Dungeon Tavern

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a game by MogWallop Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Dungeon Tavern
Dungeon Tavern
Dungeon Tavern
Dungeon Tavern

I came across Dungeon Tavern by accident as I was cruising on steam the other night and it grabbed my attention right away. This is a game that as I write this is not yet available, but I wanted to take a look at it anyway and try to get some of you guys excited about this and possibly wishlist it if you feel like actually buying it. I think that this is a game that has a ton of potential and I am pretty excited to get my hands on the final build of this when the developer is ready.

The Demon King Can Wait

What we have here with Dungeon Tavern is a fantasy type setting and that is something I am always down for. Actually, it is very interesting that a fantasy type world is what many lewd games go for. Anyway, we have these two brave and very hot adventurers that are on their way to the Monster Kingdom to try and defeat the Demon King. However, on their way, they end up distracted and their adventure takes a very different turn.

Welcome To Our Tavern!

To be honest with you what this game is, is right in the title, Dungeon Tavern has our two adventurers stop at this tavern on the outskirts of the Monster Kingdom. They find that this place is home to a whole bunch of crazy looking monsters and that they all are super horny and are not going to let our heroes leave, or at least not let them leave before they have sampled the delights of this lewd tavern! The story is not full of wall after wall of text

A Series Of Sexy Situations

I will be honest with you, as far as the gameplay of Dungeon Tavern goes, they are kind of leaving us hanging at the moment. From what I have seen, we move our characters around the tavern to the different characters that are hanging around and we get a few different options of how we want to play with them. They have called this a “scenario simulation” game so I guess that it is mainly going to be us getting these characters into all kinds of sexy and fun situations.

The Witch Of My Dreams!

It was the art that made me take real notice of Dungeon Tavern. This game has some awesome cartoon style art to it and I love the way the whole thing looks. This is a game that just has a ton of personality and the witch with her big hat and big bouncing boobs is one of the hottest witches I have seen in a game. I love it when she walks up the stairs and that big bouncing booty is on show. The lewd content that I have seen so far is fun and overall, this is a game that has such a fun style to its presentation that I can see many people getting pulled into this.


It is always hard to dive super deep into a game when we have no idea when it is actually going to be released, but Dungeon Tavern is so much fun I felt like I had to talk about it. I am just loving this art style that they have gone for here as it is so much fun and the animation is fantastic. I just hope that the gameplay manages to have a bit of substance to it so that it matches those amazing visuals. I cannot give the game a score just yet, but this is one of my most anticipated lewd games of 2023.


  • This game has epic fantasy style art
  • I love the bouncy animations
  • They have gone for a fun and quirky kind of style
  • You kind of make up your own stories with this game


  • The game as I write this does not have a release date just yet
  • I hope that the story has a bit more depth than I am seeing at the moment

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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