Amity Park

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Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 8.7/10, based on 5 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 49 votes
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Amity Park
Amity Park
Amity Park

I have played some strange adult games over the years, but Amity Park is one of the weirdest. At first, I thought to myself “who the heck would want this???” However, I then found myself playing the game and I could not stop! This is an erotic game that has ties to a popular Nickelodeon TV show…yep, that is right!

Danny The Champion Of The World!

In case you did not know, Amity Park is a game that is based on the popular Nick TV series, Danny Phantom. This was a pretty fun show back in the day and featured Danny who was able to use Ghost Powers in order to save the day… or something like that. This game though has Danny and the rest of the gang being high school kids (and adults as well) just trying to get it on and live their social lives. It sounds weird and it is, but it also kind of works.

I Am The Man!

As this is an erotic game you probably have an idea of what is going on here. The game has you in the town of Amity Park and you can click various areas such as Danny’s house, the school and so on. You then enter that area and you can click on various parts to go to different sections in buildings. Actually, as I write this, I am realizing this has a great deal in common with point and click adventures.

The game has a lot going on in terms of the gameplay. Do not get me wrong, a great deal of this is talking to characters and watching them have sex. However, you also have many things to think about and each chapter has a checklist of things for you to do before you can move on. I actually really like this as it helps keep you focused on what to do and it stops things from being too cryptic.

Isn’t This Kind Of Weird?

Well yes, it is, but that is kind of the point. Watching Danny Phantom go at it with someone is not something I am saying we all needed to see. But in terms of the game, they have somehow actually made this work. The visuals are decent enough, but I do feel that there could have been a bit more animation to really bring it all to life.

I am fully aware that sexualizing a Nickelodeon character and his world is a step too far for some people and I am there with you. However, once you start playing Amity Park it is one of those games that gets into you and you want to keep on playing. I cannot for sure put my finger on why this is the case, but it is a game that is worth checking out. If you were a fan of Danny Phantom back in the day you will either love what they have done here or find it kind of gross!

Final Score: 8/10


  • It sounds weird, but they did kind of capture the characters
  • The presentation is pretty solid
  • Plenty of different areas to go to
  • It has a very basic kind of combat
  • Lots of characters to deal with


  • Is sexualizing Nick characters a step too far?
  • The game is perhaps longer than it needs to be

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

You know, Amity Park might very well be one of the best lewd parody games that I have ever played. Is it kind of messed up how I get such a kick out of a show that I watched when I was younger? Kind of, but this is an absolute blast to play. It has a fun story that fans of this series are sure to like and while this is a very XXX kind of game it stays true to the show it is a parody of, in a lewd way of course. It has some fun adventure style gameplay and it is actually a game I have played through a few times now as it is so much fun.

Only On Nick, Nick Toons!

The show that Amity Park is a parody of is Danny Phantom. It is a fun show and while not one of the most iconic Nickelodeon shows, it was popular enough to get its own series of video games made about it and also a lewd parody which is what I am talking about here. What I do like about the story here is that to make it kind of less weird they have aged up Danny and the rest of the cast and this was something I am actually very glad that they did.

Come On, Laugh A Little!

While I appreciate the bits of humor that are here in Amity Park I have to say that I think they have leaned into this more than they did. You see the story about Danny trying to use his powers for good such as fighting ghosts all the while taking care of his educational life is fun as are the various lewd situations that pop up. However, I do think that the story would have been so much better if this went all in on the comedy as I do think that some of the dialogue is a bit long winded and causes the story to lose steam. I think lewd parody games are at their best when they are poking fun at the source material and while that happens here, I wish it happened more.

Stop Being So Modest!

When I first read the description of what Amity Park was, I was sure I was in for a standard lewd visual novel with a few dating sim elements as that is pretty much what the developer says the game is. However, this is way more than that, this is a lewd adventure game that has you needing to talk to people like in a lewd visual novel and dating sim, but there is exploration, combat and there are tons of different objectives that you need to complete. I was legit surprised at just how much there was to do in this game and I have friends who have played this, even some that knew nothing about Danny Phantom and they all said the same thing!

Did I Just Turn On Nickelodeon?

I love what they have done with the presentation of Amity Park, you can clearly tell that the developer was a huge fan of Danny Phantom as the game has a very similar art style to the show. Of course, as well as aging up the characters, they have also made them much sexier too! Look, I know this is kind of strange, but it actually works and they have managed to make the characters look like they should, but not in a so young it is creepy way if you know what I am saying. I also appreciate how much XXX content there is here and the fact it is animated makes it even better!


There are some lewd games that I can play through multiple times and never get bored, Amity Park is one of them. I liked Danny Phantom back in the day, but it was not one of my favorite Nick shows. However, this is a prime example of how you do a lewd parody game. While I wish that the story was more humor based than going for a serious approach. For the most part, this is a game that gets nearly everything right!


  • The gameplay here is pretty awesome and way more involved than I thought it would be
  • I love the animated Nickelodeon style visuals
  • They captured the overall feel of the show very well
  • Anyone can have fun with this game!


  • I do wish that they leaned more into the humor
  • This needs to have a sequel and it needs to happen right now!

I love a lewd parody game and Amity Park is one of the better ones that I have had the pleasure to play recently. Just to create a bit of suspense, I am going to leave you hanging in regards to what this game is a parody of, but it is not one of the usual shows that gets a lewd parody. This is basically a lewd adventure game that has many different gameplay styles sprinkled over the top of it. I had a great time with this and ended up playing through it in one night!

Danny Phantom Is All Grown Up

While I liked the show, Danny Phantom is not exactly one of the all time most popular Nicktoons! Amity Park is actually a lewd game based on the fun Nickelodeon TV show and it is a pretty fun take. Danny could use his phantom/ghost powers to be a hero in the show, but this game is putting him and his friends into high school so they are aged a bit which I think was the right decision for the developer as it does make it a bit less creepy.

Fun, Action, And Sexiness!

I went into this game expecting it to be a joke fest and while there is some humor here, I do feel that Amity Park in some places does take itself just a tad too seriously. I give the developer a ton of credit for trying to make this as epic and well written as possible, but sometimes if you ask me, less is more and I think this game would have actually been even better if the story was streamlined a bit and not trying to be quite as epic if that makes sense. Still, it was fun to play through and I would say that you do not even have to be a Danny Phantom scholar to appreciate this!

This Is How You Do A Lewd Parody

Visually, Amity Park is one of the best lewd parody games that I have played. They have done a great job of emulating that cartoon style of the Danny Phantom series, but as well as aging up all of the characters, they have sexed them up too to make them very sexy. It is done all very well and I know that some people find this kind of thing weird, but this is truly one of the best examples of how to do a lewd game right. The lewd content here is animated too and the animation is very smooth which is always something I like to see.

It Ain’ Easy Being Danny!

While the game looks great and has a solid story to experience, it was the gameplay of Amity Park that surprised me the most. The description of this game basically says it is a visual novel and dating sim, but it is far more than that. I would say this is a lewd adventure game. You do have your visual novel elements where you talk to people and pick what you want to say. However, you also have a combat system, exploration, and a whole checklist of tasks that you need to complete before you can move on to the next part of the story! I was very impressed at just how deep this thing was.


I had such a fun time with Amity Park! Right now if someone asked me to write an article about my top ten lewd parody games, this would 100 percent make that list and probably be in the top five! While I was familiar with Danny Phantom and if you are, you will certainly get a kick out of all the references. However, the game is so well made that I think someone that has zero knowledge of this Nicktoon could jump in and have fun with it.


  • I love how Danny uses his phantom powers for lewdness
  • The visuals of this game are tremendous
  • The gameplay is way deeper than you may think
  • This is just a fun lewd game, no matter how familiar with the character you are


  • Some of the dialogue could have been trimmed down a tad
  • I am honestly having a hard time thinking of another negative about this game!

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