Legend of the Ghost Lion

a game by Kemco

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

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Maria's parents have disappeared while searching for the mythical Ghost Lion. Daughter Maria must unravel the Ghost Lion's Legend to save her small world from an armada of monsters. Kemco's new NES role-playing game gives Maria a ticket to Dream Land, the Ghost Lion's kingdom. She explores her new surroundings in the familiar top-down view, and a menu-driven interface controls her actions. Hope, Courage and Dreams regulate her well-being, and can be increased by finding Hope fragments.

Several continents, dozens of dungeons and numerous bad guys await on this novice level, but lengthy quest. Dream Land's village inhabitants are helpful, and they provide clues. However, sprites, skeletons, goblins, ores, and other vagrants control the countryside.

Using her Dream ability and the appropriate sacred item, Maria can summon Spirits to backup her hand-to-hand fighting skills. Moja of the Spear, Twana of the Lamp, Centaur of the Sacred Cup, and others will join her team.

Ghost Lion's a good test for young adventurers. Weak music, nondescript graphics and repetitive combat need improvement. However, Maria's likable band of spiritual companions lends magic to this tale. If you're looking to cage your first RPG, take a crack at Ghost Lion.


  • Nourish the village's hungry old lady with bread and she'll give you a letter. Deliver the note to her son in Davis and he'll grant you the powerful B-Dagger!
  • Sail to the Pyramid of Alko and the Mods Caves to retrieve extra Hope Fragments.

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  • Kemco / NES

This is the story of a young girl named Maria. She has set off to locate her missing parents and solve the legend of the ghost lion. Maria has been handed the legendary spear that finished off the lion. This spear contains a spirit that can help Maria. The quest to solve the mystery is lengthy and includes many twists and turns in this unique adventure!

reggie posted a review

Legend Of The Ghost Lion is a role-playing video game released by Kemco for the NES. The only main difference of this role-playing game compared to Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy, the other NES RPG's, is that the main game character is female.

Long ago, a ghostly White Lion came to a small Maria’s village and attacked it. A hero defeated the beast, but the ghostly lion run away. Maria's parents wanted to know where the Lion came from and why. They decided to set out on a journey, but never returned. One day, Maria settles on to search for them. As she starts on her journey, a bridge gives way below, and a strong river current washes her away. She wakes up in a bizarre world, new to her. She must now get her way home, while searching for her lost parents and the White Lion.

reggie posted a review
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