Never Meet Your Heroes

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a game by ITK
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Never Meet Your Heroes
Never Meet Your Heroes
Never Meet Your Heroes
Never Meet Your Heroes

I have to say that Never Meet Your Heroes has the most amazing intro to any lewd game that I have ever played. It legit got me so pumped up to play the game that the first hour or so just kind of flew by as I was sure I was in for one hell of a wild ride. However, after a while, I started to realize that this is a game that has more than its fair share of problems! What sucks about this is that I can see the potential here, when this game is good it is very good, what it does well, it does very well, but there is so much that needs fine tuning!

A New World

The premise of Never Meet Your Heroes has to be inspired by the hit Amazon TV series, The Boys! There is no way that this is that close and it is a coincidence. We play as a guy that has god like powers, but we are transported to a new world where we have no powers and women are genetically superior to men and use their superhero powers for their own good, the heroes are kind of the villains in the world, similar to the way it is done in The Boys!

Taking Down The Seven

Again, much like The Boys, Never Meet Your Heroes has it so that our “hero” can take this special serum that grants him superpowers. However, for some reason, while he wants to be a vigilante and take down the corrupt superheroes, he has to also do normal stuff like work in a coffee shop and seek romantic liaisons. The story I think has some major potential, but it is just all over the place and makes zero sense. It is the kind of story, you have to just go with the flow and accept it for what it is, do not try and get invested in it.

Jumping Jacks In A Bra, Need I Say More!!!

Visually, Never Meet Your Heroes is awesome, this is one of the best looking lewd games I have seen this year, but I am also willing to admit that the design of the females is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I say that because these are all big plastic, giant boobed babes and I love it! This is a real fantasy type game, with exaggerated boob physics and I love that kind of thing, the jumping jack scene nearly made me pass out! The sex scene is animated and they try to make it more immersive by having a lot of first-person stuff in here. In all, the visuals are the best thing about this game! It even has voice acting, granted, it is not amazing, but I will still happily take it.

Time In The Dimension Must Work Differently!

Now, the gameplay of Never Meet Your Heroes is all over the freaking place like the story is. I guess, I would have to class this as a lewd RPG, but the mechanics are not all that great. You start by creating your character where you can pick a class and your stats, but when I started the game, I was different from what I created!

The time management aspect of the game makes no sense at all, working at the coffee shop one time makes an hour pass, and the next a full day passes. The quest system is at least easy to follow and you just stick to what it asks you to do and you should be able to go from one awesome sex scene to the next. There is a combat system in the game, but it is very easy, I just spammed the same thing over and over again and had no trouble.


Look, I have read some people's responses to Never Meet Your Heroes and there are many, many people that say it sucks. I do not think I could argue that fact to be honest with you, I can see why some people would play this for like 30 minutes and decide they hate it. However, the absurdness and the inspiration from The Boys was something I got a kick out of. Plus, the character models in this game are freaking epic and kept me playing in the hopes of seeing another sex scene.


  • The ladies in this game are goddesses
  • The story makes no sense, but I kind of dug it
  • You may get a kick out of the similarities to The Boys
  • It has some epic sex scenes


  • The story is very hard to follow and makes no sense at all
  • The RPG gameplay needs some major work

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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