Through Spacetime

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a game by Empiric
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Through Spacetime
Through Spacetime
Through Spacetime
Through Spacetime

As a lover of lewd games and sci-fi, I knew that Through Spacetime was going to be a game that I would enjoy. This is a game that manages to walk a very fine line. Yes, the characters in this game are hot and there is a great deal of XXX content for you to enjoy. However, it also manages to make you care about many of the characters and there is also some charming humor to the game as well. Hell, for a harem style game, they even managed to make the MC a decent dude!

My Kind Of Rescue

The overall plot of Through Spacetime is not the strongest aspect of the narrative experience if I am being honest. The game takes place many, many years in the future and this spacecraft that has eight very attractive women on it comes across an abandoned ship that has a man inside a stasis tank. Now, this is the last know surviving man in the galaxy and as we have a ship with eight women on it, you know what that means!

My Killing Eve!

While the main storyline of the guy getting saved by these chicks is not that great. I do think that Through Spacetime excels when it comes to characters. There are eight characters that you get to chat with and get to know better, Eve is my personal favorite and one of the best characters I have had the pleasure of “playing” with in a lewd game in quite some time! Each character has their own story and you do get to know them quite well. While this is without a doubt a “harem” kind of story. I really did like how it kind of had a “nicer” feel to it than just being a guy that wants to bang a load of chicks.

A Stress-Free Time

Look, if you are a guy then you know that our MC in Through Spacetime is living the dream and is clearly going to be having the best time ever! Well, I am happy to report that you will also be having a very good time playing the game. This is as stress-free as you can get when it comes to a lewd game. It is very easy to figure out, not convoluted in any way and it is just a joy to play through from start to end.

All The Space Single Ladies!

The presentation of Through Spacetime is great. I really do like the way that the girls look and while Eve is my favorite, I will admit that I also really liked Natasha and Morgan as well. There is a bit of cinematic flair to the game, for example, one of the early sex scenes shows you the main position, but you also get a close-up view of what is really going on too. It is very well done and while I do wish the animation was smoother, I like the XXX content in the game. Plus, the sci-fi spaceship nature of the story makes it stand out from all the other lewd games out there.


I have had an absolute blast with Through Spacetime and it is actually one of the better lewd games I have played lately. What I think I like best about it is not so much the main story, but I did actually like spending time with each of the main girls that the story had to offer. I also liked how we did not play as our typical meathead douche kind of MC that these harem style stories tend to have. If you like lewd games, I would have to say that this is a must play!


  • I liked all of the characters
  • The game even has a decent MC that we get to live through
  • The sci-fi style story and setting were neat
  • I love the way that the characters look in this game


  • It could do with a bit smoother animation
  • Some voice acting would have really taken this to the next level

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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