Bible Black

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a game by ActiveSoft
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 3.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.2/10 - 12 votes
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Bible Black
Bible Black
Bible Black

Anime series are pretty strange and eclectic as a collective. Usually, you have skimpily dressed girls, hulking masses of old men and magical powers that inexplicably make sense within the universe. Well, take those add a forbidden book that grants sexual powers to the owner and you have the hentai based game, Bible Black.

This game plays like many popular anime themed games that rely on player choice and narrative to push the events of the game forward. In terms of gameplay, there isn’t much to speak of other than choosing the actions of your character. You could be generous and say this game plays like Until Dawn or Life is Strange but that is perhaps a stretch.

It’s pure smut, right?

You may be thinking that all this game has to offer is a cavalcade of out of context sex scenes that grow more grand and unsettling as the game progresses. However, this game actually has a storyline that marries the hentai action with well-written characters and dialogue rather well. It’s not Shakespeare but there has clearly been some thought that has been put into each scene and character.

The games sex scenes don’t exactly live up to this standard however, they seem to be awkwardly wedged into a game that didn’t really need to be all that sexual to be a successful narrative-based title. The actions within the scenes are far from sexy, seem like they were written by someone with a complete lack of knowledge on the matter and the dialogue is littered with typos which only add to the rather childish theme in these scenes.

Unsettling scenes

The game makes the decision to give rape a platform and almost romanticise the idea. Now I’m no prude, I understand that there are those with fetishes and enjoy the idea of rape fantasies. However, in these contexts, it’s more like the real thing and the frequency with which it occurs is to the point of ridiculousness. Then you have the fact that the scenes often involve twenty participants and it all gets a little bit visceral. You can’t help but feel that this could have been left out. Yet it’s clear that this game has an audience that enjoys it for this content especially. It’s not the most pleasant thought to take in but that’s the real world I guess.

Barely a game

We have seen some truly outstanding interactive story games such as the aforementioned Life is Strange or Until Dawn. However, Bible Black barely lets you make any decisions. You get to make decisions once every tens minutes, almost none of the decisions alter the storyline at all. Plus the game even has the audacity to offer you one choice within the options. We are all for games that play on the players inherent lack of choice like BioShock, but this is lazy and stupid.

The one saving grace of the title is the art style that really shines in parts. In some areas, it goes just play off as generic anime design but in some areas, the environments are very well presented. Plus the sound and the musical score is also better than it has any right to be.

One for the Weebs

This game achieves more than it had any right to do but that doesn’t mean it achieved much. There is an inescapable feeling that this one could have been better if the sex was played down or left out completely. The developers clearly worked hard to make the narrative stand out and carry the game through those sticky areas, quite literally in this case. However, despite being decent in its delivery, no amount of great storytelling could have overcome the juvenile sex scenes within this title.


The romanticising of rape, the typos and the lack of context for all the sex in this title undoes all the hard work of the creators and makes this one that you wouldn’t even fish from the bargain bin and if you do, maybe ask yourself why.


  • Competent writing in parts
  • Art and sound is decent


  • Sex scenes are awkward and juvenile
  • Gameplay is minimal
  • Most choices don’t matter
  • The game romanticises rape

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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