Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

Culture Brain's done it again! Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 warps SNES baseball reality.

Forget traditional rules, the real SBS 1.000 fun begins when you play in the Ultra League. Each team gets Ultra Points to use on several of the 39 batting, pitching, and fielding techniques. Hit a baseball and turn it into a meteor! Throw a baseball, which freezes in mid-flight! Also, jump three stories into the air to catch a ball!

Aside from the optional Ultra moves, SBS plays by the book. Exhibition mode is a standalone contest for one or two-players. Season mode simulates between 5 and 165 games with up to six players each. Season also records 27 stat categories for all six of your League's imaginary teams, and you can save the pennant chase to battery.

SBS 1.000 puts customization options at your fingertips. You can edit teams, create teams, form a new League, alter your Ultra Points, and play in a management mode.

As expected, SBS upholds the established video baseball controller template. Only the Ultra and dive moves take training. The graphics swing a bit below 16-bit average, with balloony cartoony players. However, they provide a clear view of the action. The music and sound effects are obnoxious, so hit your mute button!

ProTip: Fool the computer by alternately advancing and retreating third- and first-base runners. Draw a throw to home and steal second!

Players who take hardcore baseball in big gulps can suit SBS to their needs, and casual gamers should try the offbeat Ultra League. If you place game play depth high on your scouting reports, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 deserves early-round draft consideration.

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This is the follow-up to Culture Brain's hit NES game, Baseball Simulator 1.000. Super Baseball Simulator takes off with all of the basic elements of any good baseball game, then enhances them with loads of features and a variety of special pitches and batting techniques. You can throw fireball pitches or lightning pitches to totally blow the batters away. The batters can use special techniques like the twister to confuse the players. As a regular baseball game, you could say that Super Baseball Simulator is above average, but the addition of the Ultra League makes this an extremely fun game to play.

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