Grandma's House

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a game by MoonBox
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.2/10 - 33 votes
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Grandma's House
Grandma's House
Grandma's House

I had a lot of fun with Grandma's House which is a lewd visual novel style game and I will warn you right away that this can be a bit of a slow burn. Overall, I was impressed with the way the game was made and thought that it was one of the better visual novels I have played this year. It does have many of the MC returns home from college tropes that you would expect, but it proudly wears these on its sleeve and that was something I got a real kick out of.

Back From College

The story being told in Grandmas House sounds like it is the most cliché story ever in a lewd game. Our main character has returned home from college and in the house are a whole bunch of sexy ladies such as his hot grandma’s friend, hot cousins, and hot aunts for him to try his luck with. You probably think that you have played through a million stories like this, but this game does have more going on.

The Writing, It Is All In The Writing

What I think prevents Grandmas House from being yet another MC returning home from college type of experience is the fantastic writing. There are many different characters that you will be interacting with here and for the most part, they are all pretty interesting and well developed. There is also some very witty humor here that legit made me smile and felt natural and unforced. So, while this could have been just full of cliches, it manages to embrace this and is a fun experience for doing so.

Size Is Not Everything

One of the most surprising aspects of Grandmas House was that there was no animation! The reason I say it was surprising is that the game was such a large file to download. To be fair, this game has some great renders and I think that they did a wonderful job in making sure there is a great variety of girls here for you to interact with. I would have probably scored the game a point higher if there was animation!

Straight To The Point

The gameplay on offer here in Grandmas House is that of your typical visual novel. It is pretty basic in this regard; you will be spending most of your time with the game reading the story and then you will get to make some choices here and there. I have to be honest and say I am not exactly sure how much these impact the story, but they do keep you paying attention and make you feel like you are getting to know the girls better.


I would not say that Grandmas House is the greatest lewd game I have ever played, but I did have a lot of fun with this. I found the whole premise of the game to be fun and while it may seem like a game you have seen before; it plays into this very well and is sure to make you smile. It also has a great selection of characters with an excellent variety in the way they all look.


  • I liked the way the game played with the MC home from college formula
  • The writing is very witty and will make you laugh and smile as you play
  • There is a great selection of characters to interact with
  • The character renders are very well done with girls of all types to check out


  • The fact that there is no animation is a real letdown
  • You may get the feeling that you have played this game before

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

At the time I played Grandma’s House, it was the exact kind of lewd game that I was looking for! This is a lewd visual novel and one that is so easy to play through. It was just a lot of fun, it did not take itself too seriously and it featured an awesome cast of ladies for me to get to know better if you know what I am saying. Keep on reading to see why this is a lewd visual novel game that is perfect for those that want something light and fun.

The Perfect Landlady!

We have all played a ton of games that have the whole seduce or be seduced by the landlord type thing. Grandma’s House is doing it a bit differently as the person that you are staying with is a friend of your grandma’s. This game has one of the hottest gilfs that you will have the pleasure to see and yes, this game is about as cliché as you can get with its story, but it is a lot of fun and fully aware of what it is. You just go along for the ride and have a fun time doing so!

Taking Them All On

I guess you would have to say that Grandma’s House is a harem style game as you pretty much have every chick in this house wanting a piece of you. One thing that this game does very well is give these ladies a bit of depth. Ok, so depth may be overselling it a tad. However, they do all have their own personalities and I liked getting to interact and chat with them as well as bang them, this is a balance that many other lewd visual novels struggle with.

Getting To The Good Stuff

One of the things that I love about Grandma’s House is that this is a lewd visual novel that is just trying to tell its story and show off its awesome XXX content. There is no convoluted map and menus that you have to deal with. No grinding for a whole bunch of stat points! This presents the story to you and gives you choices to make, some important choices such when I was with Shauna, I was given the choice of if I should “get down to business” or “taste her chocolate starfish” I get such a kick out of funny stuff like this, but it is funny and hot at the same time.

A Blue Haired Beauty!

Grandma’s House has some amazing character renders. I just mentioned Shauna, but she is by far my favorite in this game. She has a blue hair punk chick thing going on and the sex scene with her in the bathroom is awesome and worth playing this game alone for. I also loved the character of Zelda, one she has a cool name, and two she has a Harley Quinn thing going on that I thought was very hot. The game is packed with great looking characters and awesome sex scenes, it is just a shame that there is no animation!


I had a fantastic time playing through Grandma’s House as it was just a blast to play! This is the kind of lewd game that is perfect if you are in the mood for a “pallet cleanser” and need something that is easy to play, but also fun and very sexy too! I was very impressed with the variety to the character renders here and the story was a lot of fun and had some moments that got a real chuckle out of me! If this had animated sex scenes, I probably would have given it a 9!


  • The game has a story that is fun and will make you laugh
  • There are many different sexy characters that are fun to get to know
  • The sex scene with Shauna in the bathroom was amazing!
  • I liked how easy and fun this game was to play


  • I wish I could see these XXX scenes in action instead of mostly still images
  • I was shocked at how big the download size of this game was!

Grandma's House is a hot visual novel about a sexy college graduate who graduates well from college and now goes home to an old acquaintance. Developed mentally and emotionally, the young man finds himself in his childhood town and begins pulling the youngest and most beautiful women in the neighborhood into bed.

Into a New Town

The main character is a guy who at seventeen, after graduating from high school, went to conquer the big city and study there. It was hard at first: women were blowing him off, there was no money, housing and work problems were constantly plaguing him. All this is overcome, diploma in hand, knowledge in the head. The young man today is very confident and knows how to communicate with people.

The Return of a Legend

The character returns to his hometown. Many familiar people are waiting for him there:

  • A stern father
  • A loving mother
  • School friends
  • The first girls
  • Cashiers at the store

Old girlfriends go to the same places and talk to the same people. Pretty girls want to see new faces. They're ready to meet people. All that's left is to overcome your own fear and start making friends.


The game consists of static images and animated sex scenes. Rewind boring moments and save the naughtiest in the gallery so you can watch and enjoy later. The player will be able to control the course of the story. Before each important moment, he will make a choice that will determine what happens next. Think carefully about each step and attractive women will fall at his feet.


Grandma's House is an erotic visual story about a boy who becomes a man and comes home to get a job and sleep with every hot girl. Girls are open to communication: give a gift, talk sweetly and talk sincerely about yourself. High-quality renders, perfect bodies, user-friendly interface and an interesting story await the player. We recommend fans of hentai and other naughty visual novels - Dating My Daughter, Under House Arrest, Dual Family.

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