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a game by Ebon Blite
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Pokesluts is a game that really did pique my interest. I have always thought that Dawn was super cute so the idea of seeing her naked and having a lot of wild fun was appealing to me. I have certainly played lewd games based on this series before and with this one being a kind of hybrid of a dating sim and a lewd visual novel I thought that me trying to romance the hottest trainers around sounded like a very fun time… well, turns out I was not quite on the right track of the kind of stuff that would be going down here!

Enjoying What Is Here

Look, before we get deep into what Pokesluts is all about, I do have to tell you that this is a game that is still being worked on. As I write this, the game has had one big update to add more content, but there has not been anything new for a few months. However, it is progressing nicely and I am certainly going to come back and see what the next update offers. I like how we have a lot of lewd Pokémon games that are rom hacks, but seeing something original is really cool.

These Trainers Are Crazy!

As you would expect with a Pokémon story, Pokesluts has us playing as a Pokémon trainer and we have come to a new region to test our skills. The thing is, this region is freaking nuts, and all of the trainers and the Pokémon themselves are sex crazed maniacs! This is more based on the animated series than the games so the likes of my babe Dawn and Misty are the stars here so if you grew up watching the show, you will get a kick out of the various references and this XXX take on the characters.

Not The Lewd Content I Was Expecting

The way that I thought the lewd content in Pokesluts was going to go down was me banging the different female Pokémon trainer chicks. Do not get me wrong, we certainly get to see them in all their glory and their character renders are absolutely fantastic. Seriously, these are some of the best lewd Pokémon trainers that I have ever seen. However, we see these chicks get banged and ravaged by actual Pokémon and that just really threw me off. I found it more weird, disturbing, and in all honesty funny, than sexy. Still, I must admit it is done very well, I just never really get anything out of chicks banging monsters so it is a personal preference thing.

On Track To Be The Very Best

Even with the most recent update that Pokesluts got, there is not a ton of content here, but there is certainly enough for us to get an idea of what this game is all about. You need to talk to the other Pokémon trainers and figure out the right things to say to them. However, as well as this visual novel style gameplay, you also have to do stuff like give them gifts, get them to change clothes and you can even be naughty and ask them about wicked requests which are a lot of fun. It does not take long to play through all that is here, but what is here is good and I am looking forward to seeing what is added next.


I know that Pokesluts still has a ways to go to be completed, but I did have fun with what is here. I found it to be a game that got me into a good state of mind when I was playing and while I found it more funny than hot, I still had a good time with it and I will certainly be coming back for each update. Also, this is the hottest my girl Dawn has ever looked so that is awesome!


  • We get to see Dawn naked and that is great!
  • All of the characters (humans) look great
  • The gameplay loop had a kind of relaxing and chill vibe to it
  • I found this to be a fun Pokémon parody that did make me laugh on occasion


  • Seeing Pokémon have sex with humans was not something I found hot!
  • I wish that the updates would come out quicker or at least keep us in the loop more about when we can expect them

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I am pretty sure I am going to hell for playing PokeSluts! In all seriousness, what we have here is a lewd parody dating sim style of game that is still very much a work in progress as I write this. I recently played through the latest update and thought that it would be fun to share my thoughts on how the game is shaping up. While I must admit, the XXX content here is not something that is getting my motor running, I can see what they are going for here and I will certainly check back when a new update drops.

Gotta Catch And Bang Them All

Look, lewd Pokémon parodies have been around for a while, but PokeSluts is a bit different. Instead of being some kind of rom hack of an existing Pokémon game, what we have here is something original, it is very much its own thing, but if you are a Pokémon fan, especially of the animated series, you may get a kick out of the lewd take on some of the more iconic trainers and side characters that have appeared over the years.

A New Dawn!

I must admit, I have always thought that Dawn was cute, and seeing her in all her glory in PokeSluts was a real highlight for me! The plot of the game is that we are a new trainer that has come to this region, but this is the wildest region in the land! You see the Pokémon trainers here are all crazy and obsessed with sex. To make matters even weirder, so are the Pokémon and the trainers are not shy about banging the Pokémon!

Short, But Sticky And Sweet

As of me writing this, PokeSluts does not exactly have a ton of content for you to get into. The gameplay has you talking to various characters and you will be greeted with a series of options. These range from giving them a gift, getting her to change her outfit, talking to her, going hunting with her, or even asking for a “wicked” request. I guess I would have to say it falls somewhere in the middle of a lewd visual novel and a dating sim. The game moves at a pretty fast pace so you do not have to worry about being forced to wait for ages for a lewd scene to happen.

Yikes, Maybe I Don’t Want To Catch Them All

Now, I have never been someone that gets excited about seeing hot chicks get banged by monsters and that is pretty much what we have here with PokeSluts. Look, the actual trainers (especially my waifu Dawn) look awesome and their bodies faces and everything about them is awesome. However, in this game, they actually have sex with Pokémon! Look, it is kind of funny, but it is also way more on the disturbing side, especially with the genitalia some of these Pokémon are rocking. In short, the graphics look great, but they are an acquired taste that is for sure.


As a lewd visual novel/dating sim style of game, PokeSluts is coming along nicely. I like how straightforward the gameplay is and now it has a kind of relaxing vibe. Even as the game moves along its development, I cannot see anyone needing a guide to play this game. the Pokémon trainers are super hot and I am a massive fan of the designs. However, them having sex with Pokémon is something I could do without! Still, I will be back when the next update drops!


  • Dawn is so hot
  • Actually, all the Pokémon trainers are hot
  • The gameplay was easy to figure out
  • I am sure some will get a kick out of the trainers banging the Pokémon


  • I do not find the Pokémon sex stuff hot at all
  • The updates could come out a bit quicker to keep people interested

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