Four Elements Trainer

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a game by Mity
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.6/10 - 100 votes
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Four Elements Trainer
Four Elements Trainer
Four Elements Trainer

Four Elements Trainer is an awesome lewd parody sandbox game that I had one heck of a great time playing through. I was surprised at just how much content this game actually had! Now, like all lewd parody games, I do feel like you need to be a fan of the source material to truly appreciate it. However, this game has some amazing XXX art so perhaps that alone will be enough to spur you on even if you are not familiar with the characters and setting.

A Legend All Right!

So, what exactly is Four Elements Trainer a parody of? Well, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are what this game is a parody of. I have played many parodies based on those shows (more so Avatar if I am being honest) and I would have to put this right up there with the best of them. What I thought was neat about this game is that it is split up into chapters that the game calls books and you can decide if you want to skip sections if you want to focus on a particular girl.

What A Parody Should Be

I will say that I do feel you need a fan of the series in order to fully appreciate this story in Four Elements Trainer. The game has a lot of funny references and nods to things and characters that are in the show. I love how smutty and naughty the whole thing is and it got more than a few chuckles out of me as I was playing the game. It is kind of dumb, but that is what I loved about it. I think those who know about these two shows will get a real kick out of the way that the story is being told.

More Than Just a VN!

I like many other people thought that Four Elements Trainer was going to be a pretty standard lewd visual novel. However, it is far more than that. You will have to click around different areas to decide where you want to go, there is some basic combat, a bit of grinding, and of course plenty of choices to make. I will say, it is perhaps borderline just a little bit too grindy, but it is not horrible or anything like that. It is a game that has way more going on than you would think and I liked that and felt that it was a rather engaging experience and I did want to keep on playing.

The Best Of The Best

The really cherry on top of Four Elements Trainer is the incredible visuals! They have done a wonderful job of bringing these famous Avatar and Korra characters to life, but in a very lewd and XXX way. The sex scenes are animated and they are animated in a very slick style so I was impressed by that. The thing is the game has a lot of humor to it, but I think that fantastic XXX scenes compliment that very well and make this a game that is both sexy and naughty. I thought it was awesome how when during a sex scene you got to decide how it finished.


I am a big fan of Avatar and The Legend of Korra and feel like I was the perfect person to play this game. Four Elements Trainer is easily one of the best Avatar lewd games that I have played. I thought the story was very well written and something that was a lot of fun. I got a massive kick when they would reference stuff from the show. The art in this game is amazing, I loved how it was animated and as I said in the intro, the art is so good, you may even be able to play through this if you are not familiar with the source material.


  • I loved the various references from the show
  • The XXX content in this game is epic
  • I was pleasantly surprised by how much “gameplay” there was
  • The sex scenes are animated and interactive!


  • You do need to be into the shows to appreciate the story
  • Some may find the grind a bit off putting

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I have played a lot of hentai style parody games in my time, but Four Elements Trainer might be one of the most memorable and interesting games in this genre. This is a parody of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra and I would say that the game is made for fans of those series more than anything else. While I do feel, you could have fun and find much of this very hot if you were not familiar with those series, I do feel much of the little nods and winks would be lost on you.

A Saga Of Four Books

One of the most impressive aspects of Four Elements Trainer is that it is broken up into what the game calls books and as I write this there are three and a fourth one is pretty deep in development from what I can tell. The game is set in the Avatar and Korra universe and you are basically wanting to bang all the hot chicks from those shows and that is about it. The game could offer just that and if you are a fan of these then that would probably be enough. However, the writing is so witty and clever that you will actually get a chuckle out of what is going on. Not only that, the person behind this game knows their stuff as you could imagine these characters (if they were super perverted of course) actually acting like they do!

How To Bang Your Trainer!

The gameplay on offer in Four Elements Trainer is far more impressive than I thought it would be. I expected this to be nothing more than another visual novel style game where all I do is click dialogue options. Do not get me wrong, that is here in the game, but there is so much more to it than just that. On each screen, you have various locations that you will be able to click on. When you do this you then get more options, talking to a character, training, buying something and so on.

As well as talking to people to try and get it on with them. Four Elements Trainer also has some combat, questing, and even a tad of grinding for you to do as well. These may be a tad on the shallow side, however in what is being classed as a visual novel style game are a nice addition to the overall gameplay and give you far more to do than just talk to characters in the hope of seeing them naked!

That Is A Lot Of H!

The hentai in this game is pretty awesome and I say that as a fan of the two series that this game is parodying. I was very impressed with how clean and high-quality the visuals were, but I was surprised at just how many animated scenes were in this game. There is pretty much every kind of sex you could want in this game and while I am not one to judge, I felt that it was not as extreme as some other games in this style go so that was something I did like.


I have to say that I was not expecting much when I went into Four Elements Trainer, but I was pretty blown away. It is a fantastic and pretty damn hot parody of Avatar and The Legend of Korra and it is one of the better sexy parody games I have ever played. While seeing these familiar characters nude and getting it on is awesome. I really do appreciate the gameplay that this offers as it is a good game in its own right and one, I highly recommend you check out.


  • Plenty of characters from the two shows
  • I liked the impressive visuals
  • Plenty of animated scenes
  • The sex is hot, but not too extreme
  • The overall gameplay is way more fun than you would think


  • I am still waiting for the next update!
  • I do feel you have to like the two shows to get the best out of this

The anime art style is just perfect for eroge games. There's something about it that makes it feel at home. That's why one of the closest series to anime in American animation would adapt great into an eroge. Four Elements Trainer is a game based on the series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Now, you may wonder how to adapt this amazing show into an eroge title? Well. that's what will talk about here so let's get started, and then you can decide if you download the game or not.

About the game

Four Elements Trainer is based on Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it's not an adaptation. You don't even play Aang nor any of the other main characters of the show. Just like in many other titles of this style, your character isn't even a character.

You're a blank character who's the typical games/porn addict. As you're playing your games the news on the radio claims that the Avatar is dead. But since your character doesn't even listen to that he doesn't know until a spirit appears in front of you. The big-breast spirit lady informs you that you are the chosen one to be the new Avatar.

As part of your training, you track Aang's companions so that you can learn to bend the elements just like he did. Of course, learning to master the elements and having sex with your instructors goes hand to hand. Or at least it does here.

In the three different books available there are different story paths to choose from. Depending on the paths you choose the game will change. The whole game is more of a parody to the world of Avatar than anything else.


The offensive is not a word you'd usually hear much when talking about these games 'cause no one's judging you here. But there's a problem when you got such an amazing source material and you're this far from doing it justice. The game plays similar to Princess Trainer but more simple than that.

It's a dating simulator with added elements. The plot isn't developed well and it pretty much just jumps from sex scene to sex scene. To the point, they become repetitive and feel like a task.


Four Elements Trainer is a tough title to recommend. You'd usually recommend these games to the fans of the source material. But if you're an Avatar fan, then you should stay as far as possible from this game.

The dialogues and interaction style completely break the idea of being in the world of Avatar. The drawings, while good looking sometimes, are not consistent. This whole title, far from being romantic, is repetitive and offensive for the series. The main character is painfully annoying and rude, and the humor is just crude and out of character.

  • Graphics and visuals: The drawing style is almost identical to the animated series most of the time. But in many scenes, the characters' proportions look weird, and most of the time they are missing longs or entire body parts. No, the characters have not been dismembered, they simply didn't add the parts in the drawings. The simple animations tend to look alright, but they are very simple and repetitive.

  • Gameplay: Four Elements Trainer is completely undecided as to what it wants to be. At first sight, it plays like a dating sim, but there are combat and visual novel elements. In most cases, it's bad, repetitive and hard to enjoy.

  • Sound: The music is surprisingly better than the rest of the game. Themes similar to those in the show, keeping the ambient together, as much as they can at least. There's no voice acting in this title, which is probably for the best, given the quality of the sound effects.

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