I was well and truly grossed out by the extreme graphic pony on pony action that Banned from Equestria had going on. I still was invested enough to keep on playing this game. if you want a messed up, no holding back parody of My Little Pony, I legit do not see how anyone could go further than what this has done! Thankfully, the point and click style gameplay is decent enough that it does kind of hold it all together. Give this one a try, but be warned you may never be the same again!


  • It is a lewd My Little Pony game which is hilarious
  • If you are a big brony, you will get a kick out of this
  • The gameplay is way better than you would think
  • It has a very unique kind of art style


  • To say that this is graphic is a massive understatement
  • It can on a couple of occasions be a bit hard to know what to do next

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