Antioch: Scarlet Bay

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a game by Midnight Mood Studio
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Antioch: Scarlet Bay
Antioch: Scarlet Bay
Antioch: Scarlet Bay
Antioch: Scarlet Bay

Each year there are some notable games that come out, but few can be elevated to the level of masterpiece. Antioch: Scarlet Bay is one of those few rare games that have made it. This game is an interactive, multiplayer detective game that has you investigating crimes in the city of Antioch.

The game offers both play with your friends or real people, and play with a bot, so you’re never stuck waiting for a game. Each detective plays at their own pace, with the other detective receiving a notification when it is their turn to move the story along.

Comparing this game to another one is difficult because it’s fairly fresh and original, but imagine a detective visual novel like Detective Kobayashi but add multiplayer elements and you will be close.

Huge Number of Choices

One of the first things you notice in the game is the vast number of options given to you when you are investigating. Every time you speak with someone or look at some evidence, you are given an abundance of choices. Nearly all of these choices have the potential to change you to a different storyline.

With the sheer number of choices available, the replayability of this game is very high. Another interesting aspect to the game is that what happens in the story is not always up to you.

There will be times during the novel where you will have to discuss the way forward with your partner. This is unique because instead of your partner being an AI controlled by the game, pushing you in the direction the game wants you to go, it’s a real person.

The other person can disagree with you on how to move forward, and there may be times where you don’t actually get to do what you think is best. This adds an element of surprise to the game.

Amazing artwork

The artwork in Antioch: Scarlet Bay is nothing short of beautiful. Sometimes reminiscent of an oil painting, the game combines both bright colors and moody shadows to give it a very unique vibe. The shading is very well done, so despite having painting like colors, the game still manages to have a lot of detail and quality to it.

English Translation isn’t Perfect

Antioch: Scarlet Bay is extremely fun to play, but it isn’t without its flaws. It’s clear that English is probably not the developer’s first language, because sometimes dialogue doesn’t make sense. There are typos, and sometimes the dialogue is oddly worded.

Since the game is translated into a variety of different languages, it’s understandable if there’s a few flaws in the language. Sometimes this can cause errors in gameplay, but it isn’t enough to seriously detract from the game.


Antioch: Scarlet Bay is a truly fresh and original game. It has beautiful artwork, an amazing soundtrack, an interesting story—and a multiplayer function that truly adds to the game. If you love visual novels or a good mystery, this is the perfect game to try.


  • Amazing Artwork
  • Lots of Replay Value
  • Multiplayer


  • Some translation issues

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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