Hero Sex Academia

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a game by SexForAll
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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Hero Sex Academia
Hero Sex Academia
Hero Sex Academia

I was very excited to see what Hero Sex Academia had to offer as I love a good porn parody style of game. There is a mix of franchises in this game which was pretty neat as it kept me wondering who would show up next. If you have played a lewd sandbox style of game before then you already know what you are in for here. While it might not have blown me away, I did have some fun with this game and think if you are in to any of the franchises that are showcased here it is worth checking out.

Sky High

By the way, I am not messing around here, the plot of Hero Sex Academia is basically what goes down in the Disney movie, Sky High… well with a lot more sex of course. We are the son of the world's greatest hero who has disappeared. You are going to start your own superhero training at the academy, but you have a secret. That secret is you do not have any powers of your own just yet and you are scared people are going to find out that the son of the world's greatest hero has no powers.

Pick Of The Ladies

I like the art style of Hero Sex Academia and think there are some great representations of characters we know and love. Some people complain that they look a bit different, but I actually like that they have put their own spin on characters such as Harley Quinn and Raven. Overall, the game has a very cartoony look and I think they have done a great job here. The sex scenes that I came across were animated well enough, but I do think they could have done a bit more variety with the sex scene.

Clicking All Over The School

As a sandbox game, Hero Sex Academia has a lot of grinding for you to do. Getting from place to place can be a bit of a chore as there is no quick travel option, you can sometimes have to click five times to get back home! The grinding here is pretty extreme and I can see this turning some people off, I know this was what eventually made me lose interest in the game as it started to feel more like a chore. Also, the deeper into the game I got, the writing seemed to get sloppier and sloppier with the mistakes.

Harley Quinn, I Choose You!

One part of the game that I thought was pretty interesting was the battling. Hero Sex Academia features turn-based battles that are done in a way that is similar to how battles are done in Pokémon. I thought that this was a fun addition and the battle system while not exactly deep did give the game a bit more variety.


I think that there are some great ideas with this game. I liked the premise of the story and thought that being a guy trying to find your superpowers was a fun and interesting idea. I will say that the gameplay of Hero Sex Academia is what I think holds it back. It is not bad, but it just feels way too grindy, I think if they toned this down a tad, the game would be way better for it. Still, even though it can drag on a bit, this is still a game that is worth checking out.


  • I liked the different licensed characters in the game
  • The way the characters look is interesting
  • The sex scenes are animated
  • I thought the battle system was kind of fun


  • The game is very, very grindy
  • There are a ton of spelling and grammar issues in the game

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

As someone that loves a good lewd parody, Hero Sex Academia is a game that was right up my street. I had a blast playing this and if you love just one of the franchises that is represented here, you are in for a great time too! What we have here is a lewd sandbox/visual novel style of game and I will be honest and say that it is not going to blow your mind with any new mechanics or anything like that, but it is still a fun time and well worth checking out.

A School For Heroes!

The main thing that Hero Sex Academia is a parody of is My Hero Academia which I guess was pretty obvious given the title of this game! There was a strange gene that started appearing or awakening in people all over the planet and this would grant them special abilities. Those who wish to use their abilities for good end up at this special school where they can hone their skills and become a great hero…. And then there is you!

The Apple Fell Far From The Tree

The main character that we play as in Hero Sex Academia is rather interesting as he is the son of the greatest hero the world has ever seen and now, he is at this special school to start his superhero journey. There is one big problem though, he has no powers! He is trying to figure things out so that he can be a hero, but the twist is that he needs to get laid by the various hotties in this school so that he can learn new powers. I found it funny that we had characters from the world of DC, Disney, gaming, and anime all mixed in here.

Starting Off Strong

Talking about the gameplay of Hero Sex Academia is rather tricky as on one hand I love what they have done here. This is a lewd sandbox style game, we have to chat with different characters, we need to explore, be at certain places at a certain time, and so on. There is also a turn based combat system and even a mini-game or two! The thing is, the grind can be rather annoying here and the gameplay loop never changes. So, while I do enjoy the “gameplay” I will admit that it does start to get repetitive towards the end. I think that they could have added a thing or two here to spice things up and help keep players invested in what was going on all the way until the end.

Quite The Cast You Have There!

Visually, Hero Sex Academia is awesome! There are so many great looking characters in this game my favorites being Harley Quinn, Mrs. Incredible, and Mei. I think that the cartoon style that they have gone for gives the show a very late 90s or early 00s MTV vibe and I mean that as a compliment. There is a decent amount of lewd content here too and it is all animated as well, most of what I came across was oral sex, but it was very well done and pretty damn hot too!


Look, I will admit that it does appear that the developer started running out of steam towards the end of Hero Sex Academia, but this is still a fun game. I love the story that the game told and the way that we have to try and get our powers! I got such a kick out of all the characters that would show up and when I played this, I tried not to read what characters were in the game as much as I could as it was a fun surprise when someone new would pop up.


  • I thought the game told a fun superhero story
  • The visuals are fantastic
  • There is a great mixture of popular characters in this game
  • While basic, I enjoyed the combat sections


  • The game does start to get repetitive the further in you get
  • I wish that there was a quicker and easier way to get around the map

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