Divine Arms

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a game by ViperV
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Divine Arms
Divine Arms
Divine Arms

I have played many lewd/hentai games over the years, but I think that Divine Arms here is one of the more interesting. While this is a game that is 100 percent not safe for work in any way that you can imagine. What I like about this is that the person behind the game has not just done this to have lots of hardcore XXX scenes in their game. They actually have put a pretty fun and competent game in here.

The Story……. The Story!

The story of this game is just freaking nuts. I had to read the description on the game's official page about five times. The basics of the story in Divine Arms are there were these two original celestial beings that had sex and their sweat, moans, and everything else created the universe. Celestial beings were part of this creation and you play as Sigil Atherwink and you are the celestial being on Earth.

A clan has waged war on where you are there to protect and you are having none of it. The story is crazy, but man I love the imagination for the setting of this world.

Nice And Easy

The visuals of the game are fantastic. They have gone for a 2D art style with a top down perspective and it looks great. This is a game that has gone through many updates and it is very impressive how much more detailed things are now over when the game was first released. The hentai scenes are done with some very fine artwork so if you like impressive-looking hentai then I am sure you will be pleased with the visuals of the game.

Celestial Combat

The gameplay of Divine Arms is a bit basic, but it is also a lot of fun. You go around each area playing as Sigil and there are a ton of enemies that you need to get rid of. There are certain objectives that you will have to do as well, but the most fun I had with the game was going around fighting things. What made the combat fun was the way you had so many different abilities to use.

The Buzz Lightsaw, Angelic Breath, and the Halocopter are just a few of the ways you can fight the enemies. You can even combine abilities to dish out some pretty heavy-duty combos.


I was very impressed with what I played of Divine Arms. The game is still not 100 percent finished yet, but what is here is fun and it certainly has me interested in seeing how this game develops as it reaches its end. I would still say that even in this unfinished state (even if there are a few technical bugs here and there) that this is a game worth playing. Especially if you want a hentai game that actually has some decent gameplay in it as well.


  • The way the universe in this game was formed is crazy
  • The main character is very likable
  • Overall, the game looks great
  • Some pretty hot and steamy hentai!
  • Combat is a ton of fun with lots of abilities


  • The game is not finished yet
  • It did crash on me a few times

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Divine Arms is an adult game that was developed by ViperV, for adults over 18 or 21 years old depending on your country. If you are under the adult age of your country the title, as well as this review, are not meant for your consumption. That being said ViperV’s game has been praised for its high quality and complexity.

Sex From the Gods

Divine Arms tells the story of celestial beings and the foundation of the universe as we know it. When two titans had an epic sexual encounter the results of that passionate affair created everything that builds our universe. Eventually, their offspring would go to war against each other during the course of history, and one of the celestial factions of that war is the Featheration, a race of winged celestials. Players are then tasked with controlling an aspiring celestial with a huge sex drive called Sigil Aetherwink.

The game has amazing artwork and presents a lot of sexual encounters with multiple characters, monsters, gods, and everything in between. There are various segments of straight-up animated sex videos, which are surely going to please players that enjoy the art form.

Heavenly Game

Divine Arms, starts with a brief introduction from the developing team, that lets players know about their shortcomings surrounding grammar, but more importantly stating that while an adult entertainment hentai game, it is not a simple or easy game. While it isn’t a puzzle game, it instructs you to think outside of the box for resolution and game progression, which frankly makes up for an interesting approach towards a game that is meant to get you off.

The game sort of resembles the Pokemon Gameboy titles, in its art and world construction, but obviously being hentai it is a very perverted, sexualized, and explicit version of it. Controls are fairly simple relying on WASD for movement, and F key to interact with the world, or execute activities around you. A very important aspect of the game resides in the information that is given through text, which makes the reading essential.

Divine Arms is a fun, well-written, well-developed, and beautiful game that provides superb story-telling and visual stimulation for interested players. While they embrace the pornographic, adult side of hentai games, they never dissuade from making it a fully-fledged and interesting game. To be honest, the game is so rich, and vast in content that the porn part might fall short of if players are not reading and getting immersed in the written parts of the game.


Finally, Divine Arms is one of the most atypical titles in the genre, they boast all the qualities of hentai games, kawaii girls, monsters, explicit sex, and beautiful artwork, but they have a challenging game to accompany it, which might make getting off a little more complicated than most of its counterparts.


For those that enjoy adult entertainment in the form of hentai, or similar titles like Disgraced Swordswoman Battle, Vivi and the Magic Island, Forbidden Arms, and Lady Thief Misery, this title will surely be up your alley. Unlike comparable games, do not expect to play this game one-handed, as it is a hard one.


  • Immersive Story
  • Fun Gameplay
  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Erotic Videos
  • Well-Written Story


  • Can Be Frustrating
  • Very Challenging
  • Steep Learning Curve

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