Mike Piazza's Strike Zone

a game by Devil's Thumb Entertainment

Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Sports

Ah, Americans - they love their sports sims even more than their own 'moms'. To cater for the endless appetite for simulated ball games, GT Interactive are stepping up to the plate with Mike Piazza's Strike Zone.

Mike Piazza is a round, flat fellow who enjoys been smeared in tomato paste and mozarella cheese. No, not really. He's apparently a famous baseball player - whether he's as well-known as the equally blank-stare-generating-over-here Ken Griffey Jr. who's lent his name to Nintendo's own long-delayed baseball game, we really couldn't tell you. However, like MLB Featuring Ken Griffey Jr, Strike Zone is a licenced Major League Baseball title, complete with genuine stadia and player statistics based on the real spitters.

The difference between Strike Zone and the other upcoming American baseball sims is that it will take a more arcade-style approach to the game in order to make it as straightforward and entertaining as possible. Let's face it, baseball needs to be! However, if you're more of the po-faced statistician tendency, you can also play the game in the full-on simulation mode, which lets you buy and sell players and take part in the ironically named World Series.

Mike Piazza's Strike Zone is due to appear in the States this spring - will it ever be released over here, and if it is, will anyone be even vaguely interested? Still, at least it's not another Japanese super-deformed baseball game!

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