My Cute Roommate

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a game by Astaros3d
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9.3/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 8 votes
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My Cute Roommate
My Cute Roommate
My Cute Roommate

I have played many lewd games, but My Cute Roommate is a game that really did positively surprise me. I think that we are way past the point of where you can fill a game with naked chicks, sex, and all other kinds of kinky stuff and have people be cool with it. These days most people (myself included) want some actual gameplay with our lewd games and that is what I liked about what this was offering.

Bang Or Die!

The premise of what is going on here is one of those things that is completely ridiculous, but it works. The idea is that you are a young man whose journey into the real world has been thrown a curveball. You see, My Cute Roommate has you playing as someone who must have sex to survive! If you do not get a sexual release, you will die!

Add to this, your new (well old person from your past) roommate and you are in for quite the journey. The story is pretty good, it is funny when it needs to be and hot and steamy as well. I liked that it did not take itself too seriously.

HD Boobies

The art style is full-on CG with a few strange stock real-life photos thrown in as well. I found that the style they went for in My Cute Roommate is one that many games of this style ego for. Some of the ladies are very hot, but others have a kind of strange look to them, especially in the face. There are tons of still photos and even some animated scenes as well. The game does have a movie/image viewer which is always a plus in a game like this.

What Kind Of Game Is This?

What we have in terms of gameplay is a very interactive visual novel. This is a game that is going to keep you very busy and while you are trying to bang as many ladies as you can to ensure your survival. There is more to this game than just making choices. Granted, moving the story along is part of the game. However, there is far more to this game than just that.

You have three “stats” that you need to work on and these are strength, intellect, and potency, you can probably guess what each one relates to, but doing things like showering, having sex and getting a good nights sleep will help with each stat. the game also throws some mini-games you way too. These tend to be button mashers, but they do help keep the game from getting too boring. I also liked how they give you a cheat’s menu which lets you see all of the “goodies” if you are stuck in a particular area.


I really, really like what My Cute Roommate is offering. This is one of the more fun and interactive visual novel games I have played in quite some time. It has more than enough gameplay to keep you on your toes and the sex and story are good too. My only real criticism of the game is technical issues, the saving and loading take far too long and the game did crash on me a couple of times. Even with the technical issues, if you like lewd games, this is well worth playing.


  • I enjoyed the story
  • You literally have to bang to live!
  • Some of the character models look great
  • A nice variety to the overall gameplay
  • The cheats menu is a nice touch


  • The loading takes forever!
  • The game did crash on me a couple of times

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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