Dark Neighborhood

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a game by Psycho Delusional
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Dark Neighborhood
Dark Neighborhood
Dark Neighborhood

I have found that the people who like Dark Neighborhood are those of us who do not take it too seriously. This game at times feels like a parody of the incest genre, as a matter of fact, I am pretty sure this has to be intentional. If it is not, well that just makes it even more hilarious to me. They describe this as a lewd point-and-click adventure visual novel game and I can see that. However, it is not as deep or grind heavy as many other lewd games that try and pull this off are.

A Naughty Dieting Feeding Off Lust

What the heck is going on here with the story. I will admit that when I read the synopsis of the story for Dark Neighborhood, it sounded very interesting to me. It talks about a dark deity that feeds on the lust and lewd behavior of others so it has to influence this family and the other people around to commit all kinds of carnal acts. That sounds awesome, but the story is just so crazy and made so little sense, I really could not tell you what the heck is going on! I just took it as we wanted to get as many people getting it on as possible and if they happen to be related, well that makes it even better!

An Oldy, But Goody

I am not 100 percent sure, but I have a feeling that Dark Neighborhood has been in development for quite some time. I say this because some of the renders are kind of dated. To be fair, there are a ton of renders in the game so perhaps that is why the quality was not able to be super high. I am not saying that they are bad, but the proportions can be off. Yet to be fair, this could be on purpose. As I said, I get the impression this game was made to be some kind of parody so perhaps that is what they were going for here.

The Only Grinding Is You Against Your Zipper!

I apologize if that popped a graphic image into your mind, but for a game that calls itself a point-and-click sandbox style of game, there is not really any grinding or clicking around here. It is very easy to figure out and I like how there is not a lot of fluff here either. You quickly go from one XXX scene to another without a great deal of BS getting in the way and bringing things to a slow crawl which is a trap many other lewd games end up falling into


I have to say that while I had fun with Dark Neighborhood and think that the game is pretty solid. I have to say that I can see why some people are not keen on the game. It walks a very fine line between being a parody and being something, that people may think is just poorly made. I for one am giving them the befit of the doubt and saying that the weird and nonsensical stuff that is going on here with the game is intentional.


  • I found the story to be crazy, weird, dumb, but also pretty amusing
  • It feels like a parody of the whole incest game genre
  • Some of the character models are very easy on the eyes
  • I liked how there is not a ton of boring grinding to do here


  • The way the game unfolds is not going to click for everyone
  • The renders can look a bit on the dated side

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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