a game by Tengen, and Atari Co.

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There are stacks and stacks of trouble to be had in Klax, the latest addition to the NES family. Here's how it goes. You must stack by color five different rows of tiles. The tough part is that the tiles are rolling end over end directly towards you and you must catch them before they fall off the edge. Sound simple enough? No way! Just when you think you're on top of things, the tiles begin to gain momentum, flipping at you faster and faster. Good news, if you begin to suffer from mental meltdown just switch over to the second feature of this game, Blob Ball. This slightly more relaxing Pong-style game requires you to prevent a spaceship from breaking out of your galaxy by smacking it back into the atmosphere with a paddle.

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"The best version of Klax the home market will ever see" says Electronic Gaming Monthly! A perfect translation of the arcade puzzler invites you to stack the colored blocks or throw them back! Try creating rows for Klaxs and bonus points! Superb digitized sound effects and music and extremely addicting game play!

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KLAX; the latest, hottest arcade puzzle game, is now available for play on your NES, Genesis, TurboGrafx and home computer!

KLAX makes you move fast - and think faster!

Catch colored tiles coming down a conveyor belt. Score big points by arranging them in stacks and rows. You'll go nuts trying to catch them all - while figuring out where best to stack them before you run out of room!

But no matter how tough KLAX gets, the hardest part is pulling yourself away from this fun, fast, and totally mind-boggling game! Order your copy today!

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  • Manufacturer: Atari
  • Machine: Lynx

Klax is a remarkable conversion of the Atari Games coin-op of the same name. A hybrid action and mental puzzle game, Max looks deceptively simple, but can be quite a challenge. You control a paddle that can move back and forth at the edge of a five-track conveyor belt, down which tumble square tiles of varying colors. Your task is to catch each tile as it reaches the end of the conveyor, and then deposit it into the "pit" below. The trouble is, the pit only holds 25 tiles, so the trick is to make a "Klax" so that the tiles will disappear. Making a Klax involves lining up three or more tiles of the same color so that they form a straight line: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Therefore, the game is a lot more complicated than just catching tiles and dropping them. If you don't form a Klax, the pit will fill up and the game will end.

Fortunately, your paddle can hold up to five tiles, so you don't have to drop each tile before catching the next one. The tricky part is, when you choose to drop a tile, the top tile of the stack is the one that goes first, and that might not be the color you want to drop. One way around this is to push up on the joypad and "toss" the top tile back onto the conveyor, giving yourself a few extra seconds to deposit the tile(s) you want. Of course, chances are you're tossing tiles back onto the conveyor along with other tiles already coming your way, making the task of catching them doubly difficult. Drop too many tiles or fill up the pit, and the game is over.

Klax is very addictive and quite a challenge - particularly if you can manage to set off the secret warp and fling yourself to a much higher level, where the action is almost too fast to be comprehended.

The game I reviewed was a prototype and did not yet feature a snazzy title screen or finale. Yet, unfinished or not, it's one hell of a game. The graphics are nearly identical to the arcade version, and the sound effects are dead-ringers for those on the coin-op. The highlights are the female voice that tells you what kind of wave it is and goes "ooh!" and "yeah!" when you make a big Klax, the scream of a tile as it falls off the conveyor without being caught and the sound of an audience that applauds your successes and chants "Awww" when you blow it. Good stuff.

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Tiles are forever!

At least it'll feel that way! When you play Klax, you must catch different textured tiles and place them in rows, columns, or diagonals of three or more matching sets. Of course, at first it will seem easy, until tiles start flooding the screen and you begin to run out of room. Try to set up multiple laxes, setting off chain reactions, and creating the ultimate Klax, the "Big X". In certain levels, you can use the Big X to warp to higher levels! After the 100th level prepare yourself for a happy ending! You already know that you have fast fingers. See how fast your brain is.

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  • Levels: 100
  • Theme: Puzzle
  • Players: 1-2
  • Difficulty: Average

The popular arcade puzzler is now on the Genesis. You must stack different colored tiles that come down a conveyor belt. Stack them in many different ways to earn big points!

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Straight from the arcade and into your home comes Klax from Tengen. Faithfully re-programmed from the coin-op, Tengen's NES version will be the first of the consumer Klax invasion that will continue with Turbo, Genesis and Lynx.

Klax is an interesting reflex/strategy game that challenges you to grab tiles and throw them into piles to make lines of three. Specific lines add bonus points!

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