Forest Of The Blue Skin

Download Forest Of The Blue Skin and have wild sex with hot monster girls! This lewd action game has all the adult action you will need as you hunt monster girls and bring them back to the village for sexy fun!
a game by zell2323
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 6 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 157 votes
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Forest Of The Blue Skin
Forest Of The Blue Skin
Forest Of The Blue Skin

Forest of The Blue Skin is an erotic animated game in which your character fights hordes of enemies who attempt to rape him. It is a side-scrolling 2D platformer game with sexual elements.


You are Kuro, a boy who is charged with capturing monster girls and bringing the girls to the village. All the monsters are gorgeous, well-built females that you can have sex with.


The game is easy to play with easy controls. The level design is okay too. Before you can capture any girl, you must fulfill some conditions. If you can have a successful capture without any consequence, you can have sex with the girl in your capture zone. Not all the girls in the game can be captured.

When you capture certain girls, you gain special abilities. You retain these abilities permanently. You can cycle through all the abilities you gain and use anyone you want. There are abilities for running faster, an ability that puts up a protective slime wall, an ability that helps you dodge enemies, an ability that helps you capture girls faster, an ability that hides you from enemies, an ability that helps you to jump higher, an ability that helps you to destroy rocks and an ability that helps you release an enemy-destroying cum shot.

There are indicators for struggle, pleasure level and life. You climax when you fill up the pleasure bar, but this will make you lose some of your life. The game ends when your life finishes. But that will rarely happen, as the game is easy to play.

You can have sex with the subdued monsters using various sexual positions and styles. There are also sexual elements of creampie, titjob, blowjob, foot job, masturbation etc. The sexual elements may not be as erotic as you want because the characters are tiny and everything is depicted within a 2D frame. The characters are also cartoon-like and not life-sized.
As you capture each girl, they get added to the game’s gallery so you can view them later. You can unlock extra animations by finding some hidden panels in the game.

Game Levels and Areas

As of the time, this review was written, the game has seven areas. They include a forest area, a tree area, a desert area, a mansion area, a tomb area, a magical forest area, and a swamp area. The areas all have different enemies and different methods of capturing each enemy. The girls in each area also have different methods of having sex with you.

More areas should be added as time goes on.

Game Updates

Developed by just one person, the game is yet to be complete. The developer releases updates to the game constantly.


Forest of The Blue Skin is an enjoyable 2D erotic game. While the sex may not be as visual or as erotic as Cockwork Industries and other erotic games, the game is still good.


  • Enjoyable 2D gameplay with sexual elements
  • Smooth gameplay with minimal bugs
  • Good animations


  • Lack of 3D sex

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I am pretty pumped to share my thoughts on Forest Of The Blue Skin with you fine folk today. This is a lewd action platformer and one of the better ones around. Now, I will warn you that the game is abandoned and it does not look like the developer has any plans to come back to it. However, what is here is a lot of fun and something that is well worth your time checking out, as long as you are not scared of a challenge!

Monster Wrangler

As Forest Of The Blue Skin is a game that is not finished, rather than a full story with a beginning, middle, and end to play through, what we actually have is more of a premise. Still, as a premise, I do think that it is pretty cool. We play as a monster girl hunter that lives in this rural village. We hunt monster girls by entering a portal that will take us to their homes. It is a fun idea and something that certainly got my imagination running. It is a shame we never really got to see what the developer had planned with this.

Time Well Spent

I think that the developer clearly spent most of the development time of Forest Of The Blue Skin on the visuals as this is an incredible looking game. I know that we have a million lewd games that are made with pixel art, but this one really is something special. I just love how fluid the animation of the characters is in this game, it makes it so much more fun to watch. The creature designs are fun too and there is a lot of lewd content here! My only complaint is how the game has one of those internal cameras which I never find appealing. I wish it gave us the option to turn it off!

Blood On The Blade!

The gameplay for a game that was not finished is pretty damn complete. Forest Of The Blue Skin is an action platformer with some of the most fun combat around. This is the kind of game that is incredibly challenging and demands that you get good at the game pretty damn early on. However, if you take your time, learn the enemy patterns, and start to utilize dodging and not just hacking and slashing, you will develop strategies for getting past the enemies. The bosses are fun and require a bit more brain work to take them down.

Prepare To Die!

While I would class Forest Of The Blue Skin as a very challenging game, my good friend who has also played a lot of this says that it is unfairly challenging. To be fair, I can see where he is coming from. It is the kind of game where you will die a lot, but you can learn from your mistakes. However, I do feel that some of the enemies are real damage sponges and feel like they can instantly react to your attack. Also, the save system is very frustrating, actually, it is the most frustrating thing about the game as they are spread way too far apart.


I know that this is a very challenging game and it did need a bit more fine tuning before it got canned. However, even in what is its final state, Forest Of The Blue Skin is a game that I really did enjoy my time with. I found that the combat system was very satisfying and having boss fights, puzzles, and platforming all helped make it a fun and varied lewd gaming experience.


  • I am a big fan of the monster girl designs
  • The pixel art and the animation is fantastic
  • It is always throwing lewd scenes your way
  • This is a very challenging game, but a rewarding challenging game


  • I wish that the save points were not so far apart
  • The game has been abandoned which is a shame as it is so nearly a 9/10 game

Forest Of The Blue Skin is a challenging, but fun lewd action platformer with some of the best pixel art you will ever see. I first played this game a few years back and decided to play it again recently and was kind of saddened to see that it had been abandoned and what we have is basically what we have and all that we are getting. Still, there is a decent amount of content here and if you want a lewd action platformer that is really going to test you, I highly recommend that you check this one out.

Monster Girls In The Forest

The one area where I feel that Forest Of The Blue Skin is greatly lacking is the story. There is next to no story in this game! All we know is that we are some kind of hunter that lives in a village and we have to travel through these portals to different areas to try and capture the various monster girls that call those places home. I feel like there could have been some good and interesting lore here and maybe if it had been continued more lore would have been added.

Lewd Souls Bourn!

I was quite surprised at how challenging Forest Of The Blue Skin was! the game is a 2D action platformer, but it forces you to learn patterns and develop a strategy for fighting enemies. I found that just running in more often than not was a disaster and when I started to be a bit more creative with my dodging and attacking, I was not only having more fun, I was getting further in the game. It just feels like fun to play, there are also boss fights and even some puzzle type scenarios for you as well.

Hard, But Fair….ish!

You will die a great deal in Forest Of The Blue Skin I can assure you of that and the save points could be closer, but I think for the most part the challenge in this game is very fair. You die, but you learn and get better next time and that is something I like. I will admit that some parts are a tad too challenging and I did end up having to use a guide to find all of the monster girls. Still, for the most part, even when I died, I did feel like I learned a bit from it.

A Pixel Art Show!

One of the things that pretty much everyone loves about Forest Of The Blue Skin is the phenomenal art in the game. The whole game is done in a pixel art style and it is some of the finest quality lewd pixel art that you will ever see in a game of this style. The animations are truly a step above the rest and I am not just talking about the tons of lewd pixel art scenes that happen. Just the way the characters move around looks great. The lewd content is a lot of fun, but I could do without that darn internal camera! The sounds design in this game is also very well done, it has these epic “squelch” kinds of sounds when the action is going down and the music has a very fitting style to it for the visuals.


If you can get past the hard difficulty, Forest Of The Blue Skin is a game that you will have a lot of fun with. I ended up getting very addicted to this game and found that it was just as much fun now as it was when I played the initial release a few years back. I do wish that the developer stuck with this a little longer, mainly to improve the lore in the game. However, as far as a lewd action platformer goes, it is one of the better ones out there.


  • I liked the idea of finding and capturing monster girls
  • The pixel art is some of the best I have seen
  • It has a ton of lewd scenes for you to uncover
  • It has some challenging, but fun action platformer gameplay


  • The difficulty may be off putting for some people, especially the lack of save opportunities
  • I feel that there could have been more done with the story in the game

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