Escort Simulator 2

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a game by Entropy Digital Entertainment
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Escort Simulator 2
Escort Simulator 2
Escort Simulator 2
Escort Simulator 2

I thought that the first game was ok and was excited when I heard that Escort Simulator 2 was going to be a thing. Now, this game as I write this is in early access, but with how long the first game took to get fully released, I am not sure how long development of this is going to be. So, yes, this game had bugs while I was playing it, but to be fair, nothing that broke the game. What you have here is a continuation of the kind of thing they did in the first game and once again. I do think that they have something here with this premise.

Welcome To Escort Island

How awesome is it that in the world where Escort Simulator 2 is based, Escort Island is actually a place, that right there made me smile. As you have probably figured out and as you will know if you played the first game. You are an escort and on this island paradise, you want to make as much money as you can all the while becoming the best and most popular escort around. Think of it like Pretty Woman the video game, only none of the people here look like Richard Gere!

Making Her Who You Want Her To Be

In Escort Simulator 2, you start by creating your escort and I was impressed at how much there was to play around with here in the early access state that the game was in. You can pick her clothes, her hair, the dimensions of her body, and so on. My only complaint here is the clothing, you can either pick clothing on or off, and trust me you want it off! Not just to perv on her, but I found that most of the clothing had this strange clipping effect.

One Level To Go, A Million Hours Of Time To Waste

The core gameplay of Escort Simulator 2 is fun, just like it was in the first game. You have two goals in this game. One is to make money which you can use to buy stuff like new clothes and sex toys, you know, the typical stuff. Anyway, the leveling up system at play here is so painfully slow. It dishes out XP at a snail’s pace and there are these big new upgrades like futa, new positions, new parts of the island and so on that are dished out at 5 (I think, it is either 5 or 10) level intervals and it takes forever. It makes it feel really grindy and that made me lose interest if I am being honest.

Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board

The presentation of Escort Simulator 2 is not all that much better than it was in the first game which came out a little while earlier. The character models have a rather odd, robotic look to them, but at least even in this early access state, the game has plenty of XXX content. You have a lot of choice in the sex positions at the start, but more will be added as you progress through the game. You can bang in different places like the bed, on a chair and best of all, on the floor. The reason I say this is that more often than not when you bang someone on the floor, you start to levitate off the floor and it is hilarious. To be fair, I am sure this will be addressed as the game moves along development.


Like the first game, Escort Simulator 2 has a lot of people that hate it and if I am being honest, I can see why. It is a game that has a very rough around the edges feel to it and I am failing to see what they greatly improved from that first game which I am sure is frustrating for many people. However, I have had some fun here and kind of like the whole jankiness and unfinished feel that the game has. It was actually the grinding for levels that turned me off more than anything!


  • I like the idea of being an escort on escort island
  • Making your character is fun
  • I was impressed with the amount of lewd content
  • Hopefully, the developer will stick with this as it does have potential


  • I fail to see any major improvement over the first game
  • The whole game has a very rough around the edges feel to it in every regard

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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