Rick and Morty: Another Way Home

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a game by Night Mirror
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 6 votes
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Rick and Morty: Another Way Home
Rick and Morty: Another Way Home
Rick and Morty: Another Way Home
Rick and Morty: Another Way Home

I am going to say that Rick and Morty: Another Way Home is one of the best parody porn games that I have ever played. This thing was clearly made with a huge amount of love and respect for the series and it feels like it could have been made by people who have a hand in the show…. Well, if it wasn’t for all of the sex of course. I had an absolute blast with this game and if you are a fan of the series, I cannot recommend this game highly enough.

Morty Screwing Around The Universe

In typical Rock and Morty fashion, Rick and Morty: Another Way Home has a wild, crazy, and completely crazy story for you to get invested in. The basics of it are that Morty has messed up and he finds himself needing to get back to his home and universe and of course, there are going to be lots of crazy goings on along the way. One thing often leads to another in this game and it is just so much fun to play through.

Staying Faithful

One of the things that I think makes Rick and Morty: Another Way Home so much better than most of the other porn parody games that are out there is that it stays very faithful to the spirit of the show and the characters. Of course, the sex in the game is not in the show. However, the way the characters talk, acts, and are towards each other certainly feels very authentic to how they are in the show and that goes a long way with a fan like me.

Going Along For The Ride

Another reason as to why I really enjoyed my time with Rick and Morty: Another Way Home is that the gameplay was very easy to get to grips with. It is a kind of adventure game and visual novel hybrid. A great deal of what you will be doing in this game is reading the story. However, you do also have to then react to certain situations and try to pick the appropriate response to move the story along in the direction you want it to go. You also have adventure elements where you have to choose where you go, what room to go in, what to do, and so on. It may not be groundbreaking stuff, but it all works very well and is a fun experience.

Do Not Change The Channel

As well as “feeling” like the show, Rick and Morty: Another Way Home also looks just like it too. The characters all look exactly like they do in the show and the animations are spot on and look great. The XXX content in the game is very well done also. There is a nice amount of sex scenes in this game and if you have ever wanted to see Beth or Summer get railed, this is your chance. The animation in the sex scenes is well done and I like how it does not take too long to share the sex scenes with you.


I am trying really hard right now to think of another lewd porn parody game that entertained me the same way that this one here did. Rick and Morty: Another Way Home is a truly remarkable game and a great example for other lewd game makers for when it comes to making parody games. I thought the story was hilarious and very much like an XXX episode of the show. Plus, the characters all felt as legit as they could do in a porn game too! Fans of the show have to check this game out!


  • I was very entertained by the story
  • I loved how authentic to the show the game felt
  • It looks great and just like the show
  • The gameplay is actually pretty fun


  • I do think you have to be familiar with the show to get the most out of this
  • If they make another game, I would like just a little bit of something different added to the gameplay

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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