Demon's Sperm

Download Demon’s Sperm and experience a lewd souls like style of game. Play as a badass sexy warrior as she traverses this dangerous castle getting into all kinds of sexual situations along the way. With fun lewd combat and amazing XXX pixel art, this game is great.
a game by Fullflap
Platform: PC (2014)
Editor Rating: 7.7/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 7 votes
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Demon's Sperm
Demon's Sperm
Demon's Sperm

Today I had a great time with Demon's Sperm is a massive understatement. As the name implies, this game is a bit of a parody of the Demon Souls games all wrapped up in a MetroidVania style of gameplay. It works well, actually, it works very well and it is a lewd game that I had an absolute blast playing through.

Sperm Is Key

Ok, so I am trying to figure out the best way to describe the story to you guys. This is not exactly what you would call a story-driven masterpiece, but it is not supposed to be. The game is made to be a bit of parody and in that regard, it more than achieves what it is going for.

The game stars a busy warrior in a land that is ruled by sperm (kind of like how souls are a big deal in Demon Souls) and she is going to save the land by getting all the sperm that she can so she can be an even more powerful warrior. Yes, it is weird, but this story is not supposed to be taken seriously.

Attack And Drain

This is like a lite version of a MetroidVania game and that is a good thing. Demon's Sperm has you control your badass and busty warrior. I would highly recommend using a controller (I used an Xbox 360 controller) as the way the keys are mapped are very weird. Anyway, you need to explore areas, fight monsters, and get sperm. The more sperm you get the better stuff you can buy as sperm is what everything in this world revolves around.

The core gameplay is very melee-based and that is awesome. Also seeing your busty warrior role while nude is awesome. Some enemies have hearts above their heads (a few in each level) and these are the enemies that will try and bang you if you fail to defeat them in combat.

Do You Have A Sega CD?

I love the way that this game looks. The animation and the games graphics when you are playing Demon's Sperm have a very sleek and stylish look to them. The way things are slightly pixelated in the gameplay and especially the sex scenes really did remind me of the way that games on the Sega CD looked and I mean that as a massive compliment.

Our heroine starts fully dressed, but you will lose clothing as you go, and seeing her boobs bounce as she fights is pretty damn awesome. There is not as much sex in this game as you would think, but what is here I really did enjoy.


For me personally, Demon's Sperm is a game that ticked all of the boxes of what I want in a lewd action game. The fact that it is based around the Souls series and plays like a MetroidVania game was something that I thought was really, really cool. It is a game I spent quite a lot of time with and I had no problems at all and have a great time beating it!


  • I loved the main character
  • The way the game is inspired by the Souls series is cool
  • I had a great deal of fun with the combat
  • You can use a controller if you like
  • The presentation has a rather interesting and unique look to it


  • Using a keyboard to play this is not that great
  • There may not be enough variety when it comes to the sex for some people

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Strong and brave wars are born from the union of a demon and a human, but collecting the seed of evil is not so easy in the universe of erotic RPG - Demon's Sperm. The best busty warrior selflessly rushed to collect the demon seed, help her collect all the materials and enjoy the collection process.

Strange Currency

The fantasy kingdom used to have one currency, gold. However, after an invasion by demons, many homes and kingdoms were looted and women were brutally raped and impregnated. However, contrary to the worst predictions, demon children were born strong, brave and ready for any exploits. People went crazy and hunted the spawn of darkness to collect their ejaculate. It even became currency - Demonic Seed. The finest material was impregnated with queens so that rulers would be stronger than an entire army.

Born into chaos

In this hysteria and from the Demonic Seed, a golden-haired girl was born who decided to become a warrior. Armed with a huge two-handed sword, she set out to collect as much Demonic Seed as she could. Take control of the charming warrior girl and destroy low-grade demons to find the true pure seed of the Demon King.

Dungeons with Platforms

The gameplay is a platformer. Twelve levels that get harder with each new hall. At the end of the level a boss awaits you, only after defeating him can the blonde swordswoman go further. The girl can use two weapons, each of which can be found in crates throughout the dungeon:

  • Shield and one-handed sword - protection and dexterity when fighting bosses can provide greater survivability, but deals less damage
  • Two-handed sword - deals a lot of damage, but forces the heroine to be less maneuverable

In addition, each level has an in-game store, where you can buy a variety of potions to increase strength or health, as well as weapons that you could not find in the crates.

Erotica at every turn

Since the very essence of the game is the demonstration of erotic content, after losing the heroine's body will be used by all the monsters she lost to. For each playthrough and each new erotic scene a special drawing will be given, which will be placed in an album. In the same album you will be able to view all the animated scenes.


Pixel erotic fantasy with a strange plot is a typical Japanese pixel creation. Join the busty blonde on her adventure and watch her clothes fly off easily at the slightest injury. Don't think the monsters will give up so easily, you have to defeat his best warriors to reach the demon king.

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