Pokemon This Gym of Mine

Download Pokémon This Gym of Mine and you get a different type of Pokémon adventure. This game is all about the gym battles! Pit your favorite Pokémon and your Pokémon trainer skills against the best in the world!
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
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Pokemon This Gym of Mine
Pokemon This Gym of Mine
Pokemon This Gym of Mine
Pokemon This Gym of Mine

Pokemon This Gym of Mine, a fan-made game developed in the GBA style, takes players on a nostalgic journey reminiscent of classic Pokemon titles. With its challenging gym battles, unique mechanics, and nostalgic pixel art style, this game provides an enjoyable and refreshing take on the beloved Pokemon franchise. It's something built with love for the more avid fans of the series but definitely will tickle an itch for the nostalgic gamer.

This time, you'll be playing as a gym trainer instead of an adventuring character trying to make their name in the world. Therefore, Pokemon This Gym of Mine is a condensed version of the game limited to battles as you face passing challengers and attempt to retain your prowess as an elite battler of Pokemon. It's an interesting, fan-made take, so let's see if it does what it says on the tin!

This Little Gym of Mine

One of the standout features of This Gym of Mine is its focus on gym battles. Unlike traditional Pokemon games, where players embark on a grand adventure, this game strongly emphasizes gym challenges, offering a condensed and intense experience. Each gym presents formidable trainers and leaders who provide tough battles requiring strategic thinking and careful team-building.

The difficulty level is notably higher than in official Pokemon games, catering to seasoned players seeking a more significant challenge. The game introduces unique mechanics that set it apart from the traditional Pokemon formula. One of these mechanics is the limited Pokemon selection for each gym. Something casual players may get frustrated with, but hardcore ones will relish.

Rather than encountering a wide range of Pokemon species throughout the game, players are restricted to a specific subset of Pokemon that are thematically aligned with each gym. This limitation adds an extra layer of strategy, forcing players to carefully choose and train their team to overcome the gym's challenges.

However, a few areas could see improvement, even though Pokemon This Gym of Mine is a respectable developer fan-made title. The game lacks a comprehensive storyline or overarching plot, focusing primarily on gym battles. While this is a deliberate choice to create a unique gameplay experience, players who enjoy a rich narrative may want more context and depth to their journey.

I'm Not Gonna Let 'Em Shine

Despite these limitations, Pokemon This Gym of Mine captures the essence of challenging gym battles and nostalgic gameplay. Its unique mechanics, brutal fights, and delightful pixel art style make it an enjoyable experience for franchise fans seeking a fresh and demanding challenge. It's a great effort if you consider it in the ranks of other fan-made titles, such as Pokemon Samba.


Whether you're a seasoned Pokemon trainer or simply yearning for a nostalgic journey, This Gym of Mine offers an exciting and rewarding adventure. Most hardcore fans will give this condensed title a thumbs up, but general players of the series will likely struggle.

Round-Up - Pros & Cons


  • A great perspective on traditional Pokemon games
  • The challenging battles will appeal to avid fans.
  • More satisfaction with each win


  • The difficulty curve is extreme.
  • A lack of narrative or plot won't appeal to many fans.
  • Occasionally faces bugs

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Pokemon This Gym of Mine is a role-playing adventure game in the style of the Game Boy Advance games that was created by fans of the Pokemon franchise. In this game, players take on the role of a gym leader who must train and battle with his Pokemon to become the ultimate gym leader and improve the city surrounding his gym. This game offers a unique experience for Pokemon fans by combining city management simulation elements with classic Pokemon gameplay. In this review we will take a look at the story, gameplay, pros and cons of this installment.

About the game

Pokemon This Gym of Mine takes place in Umbal City, a fictional town where a new gym leader takes on the responsibility of improving the reputation of his gym and the overall state of the town.

At the beginning of the game, the player takes control of Umbal City after the previous leader was fired, leaving it in ruins. It is the new leader's task to rebuild it by purchasing blueprints, completing challenges and winning battles against other trainers.

As the leader, you must choose a Pokemon type for this gym, such as fire, water or plant. And of course, you get to choose your favorite pokémon team to go with you in battles.

As he gains more reputation, Mayor Dalton proposes new building projects and more difficult challenges that offer greater rewards. However, if he loses too many battles, the leader could be fired. Therefore, he must balance rebuilding the city with training his Pokemon.


The gameplay of This Gym of Mine is similar to that of other Pokemon games. Players travel around the region, battling other trainers and capturing Pokemon to build their team. However, unlike other Pokemon games, in This Gym of Mine players are also responsible for improving the city surrounding their gym. Players must complete challenges and purchase blueprints to construct buildings and improve the quality of life for the town's inhabitants. These mechanics add an additional layer of strategy and management to traditional Pokemon gameplay.

Compared to other Pokemon games like Pokémon Sword, This Gym of Mine offers a unique experience for Pokemon fans. The city building mechanic adds an element of simulation not found in other Pokemon games. In addition, the story focuses on building and improving the city, which offers additional motivation for the player.

Review: 8/10

This Gym of Mine is an exciting and unique game for Pokemon fans. The city building mechanic adds an element of simulation not found in other Pokemon games, which offers a more complete and immersive experience.


While it may be overwhelming for new players, the gameplay is similar to other Pokemon games, making it easier for players familiar with the franchise to learn the game. Despite some bugs and glitches, This Gym of Mine is a fun and exciting game worth playing.


  • Offers a unique experience for Pokemon fans with the city building mechanic
  • The story focuses on city building and upgrading, which adds extra motivation for the player
  • The gameplay is similar to other Pokemon games, making it easy for players familiar with the franchise to learn the game


  • The game can be overwhelming for players new to the Pokemon franchise
  • The city building mechanic can distract from the core Pokemon gameplay
  • Although the game is fan-made, there are still some bugs and glitches

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