Anna: The Series Test

Download Anna: The Series Test and partake in some interesting and very lewd tests with some sexy AI ladies that are learning about the wonders of sex. This is an incredibly mature game that has a great story, awesome XXX content, and is just a lot of fun all around.
a game by AnnaSeries
Platform: PC (2021)
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User Rating: 9.3/10 - 11 votes
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Anna: The Series Test
Anna: The Series Test
Anna: The Series Test

Anna: The Series Test is one of the most interesting lewd games that I have played in a very long time. This is a game that has gotten an official release on steam so that is pretty cool. I do have to warn you that as of me writing this review, the game is in early access so it is not yet complete, however, a fairly substantial update was done recently and the developer did add quite a lot to the game so they are working very hard on it.

A Job… With Benefits

While Anna: The Series Test is a lewd game, it also has a bit of a psychological test kind of thing going on. You have no idea how you got to this facility, but you soon find out that you have taken a new job where you have to test these AI women and try to make them believe that they are human. It sounds “fun” however, you really do get to connect with these ladies and that is what makes things tough.

A Rather Unique Group

In the final version of the Anna: The Series Test there will be five (if I am not mistaken) AI ladies for you to chat to. What is interesting about this is that it is not all just sexual stuff. While there is certainly that, you get to feel like you know these women on a more personal level. I think that a great job has been done here in making each lady feel unique from loving to just flat-out nuts! Each interaction is going to keep you on your toes that is for sure.

Pulling The Plug

The twist in Anna: The Series Test is that the person running this experiment the super-hot Dr. Alleyne only needs one of these AI’s. This means that after each round of getting to know them a bit better you have to select one to turn off, essentially ending their existence. This can be really hard to do as you progress through the game and become more and more connected to them. This is where the psychological aspect of the game really comes into play. It messes with your mind and while you know that they are not real women, they start to feel that way. In many ways, it feels like you are the dude from that sci-fi movie, Ex Machina!

Beauty And The Microchips

Visually, Anna: The Series Test is a fantastic looking game. Each of the ladies has her own look and the lewd content in this game is absolutely fantastic! There are plenty of routes that things can go, different endings and there is even a recently added mode where the chicks can be naked the whole time which is a lot of fun. It is a game with a very high level of polish, even though it is not yet complete.


I am very, very impressed with what is happening with Anna: The Series Test so far. It is probably one of the better and more memorable lewd games that I have played this year. It offers so much more than just trying to bang a bunch of hot chicks. It is a game that really will make you think and also make you pick some pretty hard decisions. Even in the early access state that it is currently in as I write this, you have to check this game out!


  • I loved the whole premise of the game
  • You really do feel like you are getting to know the characters
  • There are many different ways that the story can go
  • I liked how it messes with your mind and feelings


  • As I write this the game is not yet complete
  • I do kind of wish I waited and played it once all the content was here

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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