Alps and Dangerous Forest

Download Alps and Dangerous Forest if you want to play a lewd platformer that features a sexy main character and some very interesting lewd content. This is a mature platform game that has challenging gameplay and some awesome XXX sex scenes as you progress.
a game by x-rabbit
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 23 votes
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Alps and Dangerous Forest
Alps and Dangerous Forest
Alps and Dangerous Forest

Oh boy, the Alps and Dangerous Forest is a very “interesting” game to talk about that is for sure. I have to start by saying this has is very XXX and features a fair bit of hardcore hentai so you do not want to be playing this on your lunch break at work I can assure you of that. However, this is a rather engaging game and a game that I do feel is worth taking a closer look at.


Remember that indie smash-hit game Limbo? It was about a little boy who was lost in the woods (and other places) and he was trying to get out, but everything wanted him dead. Well, that is kind of the same premise we have here, except we have a scantily clad girl running through the forest and instead of things wanting her dead, they want to rape her! From a perverted boar, a weird baboon thing, and some demon looking dude. This world is pretty messed up!

The game is in Japanese, but that is only the dialogue in the game. So, we might not know what is going on in terms of the story. However, you can pretty much figure out everything the game has going on gameplay-wise easily enough.

Watch Out For That Tree

The gameplay of Alps and Dangerous Forest is once again similar to the game, Limbo. The game has a rather floaty feel to the platforming and platforming is going to be the thing you are doing the most here. From jumping over giant lily pads to climbing trees, platforming is the main form of gameplay that is on offer here. Most of the time you will have one of the creatures that wants to have its wicked way with you stalking you through an area. If they get hold of you, they bang you! These scenes are very graphic and they happen with an in-game engine, but there are also some high quality hentai CG type scenes for you to get as well. There is not a great deal to the game in terms of the gameplay if I am honest, but what is here is not bad at all there is just not a great deal to it. The game can be beaten in around an hour or so and I think that is the perfect time for a game like this.

Anime Style!

The overall visuals are a bit of a mixed bag. The things that I like about the Alps and Dangerous Forest are first of all the backgrounds are very well done. There are little bits of animations here and there such as the way the lily pads will bounce or the leaves will fall and these are good effects.

The character designs, even the things that want to bang you are great as well, but the animations are a tad off. I am not sure exactly what is going on with the walking, jumping, and crawling as there is a weirdness to it that is hard to explain unless you can see it.


It is so easy to look at a game like this and just write it off. However, while I do feel the animations are a tad strange. I do think that the Alps and Dangerous Forest is a better game than many of people will give it credit for. I will say that the game is a fun experience and while it is not as good a game as Limbo, I certainly got those Limbo vibes while I was playing this game. If you like your hentai games to have an actual decent gameplay experience along with the XXX action take a closer look at this one.


  • I liked the way the backgrounds look
  • The things that are stalking you are certainly creepy
  • The gameplay is better than the videos and screenshots suggest
  • It is a game that does not overstay its welcome
  • In many ways, it is an XXX version of Limbo


  • The animations can be super weird in places
  • There is no English translation yet

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I played Alps and Dangerous Forest a little while back, but I recently came across a translated version of the game so I decided to give it another go to see if being able to understand the story would make a difference. What we have here is a lewd platform game that has a cool fantasy setting and some very interesting artwork. It is the kind of game you can play through in one sitting, but if you like hentai and seeing a cute girl get banged by monsters, this is a game you are going to enjoy.

Getting Lost In The Wrong Part Of The Woods

The main reason that I wanted to play the translated version of Alps and Dangerous Forest was to see what exactly the story was all about. In playing the Japanese version, I figured out that I was a cute girl who was lost in these woods that had several monsters in them that all wanted to have sex with me. Turns out, the actual story here is no deeper than that! We are a girl, we are lost in the woods, monsters want to have sex with us and we need to run away. Hey, it may not be Shakespeare, but it more than gets the job done when it comes to setting the tone and giving us a reason to be doing what we are doing.

Not A Gentle Stroll Through The Woods

Most of what you will be doing in the Alps and Dangerous Forest is platforming. You will need to run, jump, climb, and crawl through each stage. There are many hazards in your way such as pits, ropes, and of course monsters. You are always being stalked by one of the main monsters and when they get a hold of you, they ravage you! While that is “bad” the game clearly wants you to see this as it only punishes you by putting you back just a tad. The platforming is ok, her jump does take a little while to get used to as it has a bit of floatiness about it. It is not bad by any means, but as I said, you do need to give it time to feel natural.

More Than Just Looks!

One of the interesting things about the gameplay in the Alps and Dangerous Forest is that there is no combat. You get caught by the monsters, you get banged and that is that! As well as the platforming, our lost heroine needs to use her smarts as there are some basic puzzles to figure out. None of these will drive you crazy and then tend to be more of the “push this thing over there” variety of puzzles, but when you have a monster chasing you and you have to think fast, it does add a bit of tension to the gameplay that I must admit, I found pretty damn exciting.

I Can Appreciate It… From A Distance!

That was not meant to be mean as Alps and Dangerous Forest is a fantastic looking game. The girl is nice and cute and the backgrounds for this place are amazing, they are so well drawn and I like how there is a good variety of the locations of this forest. My thing is, I have never been into seeing gross monsters having sex with women. Hey, if you like it, you do you and you will love what is done here. I say that because these monster designs are fantastic and very varied! I can appreciate the intricacies of their designs and if they were not railing this chick, I would think they were amazing. This is just a personal preference of mine, the game looks great, but it just is not for me.


I first played this a few years back and I remember thinking it was pretty good. However, Alps and Dangerous Forest is a game that is actually way better than I remember it being. I found the puzzle platforming gameplay to be way more engaging and polished than I remembered and while the story was not deep, I did appreciate being able to read and follow what was going on. This is a solid lewd platformer and one that I highly recommend you play.


  • I thought the main girl was cute
  • The gameplay is fun and can be challenging in places
  • I was very impressed with the quality of the background art
  • Those monsters really do look cool!


  • Seeing monsters banging a chick is not my cup of tea
  • The jumping may take you a little while to get to grips with

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