Demon Angel Sakura

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a game by Kokage no Izumi
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Demon Angel Sakura
Demon Angel Sakura
Demon Angel Sakura
Demon Angel Sakura

I have played some strange lewd games over the years, but Demon Angel Sakura is one of the strangest. I do not mean that in a bad way, it is just a very odd game. An odd game that is also very compelling, so compelling that I found myself having to play through the game all the way until the end. This is a lewd game that is not just a visual novel game, I would actually more class it as a shooter.

Heaven And Hell

Ok, so now I have the very hard task of trying to explain to you guys what the story of Demon Angel Sakura is. The basics of the game are that there are two worlds, heaven, and hell, and these two worlds are kept separate as in heaven what is here is poison to those in hell, and in hell, it is poison to those who live in heaven. One day, a bunch of people from heaven gets taken to hell and it is up to Sakura to get them back.

What makes Sakura special is that she can go to both worlds and not suffer any kind of effects of the “poison” the whole thing is weird, but it actually works and keeps you moving forward.

Boss Rush, Sex Rush!

The gameplay of Demon Angel Sakura is pretty damn fun. You move Sakura around each level and speaking of level the game has a decent selection of them. Each one has you talking to an enemy or another character and then you enter what is pretty much a boss battle each world. There are not lots of little enemies for you to fight just big ones that are having none of your antics.

Moving around and shooting is easy enough and there is a deep satisfaction to taking down one of these creatures. I liked how each boss had an energy bar so you always know how close you are. The enemies have patterns that you will need to learn which I liked as it gave the game a bit of an old-school feel to it. There is extra stuff you can do when you beat the game which I thought was pretty cool.

Slaying With Style

The presentation of Demon Angel Sakura is pretty solid. Sakura is cute enough, but it is the various monsters/enemies that you are fighting which steal the show. These range from a Medusa looking thing that has giant boobs out that slithers all over. To a giant Dark Sakura that wants to grab you and put you in her butt! There is a lot of variety to the designs of the characters in the game.

The one area of the presentation that I am not super into is the level designs themselves. These look incredibly basic and look more like something that would be in a Super Mario game than a lewd game. It has a solid soundtrack that I enjoyed and it even has a bit of Japanese voice acting which helps give the game a bit more character.


I enjoyed my time playing this. It has a real charm to it and for a lewd game, it is just as likely to make you smile or make you confused as it turns you on. The way that Demon Angel Sakura is a shooter in terms of its gameplay is something that I thought was pretty cool and interesting. If you want a lewd game that is also a shooter, you can do much worse than this so give this one a try.


  • The story may be freaking weird, but it does work
  • I liked the design of the creatures you fight
  • The lewd stuff in this game has a real charm to it
  • I liked the soundtrack
  • It is a fun and easy game to get into


  • I am not sure I would play through this again and again
  • It is pretty short

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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