Hiroki: NTR

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a game by Zulyus
Platform: PC
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Hiroki: NTR
Hiroki: NTR
Hiroki: NTR
Hiroki: NTR

Even if everyone at school thinks you're a complete idiot, otaku and nerd for years, their opinion, as in the erotic visual novel Hiroki: NTR, changes once that very otaku has a cute girl.

Life without a fairy tale

Perhaps the essence of the story is fully revealed by the title of the game. NTR or Netorare is a genre where all the passion between the hero and his beloved spoils or on the contrary flares up because one of the partners cheats. Hiroki has always been a laughingstock to his peers. He is a short, thin, bony, red-haired guy with funny glasses, the kind of guy who is not accepted in a society raised on fashion magazines and unattainable standards of beauty. On top of that, the guy had no interest in physical activity or sports, for which he was nicknamed a nerd and an otaku. Life in school from day one did not promise anything good, if it were not for one huge "but".

Pity romance

Yuumi is Hiroki's childhood friend and the most popular girl at school. She is the only daughter of rich parents, an excellent student, the first in sports competitions, and a beauty. Everyone at least once dreamed of talking to her, not to mention dating and personal meetings. But such a popular girl is dating Hiroki! No one could believe it until Yumi herself confirmed it. While Hiroki believed Yumi and was flying away from bullying on wings of love - Yumi thought about ending this relationship, which she started because of pity for her childhood friend. So how would a relationship built on lies end?

Worst of Lives

The worst enemy of all humanity is the resentful spoiled sons of rich parents. Hiroki unknowingly hurt Daniel, the school's best-looking boy and most hated bully. Daniel decided to make Hiroki's life a living hell and created a plan to do so, which includes two important figures for Hiroki:

  • Yuumi - the hero's girlfriend and his only childhood friend
  • Kaede - the protagonist's mother with an incipient mid-life crisis

Daniel will seduce the main character's mother and girlfriend to morally destroy him with videos of the process itself.


When life bestows an unexpected upswing and everything becomes very good, there will always be someone who will envy such sudden successes. Hiroki: NTR is a visual novel where the player is forced to watch the destruction of the protagonist's peaceful life and the seduction of every woman he has ever known.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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