Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Download Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and embark on a nostalgic journey through the Kanto region! Catch and battle Pokémon, forge new friendships, and become the ultimate Pokémon Trainer. Start your adventure with Pikachu by your side now!
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Platform: Nintendo Switch (2018)
Mode Single-player, Multiplayer (2 players)
Setting Kanto region
Gameplay Explore the world, catch Pokémon, battle trainers, and earn gym badges
Playable Characters Customizable Pokémon Trainer
Graphics 3D graphics with a colorful, cartoony art style
Editor Rating: 8.9/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 331 votes
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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

The history behind Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu specifically begins back in May of 2018 when it was first announced to the public. At the announcement they stated that this game was designed for both old fans and new fans alike. This included a majority of the art being anime and three dimensional styled, but keeping the gameplay similar to that of the older days. The game was released shortly after this announcement, on November 16th, 2018. The game is so popular nowadays that it has actually been ranked as one of the best selling games that the Nintendo Switch platform has ever seen.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu is a newer version of the original Pokemon Yellow video game that was once on the GameBoy Color. Although I never had the Yellow version I did have some fun with the Blue version that I also once had for my GameBoy Color. Although this game is different, because it is the first game in the Pokemon series to actually be released for a home game console. This is a unique feat, especially since it is the seventh generation of the Pokemon video game series.

Pikachu Run!

As for the gameplay it does truly return to that of old as you battle Gym Leaders, but there is one new spin. When it comes to collecting wild Pokemon, you no longer go through the old battle style. Instead you use the new Pokemon Go technology to capture the wild Pokemon, this is how the two games are connected. You use the joysticks on the Nintendo Switch to throw the Pokeball just like you would on the Pokemon Go video game. So what makes this game special is the fact that it can be connected with the mobile game, Pokemon Go. This game is really the best of both worlds.

Another big difference when it comes to these wild Pokemon is the fact that you can see them now! Previously you would just walk through the wild area until text appeared on the screen signifying you hit a Pokemon. Well in this case they save you a lot more time, instead of you spending hours walking through random areas hoping for Pokemon to show up.

Catch Your Pokemon

Yet another fun and new feature that has been added to this gameplay is the multiplayer feature. This allows you to play the game with a friend, sharing the other Joy-Con controller of your Nintendo Switch. This feature essentially doubles your chances of catching a Pokemon, defeating a gym leader, and everything else there is to do in the game. Plus you get to have a great time with your friends in the process!


The game has been well liked amongst almost all who have played it, with the average rating for the game being eight stars out of 10 or an equivalent rating on other scales. Based on the gameplay it is difficult to find something bad to like about this game. You should definitely go try it out today!


  • New Twist On An Old Game
  • Combines Two Games Into One
  • Adds Multiplayer so More Fun For All


  • Not Necessarily Brand New
  • Can be Slow at Times

Download Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Nintendo Switch

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

As one of the first games of the series on the Switch, Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu was a massive game for the system. This is actually one of two games that were released at the same time. This one is based on Pikachu and the other being based on Eevee. They are both the same experience, but if you like Pikachu or Eevee better will probably be what determines which game you decide to get.

Mellow Yellow

In case you did not know, what we have here with Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu is a remake of Pokémon Yellow for the original Game Boy. Nintendo was very clever with this game in that it is a more “simplified” Pokémon game and Nintendo wanted people who were caught up in the Pokémon Go phenomenon to get in on this just as much as people who had been playing Pokémon for years.

The story has seen a few changes, most notably the game has more inspiration from the TV series. Look, if you have played a Pokémon game before, you know what to expect here. I liked the bigger role for James and Jessie, Team Rocket I thought it was really cool.

Smooth Motion Baby!

The gameplay of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu has been radically simplified from the 3DS games that preceded this. I think this is going to be something that some hardcore fans may have trouble with. On the flip side of this, the game does tug at those heartstrings enough to really make you stick with it even though it is on the easy side.

The biggest change in gameplay is the way that you capture Pokémon. You now use motion controls in a mode that is similar to how you capture them in Pokémon Go. There is now more skill involved in capturing Pokémon and these motion controls do work quite well. What if you are playing the game in handheld mode? Or with a Pro controller? Or even with a Switch Lite? Well, then you flick the analog stick to capture them. This works, but it is not quite as much fun as the motion controls.

Small, But Strong

This is a much more scaled-back Pokémon experience, but that does not make it bad now does it? There is not exactly a massive roster of Pokémon here and the moves have been scaled back in battle considerably. Actually, everything about the game feels a bit small in stature compared to the 3DS Pokémon games. Still, this manages to be a fun experience.


I can see why some people were not won over by Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu. However, those that actually gave it a chance no doubt found this to be a fun and exciting Pokémon adventure. It is a game that is fun if you played Yellow back in the day and have it tugging at your nostalgia strings. However, it is also a lot of fun if you are a new or lapsed Pokémon player.


  • The game has a ton of charm
  • It fills you with nostalgia
  • The motion controls work very well
  • It is way more addictive than you would think
  • It would work great as a first Pokémon game


  • It is a very simplified game
  • Not everyone likes motion controls

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