Metal Slug 6

Download Metal Slug 6 and join the fight against a new alien threat in this classic run-and-gun action game! Choose your character, wield powerful weapons, and save the world from destruction. Are you ready to face the enemy? Play now!
a game by SNK
Platform: PC (2006)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 22 votes
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Metal Slug 6
Metal Slug 6
Metal Slug 6

You would think by the time Metal Slug 6 came around that the series would be losing steam, but that is not the case at all. One of the most interesting things to note about Metal Slug 6 is that this game is actually set after the events of Metal Slug 3 which is very interesting indeed.

Back To The Past

Setting the game after 3 instead of 5 is actually quite clever. The game has General Morden back along with the Martians, but now there is a greater alien threat that must be taken care of. It is quite interesting stuff and I actually liked how three different factions had to come together in the story to fight off a big bad!

Welcome To The Gang

Metal Slug always lets you pick from multiple characters, 4 has always been the gold standard. With Metal Slug 6 though they have actually added in two new I guess you could say guest characters from other franchises which is really cool. Not only does having the two extra characters give you more choice when it comes to who you play as. The characters now have their own special ability which means it actually makes a difference who you pick.

Check Out My Slugs!

With a new Metal Slug game comes new Slugs. Donkey Slug, Slug Digger, Slug Gunner Prototype and the Rootmars are the new weapons of mass destruction you can use. I love the Donkey Slug as any Slug that actually uses an animal is always something that I get a real kick out of.

Old Feels New

While Metal Slug 6 has that classic Metal Slug gameplay we all know and love. A few changes were made. The game has a weapon stock system at play and this can come in very handy. Basically, this allows you to carry with you two powered up guns at a time and you can switch between them the scoring system is also slightly changed which allows you to rack up some major points. This is called the rush blaster system and it is something that I really do like.

The Metal Slug series is known for being rather challenging. This game though does have two modes to play. You have an easy mode which makes things much easier on you and you have the heavy machine gun as your default weapon. You cannot play the final level though if you play the game on easy mode. Hard mode slashes the amount of ammo you have, I feel this is a bit harsh, to be honest with you, but it certainly does make the game much more challenging.

I love Metal Slug 6. I feel that this is a fantastic follow on from Metal Slug 5 and while setting it after 3 may sound weird, it does actually work very well. It is a fantastic entry into the series and I actually think that it is also one of the best-looking games in the series. If you are a fan of the series this is well worth playing through.



  • It looks like a million bucks
  • The story is great and very clever
  • It has six playable characters
  • Characters now feel different
  • New Slugs to play with


  • No transformations at all!
  • Hard mode is very, very hard!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Sometimes you just want to shoot your way through enemies and cause some chaos, which is the mood that Metal Slug 6 seems designed to satiate. As part of the historic arcade series, this sequel takes the tried and true formula of previous games and ramps up the action. Playing as nimble soldiers as they fight through civil war and an alien invasion, this game features nonstop action that will test your gaming skill. Although it remains familiar for fans of the older games, Metal Slug 6 also features new gameplay mechanics, characters, and more. If you like running and gunning with reckless abandon, Metal Slug 6 is the game for you!

Main Game Features

  • 6 playable characters
  • Challenging arcade run and gun fun
  • Two difficulty options


Despite being the sixth game in the series, Metal Slug 6 takes place soon after Metal Slug 3, and once again follows the adventures of Marco, Tarma, and other Rebel soldiers. In a future where warfare is widespread and weaponry is supremely dangerous, the world cowers in fear under the grip of evil General Morden. Teaming up with their old friends, Eri and Fio, Marco and Tarma set out to investigate General Mordern's upcoming plan for world domination. Two new friends join the fray as well, Raff and Clark, who players might recognize from Ikari Warriors. As expected, the team's plan is thrown in disarray, leading to an explosive race against the clock.

Given the short nature of arcade games, Metal Slug 6 does its best to tell an interesting story in a short time, but it does so by letting the action speak for itself. Besides a few lines of dialogue here and there, you'll mostly need to figure out the plot by linking the events of each level yourself. It's a pretty simple story to follow, but it doesn't really matter if you pay attention or not. The whole point of Metal Slug 6 is to go wild with your weapons and try to survive, so it's okay if the story isn't all that compelling.


Although often underrated in comparison to titans of the arcade like Street Fighter, the Metal Slug series is one of the most action-packed franchises around. Fast, bloody, and very challenging, it's fun to spray and pray, but true experts will approach the game with strategy and restraint. Luckily, Metal Slug 6 features both easy and hard difficulty options, so new players can enjoy the game without getting beaten into submission. However, if you're playing on easy mode, you won't be able to access the final mission. Overall, the core gameplay is the same as always: you simply move from one side of the screen to the next, blazing through any enemy who stands in your way.

Metal Slug 6 introduces quite a few new features, which change the game in small but noticeable ways. Firstly, there are two new characters to try out, and every character in the game has their own special move and ability. For example, newcomer Raff can take two hits before dying instead of the standard single hit, while Marco does more damage overall. You can also hold two weapons at a time, swapping between them depending on what the situation calls for. Score multipliers can be achieved by mowing down enemies in fast succession, but survival is your first and most important objective.


There have been a lot of run and gun action games in arcade history, but not many have done it as well as Metal Slug. Metal Slug 6 builds on the existing formula with new characters, weapons, and levels, sticking to its guns both figuratively and literally.


Even with the easy difficulty option, the game might be too challenging for some players, but those who have the patience to practice will find Metal Slug 6 to be exceptionally rewarding.


  • Awesome graphics and animation
  • Cool guest characters
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Some levels are unfairly tough
  • Feels very similar to previous games
  • Can be beaten pretty quickly

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