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a game by Test3 Projects
Platform: PC (2012)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Teleglitch is a no-holds barred game that focuses on making sure the player dies early and often. It is up to the player to struggle through each level as the game throws unimaginable hardships at them. The result is all too often that the player dies, even when they think they are fully prepared, and now have to start over.

This game is cruel in a way few games really are. It is almost as if the developers genuinely do not wish the player to win, and only true skill and time spent unraveling all the secrets of the game will make them victorious.

The Plot

The game starts when a teleport accident goes wrong, and the main character is the only one left alive. Everyone else in the accident was turned into zombies, in a building filled with science experiments gone wrong. In this way, the plot is similar to games like Doom.

Unfortunately, your character wasn’t expecting to fight mass amounts of terrible monsters when they entered the building, which means the player starts with just a single 9mm pistol to their name. If you have the Teleglitch: Die More Edition, you have an option for randomized equipment.

The Difficulty

This is an insane game. The difficulty of it cannot be understated. You will struggle to reach level 5, and if you manage it, it’s truly worthy of praise. The difficulty can also make it very frustrating. You may find yourself rage quitting and promising you’ll never play it again, only to come back the next day pumped and ready to go.

If you’re easily frustrated or hate losing progress, this is not a good game for you. This particular game doesn’t want you to win, and everything possible will be thrown in your face to stop you.

Pixelated Charm

The game has a pixelated look reminiscent of games like Pixel Gun 3D. Teleglitch separates itself from other similar games however, with well written plot points in the form of text between scenes, and improved audio. The game also features well thought out navigation, and changes things up on each level enough that you never know what to expect. As an example, sometimes you’ll go into a room and be overwhelmed by monsters, and sometimes you’ll find useful items.

Although the game is mostly well done, there are a few glitches that can ruin game play. As an example if you are too slow to enter the room on a level 5 boss, you’ll be locked out instead of locked in.


If you’re looking for an engaging way to kill time, Teleglitch is a good option. As you progress through levels, you know that you got through based on skill alone—it’s impossible to get past level 2 without skill. On the other hand, this game can also be insanely frustrating. Teleglitch doesn’t want the player to win. It’s entirely up to the player to defeat level 5, and nothing else will change that.


  • Hours of game play
  • Skill based gaming
  • Engaging Plot


  • Can be frustrating
  • Some glitches

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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