Goblin Layer

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a game by Parodos
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 5 votes
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Goblin Layer
Goblin Layer
Goblin Layer
Goblin Layer

Goblin Layer is a hilarious lewd RPG that could very well end up on my best lewd games of the year list. The crazy thing about this game is that it is not even completed yet! However, there is still enough good here to make it something that is very worthwhile to play. If you love your lewd games to have a fun sense of humor about them and not be too over complicated, you are in for a real treat with this game.

I Know, What If I Bang The Goblins?

The story and writing in Goblin Layer are awesome. We play as a hero of the land kind of dude, actually he reminds me of that guy from an episode of Rick & Morty who has a bucket on his head in the episode Morty gets the big jacked up arm. Our hero is fighting off all the goblins and he loves to bang all the ladies. However, he has a great idea, what if he were to bang the goblins too!

Legit LOL!

I really cannot praise the writing and direction things go in Goblin Layer highly enough. When I say that the game is funny, I do not mean that you will have a little chuckle or some kind of half hearted snort! You will legit be laughing at some of the absurd things that happen and are said in this game. It really is written and presented amazingly well and you just sort of go along for the wild ride as it is so funny.

Never Gonna Give You Up

While Goblin Layer has a great story, this is also a pretty solid lewd RPG in its own right. Most of what you will be doing in the game is played from the top-down perspective. You will have to search around, interact with characters, and find items and the typical RPG type stuff you would expect. There is also a combat system in the game that has a bit of an old school Final Fantasy vibe about it which I like. However, the best thing about the gameplay here is the accessibility options. It gives you full cheat and skip options if you just want to breeze through the game or just certain parts of it. They have really made this so anyone can play it and that is cool.

As Crazy As You Would Expect!

As far as the presentation and the lewd content of Goblin Layer goes, that is also awesome. The top down portion of the game has a nice pixel art look to it and I like how detailed things are.

The combat system and the portraits in the game use these amazing hand drawn style portrait type images of the characters that are very appealing and then we have the lewd content. This game is completely over the top and it features some over the top sex scenes as well. They walk a fine line between being pretty damn hot and funny at the same time and they are all animated and animated very well.


I had such a great time with Goblin Layer that I have already played through it a couple of times. It is just such a fun game and a game that is not trying to be something pretentious, it is all about making sure that everyone who plays this game is having as much fun as possible. I played it with cheats the first time around and then on my second playthrough I tried to do it legit and I had a ton of fun both times!


  • The story here is freaking hilarious
  • I love the exaggerated sex scenes that this game offers
  • The combat system has an old school vibe about it which I liked
  • This game has some of the best accessibility options of any lewd game


  • There are sometimes annoying invisible walls
  • I hope that they make more content for this game and release it sooner than later!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Goblin Layer is an erotic RPG by indie developer Parodos, where a human village is threatened by a goblin invasion, all the men are suddenly missing, but a brave knight suddenly comes to the rescue.


The game starts with the fact that the cat fluffy helps you figure out the controls: you can quickly skip text on the ctrl key, on the space key - slow skip, p - pause animation, esc - skip animation, arrow keys or wasd - walk, attack - right mouse button.

Saving Priestess

Then the player finds himself on the map. A dungeon... There are stones all around, the space is lit by torches, goblins roam in the darkness. Here the hero named Goblin Killer rescues a beautiful woman from under the oppression of the green ugly creatures. The rescued girl turns out to be a priestess, a priestess from a human village.

The priestess asks the Goblin Killer to follow her into the village, there are a couple of tasks. Upon arrival, the protagonist realizes that the settlement is often attacked by goblins. The villains do this at night to take people's resources and, if they succeed, to kill someone sleeping. Before, these green freaks didn't bother so much, but it's a different time now that the villains have grown stronger and have powerful ambitions. The town the Goblin Killer enters is in trouble-all the men are missing. The women are literally climbing the walls. They want to blossom and date men. And then there's the kind of handsome guy the player controls.


The Goblin Killer has a fetish for destroying green monsters for their evil deeds. The main character is a knight whose weapon is a sword. The warrior also wears a helmet and shield to be invulnerable.

The variety of locations is amazing:

  • Stone dark dungeon.
  • A library decorated for Christmas
  • A snowy yurt
  • Winter Forest

The player looks at the locations from above. The map is a pixel space with objects:

  • Houses are standing, you can go inside
  • Undead decorative objects like boulders and spruces
  • The opponents are the same goblins
  • Loot. Pick up new equipment and quickly put it on the menu

Equipment affects important indicators such as: attack, defense, dexterity. In addition there is an indicator of health and luck, they help prolong the battle and defeat the enemy.

Combat is turn based. The enemy and the protagonist take turns attacking each other (or avoiding the fight). The developers created a separate screen mode for battles: two opponents facing each other, one on the left, the other on the right. It looks like a duel to the death.


Bed scenes are made on a special visual engine, which provides them with high quality. Many 18+ moments await the player, especially after victories (or bitter defeats - if not strong enough to deal with the enemy)


Goblin Layer is a role-playing game with vulgar scenes and turn-based battles, where the player becomes a hero who saves the beauties from destruction and from boredom. We recommend Goblin Layer to fans of Hot Tub Simulator, OnlyFap Simulator 2 and Soul Dossier.

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