My Newborn Life In A Harem

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a game by Secret Garden
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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My Newborn Life In A Harem
My Newborn Life In A Harem
My Newborn Life In A Harem
My Newborn Life In A Harem

Man, I felt that My Newborn Life In A Harem was a game that had some serious potential and I had a huge smile on my face when I was reading the crazy synopsis of the story. What we have here is a lewd adventure game that has some great ideas and I feel that with just a bit more work, this could have been a very entertaining and amusing lewd game and in some ways, it is. However, it does have many of the failings and trappings that some of these lewd adventure games tend to have.

Back To Life

The main character in My Newborn Life In A Harem is a fat nerdy dude that somehow gets his dumbass hit by a truck. He awakens to find that he has a slim new body and is now a good looking guy! Before he can start getting to grips with what has happened to him. A sexy looking demon chick pops up and tells him that she has brought him back and now he owes her 20 million dollars. Just how she thought an average joe was going to get her 20 mil is beyond me, but it was pretty amusing.

Collecting Love!

The twist of My Newborn Life In A Harem is that as this guy clearly does not have 20 million dollars to pay off his debt. He agrees to help this demon chick collect “love” hey, you do not need me to spell out to you what she means by collecting love! Basically, he has to worm his way into the life of a series of women and get them to bang him in order to collect love. The story is pretty crazy and actually something I thought was kind of fun.

Always On The Grind

What I feel holds My Newborn Life In A Harem back from being great is the gameplay. This is an adventure game, but the grind here is pretty brutal. You have to work to make money, but this uses stamina, but when you rest, you do not get the same amount of stamina back as you use when working! This means that you have to buy expensive food, which means you have to work even more to get more money. The talking to the various chicks is great and a lot of fun, but the grinding gameplay that it is built around can make this feel more of a chore to play.

Style Over Substance That Is For Sure!

The thing about My Newborn Life In A Harem is that it has an amazing presentation. Granted, it makes you have to put in a ton of work to see the lewd content, but once you do, it is great there is no denying it. It has a very anime look to it and actually, it kind of reminds me of the visual style of Persona 5 if I had to compare it to something. There is a great selection of ladies and they all look great in their own way.


I think that there is some real good here with My Newborn Life In A Harem, especially the nuttier than squirrel poop story that it is telling, why does a demon need 20 million dollars? The visuals are also fantastic and the real driving force for me to keep on playing this game. However, the grinding in the game was brutal and the whole stamina and money system felt like it was there to purposefully not make the game as much fun to play.


  • I liked the craziness of the story
  • The presentation in the game is great
  • The lewd content that I saw was amazing
  • I do feel that there is something good deep in this game somewhere


  • The grinding is just way too much
  • It is so frustrating how the stamina system works, it nearly ruins the whole game!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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