The Loud House : Lost Panties

Install The Loud House: Lost Panties and you can play as Lincoln Loud in this hilarious lewd parody game. What is it like living in a house full of crazy sisters? Now you can find out in a very XXX way!
a game by The Lionesses of Sins
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 4/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 7 votes
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The Loud House : Lost Panties
The Loud House : Lost Panties
The Loud House : Lost Panties

While I like the show, The Loud House: Lost Panties just does not make the jump to being a lewd game at all. To be fair, the developer has aged up the characters so that they are of an appropriate age. However, I just do not think that there was anyone in the world that was clambering for a sexy version of this show. The game is not yet complete as I write this and you will have to pay if you want to see the majority of what the game has to offer.

The Panty Raid

The premise of The Loud House: Lost Panties is that Lincoln Loud is all grown up and as he lives in a house full of sisters, he is embarking on an epic panty raid across the house and the town. I think that there is something fun about the premise of the game here, but the writing and translation make it very hard to know exactly what is going on which will probably make most people lose interest pretty quickly.

Not What You Want To See

One of the biggest problems that I have with The Loud House: Lost Panties is that there is nothing sexy about these characters. I can appreciate the effort that went into the art, I really can. However, while I have played many other lewd games that feature cartoon characters from the likes of Teen Titans, Ben 10, and Avatar, The Loud House just does not make that jump to being sexy for me. Even though they have aged the characters up, they still look like little kids which feels wrong.

Super Clicking

I would best describe The Loud House: Lost Panties as a sandbox style of lewd game. You have to interact with many characters (your sisters) and go around different areas looking for the right items. The problem is, it is so hard to know what you are actually supposed to do here. It can be hard to know what objects you can interact with; it is hard to know what will move time forward and the whole game has a very cryptic feel about it. You can figure it out, but it is going to take a great deal of patience from you in order to do so.

Getting Over The Wall

I think that the main stumbling block for people when it comes to The Loud House: Lost Panties is going to be the paywall. What is here that you can play for free is nothing and does not give you an idea of what the full game is really about. I actually have a hard time imagining that anyone who plays the free version will want to jump in and pay.

Even then, the game is not yet complete so you end up getting error messages and coming to parts of the game that just end with no explanation or lewd scene to finish it off.


Yeah, The Loud House: Lost Panties is not a game for me. While I think the show is one of the better offerings from Nickelodeon over the last five years or so. I just think that this is one property that did not need a lewd game based on it. It is not actually so much that which failed to grab me, but the way the game is made and that paywall it has. Even if you play what you can play for free, you are not really going to be blown away so much that you want to throw some money the developer's way.


  • They have aged up the characters
  • There feels like there is a lot to do
  • The developer is still working on it and seems to want to make this great
  • The art is bright just like the show


  • There is nothing sexy at all about The Loud House
  • The paywall and amount of content here are not very appealing at all

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  • PC compatible
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