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a game by Sesalia
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Talking about Ero-Gen is rather interesting as I actually enjoyed my time with the game and I played it a few times to make sure! The reason for this is that this is a game that many people seem to have a real problem with. Look, this is never going to make my list of the best lewd RPGs of all time. However, it is one of those games that may have struggled to pull me in, but the more I played it, the more I started to like it and I found it pretty impressive in regards to how much stuff there was to do in this game.

I’m Sure There Is A Story In Here Somewhere!

Look, even though I am someone that would have to say they enjoyed Ero-Gen for the most part, even I will admit that this story is very hard to follow. We have six main characters in the game and these chicks just so happen to be sorceresses. In this fantasy land, our girls end up in a bit of trouble and end up in a crime caper of sorts! Basically, they end up in trouble and having to bang their way out of it. It is rather strange as there appears to be no continuity with the story at all and it goes from one random scene to the next which I found funny, but I can see why others would hate it!

A Banging In The Face And Below The Waist

I would have to put Ero-Gen into the category of lewd RPG if I was forced to pick a genre for this game to be slotted in. It has a kind of sandbox vibe to it where you click around the different areas of this town to hopefully trigger the next scene. There is a combat system in the game that is very easy, but it is one where you get a lewd scene for losing so there is not much in the way of incentive to win! It is the kind of game you have to just roll with and accept whatever it throws your way if you are going to have fun with it.

A Nice Little Distraction

One thing that I feel the developer of Ero-Gen deserves a lot of credit for is trying to throw as much against the wall as possible. We have our lewd visual novel stuff, lewd RPG mechanics, sandbox elements, and combat too. However, there is more than that here as there are mini-game type events as well. There is one that has you mixing alcohol to serve to people, one where you have to rub against this box and end up in a cage, and even a platforming style one too. None of these are amazing, but they are a fun way t keep things fresh.

A Step Above The Rest

Say what you want about the story making no sense and the gameplay of Ero-Gen being all over the freaking place. However, one thing that I am sure we can all agree on is that this game looks amazing! All of the ladies are hot and the game has a ton of lewd content that seems to be fired over to you at a rapid rate. Making the lewd content even better is the animation which is awesome! I would even say that the great visuals alone are more than enough reason to play this game!


There is no way in hell that I can sit here and write that I feel Ero-Gen is a great lewd game and that all of the bad reviews are wrong, I can 100 percent see why a game like this would not click for some people. However, I still enjoyed my time with this game and when I played it again recently and just went with the flow and just tried to see as much of that epic lewd content as I could, I started to really enjoy my time with the game.


  • The female characters in this game are hot!
  • I got a huge kick out of the lewd scenes
  • You are very rarely doing the same thing over and over again
  • Some of the mini-games are kind of fun


  • I do not see any world in which the story being told here makes sense!
  • The game just throws random event after random event at you and lacks focus

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I came into Ero-Gen with a really open mind as it is a game that seems to have a mixed reception. I had read some reviews where people said that they loved it and other reviews where the player said that they hated the game and that it was too slow, boring, and made no sense. I always like to play games that split the audience like this as I never really know what to expect. For me, this ended up being an ok lewd RPG that with a bit more work could end up being a good one!

Story? What Story?

When I read the synopsis of Ero-Gen and how it was a game set in a fantasy world about six sorceresses that end up getting pulled into a life of crime that they cannot get out of, I thought it sounded awesome. As a premise this is fantastic and it is easy to see why so many people were excited to play the game. However, I found the story to be amusing, but very hard to follow, like no two scenes seemed to link properly, and not much made any kind of sense. It made it very hard for me to follow what the heck was going on!

Six Sisters Doing It For Themselves

One of the most intriguing things about Ero-Gen was that the game has six playable characters, split up into three pairs. My understanding was that all of the stories would somehow all link up like some big lewd MCU type deal, but I was just left confused about what was going on. We have, Katie and Christie, Cassandra and Lisanna, and Evelyn and Amelia. You can only play as one of the girls unless you pay for the other one, but I was not that blown away so I decided just to stick with who was available when I played the game.

Very Beefy!

I will say that I give the developer of Ero-Gen a ton of credit for trying to make this as big of a game as they could. The game is best described as a lewd sandbox RPG style of game with visual novel elements. There is a basic combat system in the game which is more frustrating than fun as it is like it is designed so that you always lose! There are even some extra mini-games to flesh out the gameplay like a 2D platformer style one and a mini-game that takes place in a bar. There is a lot to do here, but I felt like I was just wanting it all to hurry by so I could get to the next sex scene.

Keeping Me Interested

What ultimately made me keep playing Ero-Gen was those incredible visuals. There are some truly gorgeous and hot character renders in here (I am sure they are from Honey Select) and the game has a bit of a Witcher vibe about it. When you do get a XXX scene it is awesome. The characters look great and the sex scenes that I came across all moved very well and were super hot. If there is anything that is going to keep you playing this game, it is the way it looks.


I can see why there are some people who did not like Ero-Gen at all. The game has some great ideas, but none of them are executed all that well. If it were not for those amazing visuals, I think I probably would have ditched the game was sooner than I did. It was the thought that a new XXX scene could be right around the corner that kept me playing for as long as I did.


  • The game looks great
  • I liked how it had a bit of a Witcher fantasy vibe about it
  • The six main female characters all look fantastic
  • I appreciate that they tried to spice the gameplay up with lots of things to do


  • The story made zero sense and was hard to follow
  • The whole game just feels like a massive chore to play and it is so, so slow!

Ero-Gen is an action-adventure ero RPG that tells the story of the hard life of several witches in the aggressive environment of a fantasy world. There's no one to help, so leave hope to the gallant knights and achieve everything in different ways.

Pros of the game:

  • Six witches and six stories of their journeys and struggles against a twisted world
  • Full side-scroller adventure system, explore cities and fight monsters
  • 18+ scenes you don't have to look for, they're everywhere

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